Capability of tip-growing plant cells to penetrate into extremely narrow gaps.


:Plant cells are covered with rigid cell walls, yet tip-growing cells can elongate by providing new cell wall material to their apical regions. Studies of the mechanical properties of tip-growing plant cells typically involve measurement of the turgor pressure and stiffness of the cells' apical regions. These experiments, however, do not address how living tip-growing cells react when they encounter physical obstacles that are not substantially altered by turgor pressure. To investigate this issue, we constructed microfabricated platforms with a series of artificial gaps as small as 1 μm, and examined the capability of tip-growing plant cells, including pollen tubes, root hairs, and moss protonemata, to penetrate into these gaps. The cells were grown inside microfluidic chambers and guided towards the gaps using microdevices customized for each cell type. All types of tip-growing cells could grow through the microgaps with their organelles intact, even though the gaps were much smaller than the cylindrical cell diameter. Our findings reveal the dramatic physiological and developmental flexibility of tip-growing plant cells. The microfluidic platforms designed in this study provide novel tools for the elucidation of the mechanical properties of tip-growing plant cells in extremely small spaces.


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Yanagisawa N,Sugimoto N,Arata H,Higashiyama T,Sato Y




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2017-05-03 00:00:00












  • Identification of Methylation-Driven, Differentially Expressed STXBP6 as a Novel Biomarker in Lung Adenocarcinoma.

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  • Tuneable quantum spin Hall states in confined 1T' transition metal dichalcogenides.

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  • Intravitreal ranibizumab reduced ocular blood flow and aqueous cytokine levels and improved retinal morphology in patients with diabetic macular edema.

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  • Halloysite nanotubes capturing isotope selective atmospheric CO2.

    abstract::With the aim to capture and subsequent selective trapping of CO2, a nanocomposite has been developed through selective modification of the outer surface of the halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) with an organosilane to make the nanocomposite a novel solid-phase adsorbent to adsorb CO2 from the atmosphere at standard ambient ...

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  • EnSVMB: Metagenomics Fragments Classification using Ensemble SVM and BLAST.

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  • Genome analysis of a wild rumen bacterium Enterobacter aerogenes LU2 - a novel bio-based succinic acid producer.

    abstract::Enterobacter aerogenes LU2 was isolated from cow rumen and recognized as a potential succinic acid producer in our previous study. Here, we present the first complete genome sequence of this new, wild strain and report its basic genetic features from a biotechnological perspective. The MinION single-molecule nanopore ...

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  • Physics of transportation: Towards optimal capacity using the multilayer network framework.

    abstract::Because of the critical role of transportation in modern times, one of the most successful application areas of statistical physics of complex networks is the study of traffic dynamics. However, the vast majority of works treat transportation networks as an isolated system, which is inconsistent with the fact that man...

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  • Indirect genetic effects: a key component of the genetic architecture of behaviour.

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  • 4-dimensional functional profiling in the convulsant-treated larval zebrafish brain.

    abstract::Functional neuroimaging, using genetically-encoded Ca2+ sensors in larval zebrafish, offers a powerful combination of high spatiotemporal resolution and higher vertebrate relevance for quantitative neuropharmacological profiling. Here we use zebrafish larvae with pan-neuronal expression of GCaMP6s, combined with light...

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  • Conformation-dependent binding of a Tetrastatin peptide to αvβ3 integrin decreases melanoma progression through FAK/PI3K/Akt pathway inhibition.

    abstract::Tetrastatin, a 230 amino acid sequence from collagen IV, was previously demonstrated to inhibit melanoma progression. In the present paper, we identified the minimal active sequence (QKISRCQVCVKYS: QS-13) that reproduced the anti-tumor effects of whole Tetrastatin in vivo and in vitro on melanoma cell proliferation, m...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Lambert E,Fuselier E,Ramont L,Brassart B,Dukic S,Oudart JB,Dupont-Deshorgue A,Sellier C,Machado C,Dauchez M,Monboisse JC,Maquart FX,Baud S,Brassart-Pasco S

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  • Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Candidate Genes involved in Blister Blight defense in Tea (Camellia sinensis (L) Kuntze).

    abstract::To unravel the molecular mechanism of defense against blister blight (BB) disease caused by an obligate biotrophic fungus, Exobasidium vexans, transcriptome of BB interaction with resistance and susceptible tea genotypes was analysed through RNA-seq using Illumina GAIIx at four different stages during ~20-day disease ...

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  • Mapping divided households and residency changes: the effect of couple separation on sexual behavior and risk of HIV infection.

    abstract::Using census data we identify geographic patterns in residency changes in Lesotho over a decade. Using kriging to spatially interpolate data from 8,510 households we identify regions where households have members temporarily living away from home (divided households). Further, using a multivariate analysis and data fr...

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  • Superstrength of nanograined steel with nanoscale intermetallic precipitates transformed from shock-compressed martensitic steel.

    abstract::An increasing number of industrial applications need superstrength steels. It is known that refined grains and nanoscale precipitates can increase strength. The hardest martensitic steel reported to date is C0.8 steel, whose nanohardness can reach 11.9 GPa through incremental interstitial solid solution strengthening....

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    authors: Yu H,Yan M,Lu C,Tieu AK,Li H,Zhu Q,Godbole A,Li J,Su L,Kong C

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  • Light- induced electron transfer and ATP synthesis in a carotene synthesizing insect.

    abstract::A singular adaptive phenotype of a parthenogenetic insect species (Acyrthosiphon pisum) was selected in cold conditions and is characterized by a remarkable apparition of a greenish colour. The aphid pigments involve carotenoid genes well defined in chloroplasts and cyanobacteria and amazingly present in the aphid gen...

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  • Climate change is affecting mortality of weasels due to camouflage mismatch.

    abstract::Direct phenological mismatch caused by climate change can occur in mammals that moult seasonally. Two colour morphs of the weasel Mustela nivalis (M. n.) occur sympatrically in Białowieża Forest (NE Poland) and differ in their winter pelage colour: white in M. n. nivalis and brown in M. n. vulgaris. Due to their small...

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  • Towards Millimeter-wavelength: Transmission-Mode Fresnel-Zone Plate Lens Antennas using Plastic Material Porosity Control in Homogeneous Medium.

    abstract::We present two transmission-mode dielectric Fresnel-Zone Plate Lens (FZPL) antennas for use within the V-band spectrum. The proposed FZPs are realized via pure plastic material using two different additive manufacturing processes. The proposed FZP lenses are designed with half (λ/2) and quarter (λ/4) phase correction ...

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  • Rapid facial mimicry in geladas.

    abstract::Rapid facial mimicry (RFM) is an automatic response, in which individuals mimic others' expressions. RFM, only demonstrated in humans and apes, is grounded in the automatic perception-action coupling of sensorimotor information occurring in the mirror neuron system. In humans, RFM seems to reflect the capacity of indi...

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  • Genome-wide divergence, haplotype distribution and population demographic histories for Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium barbadense as revealed by genome-anchored SNPs.

    abstract::Use of 10,129 singleton SNPs of known genomic location in tetraploid cotton provided unique opportunities to characterize genome-wide diversity among 440 Gossypium hirsutum and 219 G. barbadense cultivars and landrace accessions of widespread origin. Using the SNPs distributed genome-wide, we examined genetic diversit...

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    authors: Reddy UK,Nimmakayala P,Abburi VL,Reddy CV,Saminathan T,Percy RG,Yu JZ,Frelichowski J,Udall JA,Page JT,Zhang D,Shehzad T,Paterson AH

    更新日期:2017-01-27 00:00:00

  • Author Correction: Non-Invasive Imaging Through Scattering Medium by Using a Reverse Response Wavefront Shaping Technique.

    abstract::An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

    pub_type: 已发布勘误


    authors: Sanjeev A,Kapellner Y,Shabairou N,Gur E,Sinvani M,Zalevsky Z

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  • Implementation of a quantum controlled-SWAP gate with photonic circuits.

    abstract::Quantum information science addresses how the processing and transmission of information are affected by uniquely quantum mechanical phenomena. Combination of two-qubit gates has been used to realize quantum circuits, however, scalability is becoming a critical problem. The use of three-qubit gates may simplify the st...

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  • Interferon-alpha therapy for refractory kaposiform hemangioendothelioma: a single-center experience.

    abstract::Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma (KHE) is a relatively rare vascular tumor with an aggressive and infiltrating nature. Previous studies have revealed an exclusive relationship between KHE and Kasabach-Merritt Phenomenon (KMP), which is associated with high morbidity and mortality. No universally accepted treatment moda...

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  • Transparent anti-fogging and self-cleaning TiO2/SiO2 thin films on polymer substrates using atmospheric plasma.

    abstract::Transparent anti-fogging and self-cleaning coatings are of great interest for many applications, including solar panels, windshields and displays or lenses to be used in humid environments. In this paper, we report on the simultaneous synthesis, at atmospheric pressure, of anatase TiO2 nanoparticles and low-temperatur...

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  • Microfluidic Electroporation Coupling Pulses of Nanoseconds and Milliseconds to Facilitate Rapid Uptake and Enhanced Expression of DNA in Cell Therapy.

    abstract::Standard electroporation with pulses in milliseconds has been used as an effective tool to deliver drugs or genetic probes into cells, while irreversible electroporation with nanosecond pulses is explored to alter intracellular activities for pulse-induced apoptosis. A combination treatment, long nanosecond pulses fol...

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  • Sedentary lifestyle related exosomal release of Hotair from gluteal-femoral fat promotes intestinal cell proliferation.

    abstract::Pioneering epidemiological work has established strong association of sedentary lifestyle and obesity with the risk of colorectal cancer, while the detailed underlying mechanism remains unknown. Here we show that Hotair (HOX transcript antisense RNA) is a pro-adipogenic long non-coding RNA highly expressed in gluteal-...

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  • ADAM17-dependent proteolysis of L-selectin promotes early clonal expansion of cytotoxic T cells.

    abstract::L-selectin on T-cells is best known as an adhesion molecule that supports recruitment of blood-borne naïve and central memory cells into lymph nodes. Proteolytic shedding of the ectodomain is thought to redirect activated T-cells from lymph nodes to sites of infection. However, we have shown that activated T-cells re-...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Mohammed RN,Wehenkel SC,Galkina EV,Yates EK,Preece G,Newman A,Watson HA,Ohme J,Bridgeman JS,Durairaj RRP,Moon OR,Ladell K,Miners KL,Dolton G,Troeberg L,Kashiwagi M,Murphy G,Nagase H,Price DA,Matthews RJ,Knäuper V

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  • In silico/In vivo analysis of high-risk papillomavirus L1 and L2 conserved sequences for development of cross-subtype prophylactic vaccine.

    abstract::Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world and the main cause of cervical cancer. Nowadays, the virus-like particles (VLPs) based on L1 proteins have been considered as the best candidate for vaccine development against HPV infections. Two commercial HPV (Gardasil and Cer...

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    authors: Namvar A,Bolhassani A,Javadi G,Noormohammadi Z

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  • Predictions of children's emotionality from evolutionary and epigenetic hypotheses.

    abstract::Sex-dependent effects of mismatched prenatal-postnatal maternal conditions are predicted by combining two evolutionary hypotheses: that foetal conditions provide a forecast of likely postnatal environments (Predictive Adaptive Response), and that the female foetus is better adapted than the male to maternal adversity ...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Hill J,Pickles A,Wright N,Braithwaite E,Sharp H

    更新日期:2019-02-21 00:00:00

  • The Microbiome of the Maculinea-Myrmica Host-Parasite Interaction.

    abstract::Maculinea (=Phengaris) are endangered butterflies that are characterized by a very complex biological cycle. Maculinea larvae behave as obligate parasites whose survival is strictly dependent on both particular food plants and species-specific Myrmica ants. In this interaction, Maculinea caterpillars induce Myrmica wo...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Di Salvo M,Calcagnile M,Talà A,Tredici SM,Maffei ME,Schönrogge K,Barbero F,Alifano P

    更新日期:2019-05-29 00:00:00

  • Lactobacillus casei reduces susceptibility to type 2 diabetes via microbiota-mediated body chloride ion influx.

    abstract::Gut microbiota mediated low-grade inflammation is involved in the onset of type 2 diabetes (T2DM). In this study, we used a high fat sucrose (HFS) diet-induced pre-insulin resistance and a low dose-STZ HFS rat models to study the effect and mechanism of Lactobacillus casei Zhang in protecting against T2DM onset. Hyper...

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    authors: Zhang Y,Guo X,Guo J,He Q,Li H,Song Y,Zhang H

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  • Author Correction: Integrating standardized whole genome sequence analysis with a global Mycobacterium tuberculosis antibiotic resistance knowledgebase.

    abstract::An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

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    authors: Ezewudo M,Borens A,Chiner-Oms Á,Miotto P,Chindelevitch L,Starks AM,Hanna D,Liwski R,Zignol M,Gilpin C,Niemann S,Kohl TA,Warren RM,Crook D,Gagneux S,Hoffner S,Rodrigues C,Comas I,Engelthaler DM,Alland D,Rigouts L,

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