Digestive activity and stomach temperature in farmed bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus measured by acoustic tag.


:Eight farmed Atlantic bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus were tagged with temperature and depth transmitters inserted in chub mackerels Scomber colias to characterize their digestive activity, feeding physiology and behaviour in captivity. Results obtained in the experiment can be used to optimize daily T. thynnus feeding strategy in farms, reducing the early regurgitation of food and thus the environmental effects of inappropriate feeding practices.


J Fish Biol


Journal of fish biology


Díez G,Moreno G,Galaz T,Dagorn L,Murua J




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2017-06-01 00:00:00












  • Pair formation in the herbivorous rabbitfish Siganus doliatus.

    abstract::This study investigated the basis of pair formation in the abundant herbivorous rabbitfish Siganus doliatus on Orpheus Island, Great Barrier Reef. Pair formation was the most common social system in S. doliatus, with 67.4% of all individuals occurring in pairs. Pairs were stable (i.e. individuals remained with the sam...

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  • In vivo synthesis of meganuclease for generating transgenic zebrafish Danio rerio.

    abstract::The authors show that co-injection at the one-cell stage of mRNA encoding a nuclear-targeted meganuclease I-SceI together with expression cassettes flanked by cognate restriction sites results in efficient stable transgenesis in zebrafish Danio rerio. ...

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  • The effect of environmental colour on the growth, metabolism, physiology and skin pigmentation of the carnivorous freshwater catfish Lophiosilurus alexandri.

    abstract::The growth, physiology and skin pigmentation of pacamã Lophiosilurus alexandri juveniles were evaluated in an experiment using different tank colours (white, yellow, green, blue, brown and black) over an 80 day period. The tank colours did not cause significant differences to final body mass, total length, survival ra...

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  • Ontogenesis of opercular deformities in gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata: a histological description.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to characterize histological changes during opercular osteogenesis in farmed gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata larvae from 7 to 69 days post hatching (dph) and compare normal osteogenesis with that of deformed opercles. Mild opercular deformities were first detected in 19 dph larvae by folding...

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  • Gonadal development of triploid Atlantic Cod Gadus morhua.

    abstract::During their third and fourth years of life, triploid Atlantic cod Gadus morhua females exhibited diminished ovarian development at both macroscopic and microscopic levels, with significantly lower gonado-somatic indices (I(G)) and higher carcass yields (Y(C)) than diploid females during spawning periods. In contrast,...

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  • Change in the dominance structure of two marine-fish assemblages over three decades.

    abstract::Marine fish are an irreplaceable resource, but are currently under threat through overfishing and climate change. To date, most of the emphasis has been on single stocks or populations of economic importance. However, commercially valuable species are embedded in assemblages of many species and there is only limited u...

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  • The genetics and genomics of Syngnathidae: pipefishes, seahorses and seadragons.

    abstract::The goal of this review was to provide a historical overview of how molecular techniques have increased the understanding of the ecology and evolution of the family Syngnathidae (pipefishes, seahorses and seadragons). Molecular studies based primarily on mitochondrial DNA markers have proved their worth by elucidating...

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  • Cryptic diversity within endemic Italian barbels: revalidation and description of new Barbus species (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).

    abstract::Two fluviolacustrine lineages (SI1 Barbus and SI2 Barbus) of the Barbus genus have been recently detected in the Apulia-Campania ichthyogeographic district (southern Italy). The aim of this study was to solve the taxonomic structure of these lineages by comparing them with the two already established Italian fluviolac...

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    authors: Lorenzoni M,Carosi A,Quadroni S,De Santis V,Vanetti I,Delmastro GB,Zaccara S

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  • Environmental drivers of diurnal visits by transient predatory fishes to Caribbean patch reefs.

    abstract::Video cameras recorded the diurnal visitation rates of transient (large home range) piscivorous fishes to coral patch reefs in The Bahamas and identified 11 species. Visits by bar jack Caranx ruber, mutton snapper Lutjanus analis, yellowtail snapper Ocyurus chrysurus, barracuda Sphyraena barracuda and cero Scomberomor...

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    authors: Harborne AR,Selwyn JD,Lawson JM,Gallo M

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  • Behavioural and physiological effects of methadone in the perioperative period on the Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus.

    abstract::Through the analysis of behavioural changes, this study demonstrates that methadone has behavioural, but not analgesic, effects on Oreochromis niloticus. It provides information that suggests the drug has sedative abilities, as the recovery time was shorter in the fish receiving methadone. Future research, with differ...

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  • Communication gaps in knowledge of freshwater fish biodiversity: implications for the management and conservation of Mexican biosphere reserves.

    abstract::To detect differences in the information available on freshwater fish species found in Mexican biosphere reserves, the number of species considered in three sources of information: management programmes, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and the scientific literature were compared. Additionally, manageme...

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  • Phylogeographic structure of brown trout Salmo trutta in Britain and Ireland: glacial refugia, postglacial colonization and origins of sympatric populations.

    abstract::The phylogeographical structure of brown trout Salmo trutta in Britain and Ireland was studied using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis of four mitochondrial DNA segments (16S/ND1, ND5/6, COXIII/ND5 and ND5/12S). Analysis of 3636 individuals from 83 sites-morphotypes...

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    authors: McKeown NJ,Hynes RA,Duguid RA,Ferguson A,Prodöhl PA

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  • A preliminary survey of whale shark Rhincodon typus catch and trade in China: an emerging crisis.

    abstract::This study gives an account of spatial and temporal distribution of whale shark Rhincodon typus catch events in China on the basis of historical records and information obtained from interviews with fishing industry stakeholders. A total of 186 R. typus were recorded with key harvest areas identified as in Hainan and ...

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    authors: Li W,Wang Y,Norman B

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  • Effect of size on spawning time in the lesser sandeel Ammodytes marinus.

    abstract::Ovarian development was examined in relation to size and temperature in late pre-spawning Ammodytes marinus over 5 years. Oocyte diameter was positively related to length indicating that larger females spawned earlier. Age and temperature, whilst accounting for the effect of length, were not found to affect oocyte dev...

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    authors: Boulcott P,Clarke J,Wright PJ

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  • The DNA barcoding of Mediterranean combtooth blennies suggests the paraphyly of some taxa (Perciformes, Blenniidae).

    abstract::A dataset including novel and publicly available mtDNA COI sequences of 14 Mediterranean combtooth blenny species belonging to nine genera was assembled in order to provide a reference dataset for DNA barcoding studies. Some inconsistencies in the current taxonomy of some genera were observed. In particular, the monop...

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    authors: Vecchioni L,Marrone F,Belaiba E,Tiralongo F,Bahri-Sfar L,Arculeo M

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  • Recent advances in telemetry for estimating the energy metabolism of wild fishes.

    abstract::Metabolic rate is a critical factor in animal biology and ecology, providing an objective measure that can be used in attributing a cost to different activities and to assessing what animals do against some optimal behaviour. Ideally, metabolic rate would be estimated directly by measuring heat output but, until recen...

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  • Domperidone treatment attenuates stress-induced suppression of reproduction in viviparous mosquitofish Gambusia affinis.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to determine the effect of stress on reproduction and the possible involvement of dopaminergic systems in the reproductive stress response in the mosquitofish Gambusia affinis. Exposure of fish to aquaculture stressors (four 10 min episodes of stress, each corresponding to a different stresso...

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    authors: Bhat SK,Ganesh CB

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  • Colonization of the deep sea by fishes.

    abstract::Analysis of maximum depth of occurrence of 11 952 marine fish species shows a global decrease in species number (N) with depth (x; m): log10 N = -0·000422x + 3·610000 (r(2)  = 0·948). The rate of decrease is close to global estimates for change in pelagic and benthic biomass with depth (-0·000430), indicating that spe...

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    authors: Priede IG,Froese R

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  • First record of recurring reproduction of captive tawny nurse sharks Nebrius ferrugineus.

    abstract::Between 2008 and 2015, a group of tawny nurse sharks Nebrius ferrugineus reproduced successfully in a captive environment on the central Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. Births occurred on an annual basis, except for 2013. Of 12 confirmed birthing events, the most recent (2015) was observed and recorded in detail, which...

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    authors: Cocks LN,Mee JKL,Shepherd AP

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  • The onset of piscivory in a freshwater fish species: analysis of behavioural and physiological traits.

    abstract::The onset of piscivory in fish, resulting in a shift from zooplankton or invertebrate to fish prey, was studied on pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) larvae displaying and not displaying piscivorous behaviour at different ages (23, 30, 37, 44 and 52 days post-hatching) using behavioural (attack, capture and swimming activi...

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    authors: Colchen T,Dias A,Gisbert E,Teletchea F,Fontaine P,Pasquet A

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  • New distribution data and population structure of the European mudminnow Umbra krameri in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    abstract::Seventy-six individuals of the European mudminnow Umbra krameri from two recent populations from Serbia (Bakreni Batar and Lugomir) and one from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Gromiželj) were analysed for habitat preferences and population structure. The population from Lugomir is a newly recorded population in Serbia. Besid...

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    authors: Sekulić N,Marić S,Galambos L,Radošević D,Krpo-Ćetković J

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  • Increasing temperature decreases the predatory effect of the intertidal shanny Lipophrys pholis on an amphipod prey.

    abstract::Interactions between Lipophrys pholis and its amphipod prey Echinogammarus marinus were used to investigate the effect of changing water temperatures, comparing current and predicted mean summer temperatures. Contrary to expectations, predator attack rates significantly decreased with increasing temperature. Handling ...

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    authors: South J,Welsh D,Anton A,Sigwart JD,Dick JTA

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  • Surgical wound healing in radio-tagged adult Pacific lamprey Entosphenus tridentatus held on different substrata.

    abstract::Radio-tagged adult Pacific lamprey Entosphenus tridentatus held in a raceway with Plexiglas-lined walls and bottom healed more slowly and retained sutures longer than fish held in an all-concrete raceway or one with Plexiglas walls and a cobble-lined bottom. On all substrata, healing depended on when sutures were lost...

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    authors: Mesa MG,Magie RJ,Copeland ES,Christiansen HE

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  • A new species of Petroleuciscus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from the Büyük Menderes River, southwestern Anatolia, Turkey.

    abstract::Petroleuciscus ninae sp. nov. is described from the Büyük Menderes River drainage. The new species is distinguished by having a black lateral stripe from head to base of caudal fin, stripe distinct anteriorly and posteriorly, wider than eye diameter; numerous black pigments on anal-fin rays; body depth at dorsal-fin o...

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    authors: Turan D,Kalayci G,Kaya C,Bektaş Y,Küçük F

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  • Application of otolith mass and shape for discriminating scabbardfishes Aphanopus spp. in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean.

    abstract::The otolith was used to investigate the variability between Aphanopus carbo and Aphanopus intermedius inhabiting the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean. The results indicate a high degree of morphological affinity between species and areas; a noticeable metabolic change in the otolith shape was noted in the specimens of A. ...

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    authors: Tuset VM,Parisi-Baradad V,Lombarte A

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  • Sublethal effects of angling and release on golden perch Macquaria ambigua: implications for reproduction and fish health.

    abstract::The present study tested the hypothesis of no delayed sublethal effects of mild angling and release on the feeding, growth, somatic condition and gonadal development of golden perch Macquaria ambigua during gametogenesis. Subsamples of adult M. ambigua (n = 17-21 of 207), originally captured from the wild and stocked ...

    journal_title:Journal of fish biology

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    authors: Hall KC,Broadhurst MK,Butcher PA,Cameron L,Rowland SJ,Millar RB

    更新日期:2017-05-01 00:00:00

  • The effect of spine postures on the hydrodynamic drag in Epinephelus ongus larvae.

    abstract::Laboratory behavioural observation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis were conducted to examine whether the movement of the elongated dorsal and pelvic spines changed the hydrodynamic drag in white-streaked grouper Epinephelus ongus larvae. The behavioural observation in the tank revealed that the larvae ...

    journal_title:Journal of fish biology

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    authors: Kawabata Y,Nishihara GN,Yamaguchi T,Takebe T,Teruya K,Sato T,Soyano K

    更新日期:2014-11-01 00:00:00

  • A new species of Odontostilbe cope (Characiformes: Cheirodontinae) from rio Madeira basin diagnosed based on morphological and molecular data.

    abstract::A new species of Odontostilbe is described from the rio Jaciparaná, rio Madeira basin, Rondônia, Brazil. Odontostilbe pacaasnovos differs from all its congeners, except O. pequira, by the colour pattern. Additionally, it differs from its congeners by the terminal mouth, number of cusps in the teeth of the premaxilla (...

    journal_title:Journal of fish biology

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    authors: Chuctaya J,Ohara WM,Malabarba LR

    更新日期:2020-12-01 00:00:00

  • Molecular characterization of Malapterurus minjiriya Sagua, 1987 and phylogenetic relationships within the genus Malapterurus (Silurifomes, Malapteruridae) from Nigerian inland water bodies.

    abstract::Molecular (mitochondrial cytochrome C oxidase subunit 1- COI) analysis was performed to characterize the poorly known Malapterurus minjiriya from Nigerian inland water bodies. Integrative taxonomy, involving morphological and molecular data, confirms the identity of M. minjiriya. Matrilineal genealogy reveals a sister...

    journal_title:Journal of fish biology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Oladipo SO,Nneji LM,Anifowoshe AT,Nneji IC

    更新日期:2020-12-01 00:00:00

  • Assessing the sensitivity of habitats to fishing: from seabed maps to sensitivity maps.

    abstract::In the Welsh part of the Irish Sea, a method was developed for assessing the sensitivity of different seabed habitats to existing fishing activities, across a range of potential fishing intensities. The resistance of 31 habitats and their associated biological assemblage to damage by 14 categories of fishing activity ...

    journal_title:Journal of fish biology

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    authors: Eno NC,Frid CL,Hall K,Ramsay K,Sharp RA,Brazier DP,Hearn S,Dernie KM,Robinson KA,Paramor OA,Robinson LA

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