Controversies Regarding Management of Vesico-ureteric Reflux.


:The primary goal in the management of a child with urinary tract infection (UTI) is to prevent recurrence of UTI and acquired renal damage. Approximately 15% of children develop renal scarring after a first episode of febrile UTI. Vesico-ureteric reflux (VUR) is diagnosed in 30-40% of children imaged after first febrile UTI. The 'top-down' approach involving ultrasound and dimercaptosuccinic acid scan (DMSA) first after an appropriate interval following UTI, can help in avoiding voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG), an invasive test with higher radiation exposure. The majority view remains that VCUG should be done after the second attack of UTI in girls and first attack of UTI in boys. Although the evidence in favour of antibiotic prophylaxis remains doubtful in preventing renal scars associated with VUR, it remains the first line treatment for high-grade reflux (grade 3-5) with an aim to prevent UTI and allow spontaneous resolution of VUR. Early identification and appropriate treatment of associated bowel bladder dysfunction is an essential part of successful medical management of VUR. Endoscopic treatment of VUR, using a bulking agent, is useful in grade 3 VUR. The main controversy regarding intervention (endoscopic/open surgical intervention) involves absence of strong evidence for these interventions in reducing renal scarring on randomized controlled trials. However, several recent trials have found the surgical interventions to be effective in reducing recurrent pyelonephritis and repeated hospital admissions.


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