A general method for controlling and resolving rotational orientation of molecules in molecule-surface collisions.


:The outcome of molecule-surface collisions can be modified by pre-aligning the molecule; however, experiments accomplishing this are rare because of the difficulty of preparing molecules in aligned quantum states. Here we present a general solution to this problem based on magnetic manipulation of the rotational magnetic moment of the incident molecule. We apply the technique to the scattering of H2 from flat and stepped copper surfaces. We demonstrate control of the molecule's initial quantum state, allowing a direct comparison of differences in the stereodynamic scattering from the two surfaces. Our results show that a stepped surface exhibits a much larger dependence of the corrugation of the interaction on the alignment of the molecule than the low-index surface. We also demonstrate an extension of the technique that transforms the set-up into an interferometer, which is sensitive to molecular quantum states both before and after the scattering event.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Godsi O,Corem G,Alkoby Y,Cantin JT,Krems RV,Somers MF,Meyer J,Kroes GJ,Maniv T,Alexandrowicz G




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2017-05-08 00:00:00










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  • Mapping of H3N2 influenza antigenic evolution in China reveals a strategy for vaccine strain recommendation.

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  • Membrane curvature induced by proximity of anionic phospholipids can initiate endocytosis.

    abstract::The plasma membrane is uniquely enriched in phosphatidylserine (PtdSer). This anionic phospholipid is restricted almost exclusively to the inner leaflet of the plasmalemma. Because of their high density, the headgroups of anionic lipids experience electrostatic repulsion that, being exerted asymmetrically, is predicte...

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