Insights into the structures and electronic properties of Cun+1μ and CunS μ (n = 1-12; μ = 0, ±1) clusters.


ABSTARCT:The stability and reactivity of clusters are closely related to their valence electronic configuration. Doping is a most efficient method to modify the electronic configuration and properties of a cluster. Considering that Cu and S posses one and six valence electrons, respectively, the S doped Cu clusters with even number of valence electrons are expected to be more stable than those with odd number of electrons. By using the swarm intelligence based CALYPSO method on crystal structural prediction, we have explored the structures of neutral and charged Cun+1 and CunS (n = 1-12) clusters. The electronic properties of the lowest energy structures have been investigated systemically by first-principles calculations with density functional theory. The results showed that the clusters with a valence count of 2, 8 and 12 appear to be magic numbers with enhanced stability. In addition, several geometry-related-properties have been discussed and compared with those results available in the literature.


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Li CG,Shen ZG,Hu YF,Tang YN,Chen WG,Ren BZ




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2017-05-02 00:00:00












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  • Delayed recruiting of TPD52 to lipid droplets - evidence for a "second wave" of lipid droplet-associated proteins that respond to altered lipid storage induced by Brefeldin A treatment.

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  • Quantitative ultrasound assessment of the influence of roughness and healing time on osseointegration phenomena.

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  • Questionnaire data analysis using information geometry.

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  • Improved motor performance in patients with acute stroke using the optimal individual attentional strategy.

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  • Nano-antenna in a photoconductive photomixer for highly efficient continuous wave terahertz emission.

    abstract::We report highly efficient continuous-wave terahertz (THz) photoconductive antenna based photomixer employing nano-gap electrodes in the active region. The tip-to-tip nano-gap electrode structure provides strong THz field enhancement and acts as a nano-antenna to radiate the THz wave generated in the active region of ...

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  • Study of Structural stability and formation mechanisms in DSPC and DPSM liposomes: A coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulation.

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  • Valid gene expression normalization by RT-qPCR in studies on hPDL fibroblasts with focus on orthodontic tooth movement and periodontitis.

    abstract::Meaningful, reliable and valid mRNA expression analyses by real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) can only be achieved, if suitable reference genes are chosen for normalization and if appropriate RT-qPCR quality standards are met. Human periodontal ligament (hPDL) fibroblasts play a major mediating role in orthodontic t...

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  • Socioeconomic, environmental and lifestyle factors associated with gestational diabetes mellitus: A matched case-control study in Beijing, China.

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  • Genetic variations in olfactory receptor gene OR2AG2 in a large multigenerational family with asthma.

    abstract::It is estimated from twin studies that heritable factors account for at-least half of asthma-risk, of which genetic variants identified through population studies explain only a small fraction. Multi-generation large families with high asthma prevalence can serve as a model to identify highly penetrant genetic variant...

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  • Deep learning predicts postsurgical recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma from digital histopathologic images.

    abstract::Recurrence risk stratification of patients undergoing primary surgical resection for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is an area of active investigation, and several staging systems have been proposed to optimize treatment strategies. However, as many as 70% of patients still experience tumor recurrence at 5 years post-...

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  • Cellular reprogramming for successful CNS axon regeneration is driven by a temporally changing cast of transcription factors.

    abstract::In contrast to mammals, adult fish display a remarkable ability to fully regenerate central nervous system (CNS) axons, enabling functional recovery from CNS injury. Both fish and mammals normally undergo a developmental downregulation of axon growth activity as neurons mature. Fish are able to undergo damage-induced ...

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  • Formyl peptide receptors promotes neural differentiation in mouse neural stem cells by ROS generation and regulation of PI3K-AKT signaling.

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  • A horizontally acquired expansin gene increases virulence of the emerging plant pathogen Erwinia tracheiphila.

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  • Covariance statistics and network analysis of brain PET imaging studies.

    abstract::The analysis of structural and functional neuroimaging data using graph theory has increasingly become a popular approach for visualising and understanding anatomical and functional relationships between different cerebral areas. In this work we applied a network-based approach for brain PET studies using population-b...

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  • Autophagy-related protein MoAtg14 is involved in differentiation, development and pathogenicity in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae.

    abstract::Autophagy is the major intracellular degradation system by which cytoplasmic materials are delivered to and degraded in the vacuole/lysosome in eukaryotic cells. MoAtg14 in M. oryzae, a hitherto uncharacterized protein, is the highly divergent homolog of the yeast Atg14 and the mammal BARKOR. The MoATG14 deletion muta...

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  • Broadband thin sound absorber based on hybrid labyrinthine metastructures with optimally designed parameters.

    abstract::Broadband acoustic absorbers with thin thickness are highly desired in practical situations such as architectural acoustics, yet it is still challenging to achieve high absorption by using structure with limited thickness. Here we report the theoretical optimal design, numerical simulation and experimental demonstrati...

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  • Recurrence Quantification Analysis at work: Quasi-periodicity based interpretation of gait force profiles for patients with Parkinson disease.

    abstract::In this letter, making use of real gait force profiles of healthy and patient groups with Parkinson disease which have different disease severity in terms of Hoehn-Yahr stage, we calculate various heuristic complexity measures of the recurrence quantification analysis (RQA). Using this technique, we are able to evince...

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  • Detailed evaluation of the upper airway in the Dp(16)1Yey mouse model of Down syndrome.

    abstract::A high prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has been reported in Down syndrome (DS) owing to the coexistence of multiple predisposing factors related to its genetic abnormality, posing a challenge for the management of OSA. We hypothesized that DS mice recapitulate craniofacial abnormalities and upper airway ob...

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  • Normal Mode Splitting in a Moving-Particles-Pumped Mechanical Oscillator: Clamped-Hinged Homogeneous Beam.

    abstract::The interaction of a mechanical oscillator with the operation actions and environment fields will give rise to the splitting of normal modes. In this study, we investigate the normal mode splitting behaviour of a moving-particles-pumped single-span clamped-hinged elastic homogeneous beam based on the proposed multi-oc...

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