Secretoneurin-A inhibits aromatase B (cyp19a1b) expression in female goldfish (Carassius auratus) radial glial cells.


:In the teleost brain, radial glial cells (RGCs) are the main macroglia and are stem-like progenitors that express key steroidogenic enzymes, including the estrogen-synthesizing enzyme, aromatase B (cyp19a1b). As a result, RGCs are integral to neurogenesis and neurosteroidogenesis, however little is known about the regulatory factors and signaling mechanisms that control these functions. A potential new role of the secretogranin II-derived neuropeptide secretoneurin A (SNa) in the control of goldfish (Carassius auratus) RGC function is the subject of this study. Immunohistochemistry revealed a close neuroanatomical relationship between RGCs and soma of SNa-immunoreactive magnocellular and parvocellular neurons in the preoptic nucleus of female goldfish. Five hours following intracerebroventricular injection of 0.2ng/g SNa cyp19a1b mRNA levels were decreased by 86% (P<0.05) in the hypothalamus and by 88% (P<0.05) in the telencephalon. In vitro, 24 h incubation with 500nM SNa decreased cyp19a1b mRNA by 51% (P<0.05) in cultured RGCs. These data provide evidence that SNa can regulate aromatase expression in goldfish RGCs. By regulating neuroestrogen production in RGCs SNa may therefore be implicated in the control of major estrogen-dependent functions of the preoptic region such as reproductive behavior and osmoregulation.


Gen Comp Endocrinol


Da Fonte DF,Xing L,Mikwar M,Trudeau VL




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    abstract::The renal roles of physiologically relevant doses of angiotensin II (Ang II) and C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) were investigated in the dogfish, Scyliorhinus canicula, using an in situ perfused trunk preparation. Perfusion with 10(-9) M Ang II resulted in a glomerular antidiuresis and decreases in perfusate flow ra...

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  • Climate change impacts on fish reproduction are mediated at multiple levels of the brain-pituitary-gonad axis.

    abstract::Anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have generated rapid variations in atmospheric composition which drives major climate changes. Climate change related effects include changes in physico-chemical proprieties of sea and freshwater, such as variations in water temperature, salinity, pH/pCO2 and...

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  • Cloning, phylogenetic analysis and expression of somatolactin and its receptor in Cichlasoma dimerus: their role in long-term background color acclimation.

    abstract::Somatolactin (SL) and SL receptor (SLR) belong to the growth hormone and cytokine type I receptor superfamilies, respectively. However, further research is required to define the duplications and functions of SL and its receptors in basal vertebrates including environmental background color adaptation in fish. In the ...

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  • Molecular cloning, characterization and expression profiles of multiple leptin genes and a leptin receptor gene in orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides).

    abstract::Leptin plays key roles in body weight regulation, energy metabolism, food intake, reproduction and immunity in mammals. However, its function in teleosts is still unclear. In the present study, two leptin genes (gLepA and gLepB) and one leptin receptor gene (gLepR) were cloned and characterized in orange-spotted group...

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  • Melatonin receptor density in Area X of European starlings is correlated with reproductive state and is unaffected by plasma melatonin concentration.

    abstract::Several of the song control nuclei of songbirds, including HVc (higher vocal center) and Area X, contain melatonin receptor (MelR). In laboratory-housed male starlings, the densities of MelR in Area X change markedly according to reproductive state. MelR are down-regulated when starlings are photostimulated (in full b...

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