Widespread adenine N6-methylation of active genes in fungi.


:N6-methyldeoxyadenine (6mA) is a noncanonical DNA base modification present at low levels in plant and animal genomes, but its prevalence and association with genome function in other eukaryotic lineages remains poorly understood. Here we report that abundant 6mA is associated with transcriptionally active genes in early-diverging fungal lineages. Using single-molecule long-read sequencing of 16 diverse fungal genomes, we observed that up to 2.8% of all adenines were methylated in early-diverging fungi, far exceeding levels observed in other eukaryotes and more derived fungi. 6mA occurred symmetrically at ApT dinucleotides and was concentrated in dense methylated adenine clusters surrounding the transcriptional start sites of expressed genes; its distribution was inversely correlated with that of 5-methylcytosine. Our results show a striking contrast in the genomic distributions of 6mA and 5-methylcytosine and reinforce a distinct role for 6mA as a gene-expression-associated epigenomic mark in eukaryotes.


Nat Genet


Nature genetics


Mondo SJ,Dannebaum RO,Kuo RC,Louie KB,Bewick AJ,LaButti K,Haridas S,Kuo A,Salamov A,Ahrendt SR,Lau R,Bowen BP,Lipzen A,Sullivan W,Andreopoulos BB,Clum A,Lindquist E,Daum C,Northen TR,Kunde-Ramamoorthy G,Schmitz RJ




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  • Tbx5 associates with Nkx2-5 and synergistically promotes cardiomyocyte differentiation.

    abstract::The cardiac homeobox protein Nkx2-5 is essential in cardiac development, and mutations in Csx (which encodes Nkx2-5) cause various congenital heart diseases. Using the yeast two-hybrid system with Nkx2-5 as the 'bait', we isolated the T-box-containing transcription factor Tbx5; mutations in TBX5 cause heart and limb m...

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  • MPV17 encodes an inner mitochondrial membrane protein and is mutated in infantile hepatic mitochondrial DNA depletion.

    abstract::The mitochondrial (mt) DNA depletion syndromes (MDDS) are genetic disorders characterized by a severe, tissue-specific decrease of mtDNA copy number, leading to organ failure. There are two main clinical presentations: myopathic (OMIM 609560) and hepatocerebral (OMIM 251880). Known mutant genes, including TK2, SUCLA2,...

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