Differential responses of marine, mesohaline and oligohaline bacterial communities to the addition of terrigenous carbon.


:In response to global warming, increasing quantities of tDOM are transported through estuaries from land to the sea. In this study, we investigated microbial responses to increased tDOM concentrations in three salinity regimes (salinity: 32, 7 and 3) characteristic of the Baltic Sea. Mesocosm experiments performed in May and November revealed low (0-6%) dissolved organic carbon (DOC) utilisation. Molecular DOM analyses using ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry identified the terrigenous signal in the tDOM manipulation, but the molecular changes in DOM levels over the course of the experiment were subtle. However, tDOM had significant stimulatory effects on bacterial production in the oligohaline mesocosms. The shift in the bacterial community composition was especially prominent in the tDOM-amended marine and mesohaline mesocosms, but not in the oligohaline mesocosms after 7 and 11 days of incubation. These results suggested the inherent ability of oligohaline bacterial communities to adapt to high tDOM concentrations and therefore to use tDOM. The higher rates of bacterial activity and DOC removal in mesocosms containing UV-pretreated tDOM supported the increased bioavailability of photoinduced, modified tDOM. The overall low rates of microbial tDOM utilisation highlights the importance of abiotic factors in determining the distribution and dynamics of tDOM in estuaries.


Environ Microbiol


Herlemann DPR,Manecki M,Dittmar T,Jürgens K




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2017-08-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::Understanding the ecosystem functioning in the dark portion of the ocean is a challenge that microbial ecologists are still facing. Due to the large volume, the global deep Ocean plays a central role in the regulation of climate, possibly buffering the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide if processes of CO2 fixation co...

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