Comprehensive strategy for the design of precision drugs and identification of genetic signature behind proneness of the disease-a pharmacogenomic approach.


:The proneness of diseases and susceptibility towards drugs vary from person to person. At present, there is a strong demand for the personalization of drugs. The genetic signature behind proneness of the disease has been studied through a comprehensive 'octopodial approach'. All the genetic variants included in the approach have been introduced. The breast cancer associated with BRCA1 mutation has been taken as the illustrative example to introduce all these factors. The genetic variants associated with the drug action of tamoxifen have been fully illustrated in the manuscript. The design of a new personalized anti-breast cancer drug has been explained in the third phase. For the design of new personalized drugs, a metabolite of anti-cancer drug chlorambucil has been taken as the template. The design of drug has been made with respect to the protein 1T15 of BRCA1 gene corresponding to the genetic signature of rs28897696.


Funct Integr Genomics


Iyer PM,Karthikeyan S,Sanjay Kumar P,Krishnan Namboori PK




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2017-07-01 00:00:00














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  • Transcriptomic profiling of developing fiber in levant cotton (Gossypium herbaceum L.).

    abstract::Cotton (Gossypium spp.) is an imperative economic crop of the globe due to its natural textile fiber. Molecular mechanisms of fiber development have been greatly revealed in allotetraploid cotton but remained unexplored in Gossypium herbaceum. G. herbaceum can withstand the rigors of nature like drought and pests but ...

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  • Induction of DREB2A pathway with repression of E2F, jasmonic acid biosynthetic and photosynthesis pathways in cold acclimation-specific freeze-resistant wheat crown.

    abstract::Winter wheat lines can achieve cold acclimation (development of tolerance to freezing temperatures) and vernalization (delay in transition from vegetative to reproductive phase) in response to low non-freezing temperatures. To describe cold-acclimation-specific processes and pathways, we utilized cold acclimation tran...

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  • Chromosomes in the flow to simplify genome analysis.

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