Monotherapy versus combination therapy against carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacteria: A retrospective observational study.


BACKGROUND:Colistin-based combination therapy (CCT) is extensively used to treat infections due to carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacteria (CRGNB). There are no data available from India on the usefulness of combination therapy, especially in the oncology setup. The aim of this study was to analyze the clinical effectiveness of CCT over monotherapy in patients with CRGNB. MATERIALS AND METHODS:We conducted a retrospective, observational study of patients with CRGNB bloodstream infections in our oncology and bone marrow transplant center. RESULTS:Over a 3-year study period (2011-2014), we could identify 91 patients satisfying study criteria. There was no statistically significant difference in the 28-day mortality between monotherapy and combination therapy arms (mono n = 26, mortality 10 (38.5%); combination n = 65, mortality 28 (40%); P = 0.886). Neutropenic patients with Enterobacteriaceae bloodstream infections performed better with combination therapy (mono n = 7, mortality 6 (85.7%); combination therapy n = 22, mortality 8 (36.4%); P = 0.035). There was no significant difference in the 28-day mortality between the two treatment arms in other subgroups. CONCLUSION:Our study did not find CCT superior to colistin monotherapy in patients with CRGNB blood stream infections; except in the subgroup of neutropenic patients with Enterobacteriaceae bloodstream infections, where combination therapy performed better.


Indian J Cancer


Indian journal of cancer


Ghafur A,Devarajan V,Raja T,Easow J,Raja MA,Sreenivas S,Ramakrishnan B,Raman SG,Devaprasad D,Venkatachalam B,Nimmagadda R




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Ephrin A4 is one of the ephrin ligand molecules belonging to the tyrosine kinases receptor family. It was originally identified in a T-lymphoma cell line and seen to be expressed in human adult tissue as well as several tumor types. In our previous study, we showed the unique pattern of ephrin A4 immunohisto...

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