The dispersal of planet-forming discs: theory confronts observations.


:Discs of gas and dust around million-year-old stars are a by-product of the star formation process and provide the raw material to form planets. Hence, their evolution and dispersal directly impact what type of planets can form and affect the final architecture of planetary systems. Here, we review empirical constraints on disc evolution and dispersal with special emphasis on transition discs, a subset of discs that appear to be caught in the act of clearing out planet-forming material. Along with observations, we summarize theoretical models that build our physical understanding of how discs evolve and disperse and discuss their significance in the context of the formation and evolution of planetary systems. By confronting theoretical predictions with observations, we also identify the most promising areas for future progress.


R Soc Open Sci


Ercolano B,Pascucci I




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2017-04-26 00:00:00












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    abstract::Adult body size in holometabolus insects is directly proportional to the time spent during the larval period. The larval duration can be divided into two parts: (i) pre-critical duration-time required to attain a critical size/critical weight that would result in successful completion of development and metamorphosis ...

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  • Value of species and the evolution of conservation ethics.

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