Combination therapy for the treatment of pulmonary mold infections.


INTRODUCTION:Pulmonary mold infections are caused by ubiquitous organisms found in soil, water, and decaying vegetation, including Aspergillus spp., the Mucormycetes, hyaline molds, and dematiaceous (black) molds. Areas covered: These infections are often a challenge to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. Recently, antifungal combination therapy has emerged as a promising strategy to treat some forms of invasive mycoses, including pulmonary mold infections. Historically, this approach has been limited due to non-uniform interpretation criteria, variations in pharmacodynamic/pharmacokinetic properties of antifungals used in combination, and an inability to predict clinical success based on in vitro data and animal models. However, recent advances have helped mitigate some of these challenges. Expert commentary: In this paper, we explore what is known about the antifungal combination therapy in the treatment of pulmonary mold infections and explore how it may impact clinical practice. We pay particular attention to novel combinations and the challenges associated with the development of new antifungal agents.


Expert Rev Respir Med


McCarthy MW,Petraitis V,Walsh TJ




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