Using Chironomus dilutus to identify toxicants and evaluate the ecotoxicity of sediments in the Haihe River Basin.


:To effectively manage a watershed and successfully restore a river system, it is very important to assess the toxicity of sediments and identify the substances causing the toxicity. Seventy-six sediments collected in the Haihe River Basin (HRB) in China were screened for acute toxicity using Chironomus dilutus. We found that sediments from more than 32% of sampling sites, distributed mainly in the Ziya tributary and along the estuary, were acutely toxic to midges. A toxicity identification evaluation showed that the toxicity of the sediment samples was mainly from ammonia nitrogen, metals, and organics. Calculations of the toxic unit (TU) showed that ammonia and metals contributed more to sediment toxicity than organics, and that PAHs may have contributed in other tributaries. A modified three-step sequential extraction procedure to assess the bioavailability of the metals indicated that the toxicity from metals was mainly from Cd and Zn. This is one of the first studies in which this type of approach has been applied to directly connect contaminants with ecological effects in the HRB.


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Zhu X,Shan B,Tang W,Zhang C




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2017-05-03 00:00:00












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  • HDL particles incorporate into lipid bilayers - a combined AFM and single molecule fluorescence microscopy study.

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  • Pulmonary Artery Stiffness by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Predicts Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

    abstract::In this prospective pilot study, we aimed to evaluate the ability of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) parameters of right ventricular function and pulmonary artery stiffness to identify pulmonary hypertension (PH), predict major adverse cardiovascular events (MACEs) in patients with secondary PH due to chronic...

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  • Time-resolved decoding of metabolic signatures of in vitro growth of the hemibiotrophic pathogen Colletotrichum sublineolum.

    abstract::Metabolomics has emerged as a powerful approach to comprehensively interrogate cellular biochemistry. As such, we applied an untargeted liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry metabolomic strategy to elucidate metabolome changes in the anthracnose-causing hemibiotrophic sorghum pathogen, Colletotrichum sublineolum. An...

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  • Zinc ion rapidly induces toxic, off-pathway amyloid-β oligomers distinct from amyloid-β derived diffusible ligands in Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most prevalent neurodegenerative disease in the elderly. Zinc (Zn) ion interacts with the pathogenic hallmark, amyloid-β (Aβ), and is enriched in senile plaques in brain of AD patients. To understand Zn-chelated Aβ (ZnAβ) species, here we systematically characterized ZnAβ aggregates by ...

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  • Cognitive and physical impairment and the risk of stroke - A prospective cohort study.

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