[Fifteen years of the histopathological synovitis score : Review and further developments of a diagnostic score].


:The histopathological synovitis score evaluates in a graded approach, as is largely usual for diagnostic histopathological scores, the immunological and inflammatory changes caused by synovitis. A synovitis score of between 1 and ≤ 4 is classified as low-grade (osteoarthritis-related synovitis, post-traumatic synovitis, meniscopathy-related synovitis and synovitis in hemochromatosis). Synovitis scores of between ≥ 5 and 9 are classified as high-grade synovitis (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, Lyme's arthritis, post-infection/reactive arthritis and peripheral arthritis in Bechterew disease); sensitivity is 61.7% and sensitivity 96.1%. According to receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis (AUC: 0.8-0.9), diagnostic value is good. National and international acceptance of the synovitis score has grown since the first publication in 2002 and a related follow-up publication in 2006. PubMed data analysis (as of 11.01.2017) yielded the following citation values according to "cited by PubMed Central articles" for two publications relating to the synovitis score: there were 29 cited-by-PubMed articles for DOI: 10.1078/0344-0338-5710261 , and 44 cited-in-PubMed articles for the second publication, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2006.02508 . This makes a total of 73 PubMed citations over a period of 15 years, thereby evidencing the score's international acceptance. Immunohistochemical determination of a number of CD antigens relevant to inflammation has been proposed to further specify the synovitis score for the purposes of risk stratification of high-grade synovitis (e.g., risk of progression and sensitivity to biological agents).


Z Rheumatol


Krenn V,Perino G,Rüther W,Krenn VT,Huber M,Hügle T,Najm A,Müller S,Boettner F,Pessler F,Waldstein W,Kriegsmann J,Häupl T,Wienert S,Krukemeyer MG,Sesselmann S,Tikhilov R,Morawietz L




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    abstract::Based on the most recent studies, it clearly appears that long-term hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prevents fractures but does not improve established coronary artery disease. In addition, HRT leads to a small increase in breast cancer incidence and to a decrease in colorectal cancer incidence. HRT increases the in...

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  • An overwhelming pulmonary fungus ball in a systemic lupus erythematosus patient.

    abstract::Impaired host immunity has been regarded as a predisposing factor in post-primary tuberculosis in adults. Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are usually exposed to high doses of corticosteroids and eventually develop defective cellular immunity that increases the risk for active tuberculosis. SLE-associa...

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  • [Insufficiency fractures of the ileum and sacrum].

    abstract::Insufficiency fractures are fractures in bones with nontumorous disease (e.g., osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or following radiation) at normal load. Two cases of insufficiency fracture of the ilium and sacrum are presented. Predisposing factors, clinical picture, imaging procedure and therapy are outlined. ...

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