Paternal spatial training enhances offspring's cognitive performance and synaptic plasticity in wild-type but not improve memory deficit in Alzheimer's mice.


:Recent studies suggest that spatial training can maintain associative memory capacity in Tg2576 mice, but it is not known whether the beneficial effects can be inherited from the trained fathers to their offspring. Here, we exposed male wild-type and male 3XTg Alzheimer disease (AD) mice (3-m old) respectively to spatial training for one week and assessed the transgenerational effects in the F1 offspring when they were grown to 7-m old. We found that the paternal spatial training significantly enhanced progeny's spatial cognitive performance and synaptic transmission in wild-type mice. Among several synapse- or memory-associated proteins, we observed that the expression level of synaptotagmin 1 (SYT1) was significantly increased in the hippocampus of the paternally trained-offspring. Paternal training increased histone acetylation at the promoter of SYT1 in both fathers' and the offspring's hippocampus, and as well as in the fathers' sperm. Finally, paternal spatial training for one week did not improve memory and synaptic plasticity in 3XTg AD F1 offspring. Our findings suggest paternal spatial training for one week benefits the offspring's cognitive performance in wild-type mice with the mechanisms involving an enhanced transgenerational histone acetylation at SYT1 promoter.


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Zhang S,Li X,Wang Z,Liu Y,Gao Y,Tan L,Liu E,Zhou Q,Xu C,Wang X,Liu G,Chen H,Wang JZ




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2017-05-08 00:00:00












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  • Period doubling induced by thermal noise amplification in genetic circuits.

    abstract::Rhythms of life are dictated by oscillations, which take place in a wide rage of biological scales. In bacteria, for example, oscillations have been proven to control many fundamental processes, ranging from gene expression to cell divisions. In genetic circuits, oscillations originate from elemental block such as aut...

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  • Electric-double-layer p-i-n junctions in WSe2.

    abstract::While p-n homojunctions in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide materials have been widely reported, few show an ideality factor that is constant over more than a decade in current. In this paper, electric double layer p-i-n junctions in WSe2 are shown with substantially constant ideality factors (2-3) over...

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  • Effect of exercise on fluoride metabolism in adult humans: a pilot study.

    abstract::An understanding of all aspects of fluoride metabolism is critical to identify its biological effects and avoid fluoride toxicity in humans. Fluoride metabolism and subsequently its body retention may be affected by physiological responses to acute exercise. This pilot study investigated the effect of exercise on plas...

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  • Mechanistic insight into the functional transition of the enzyme guanylate kinase induced by a single mutation.

    abstract::Dramatic functional changes of enzyme usually require scores of alterations in amino acid sequence. However, in the case of guanylate kinase (GK), the functional novelty is induced by a single (S→P) mutation, leading to the functional transition of the enzyme from a phosphoryl transfer kinase into a phosphorprotein in...

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