Laparoscopic intra-abdominal patent processus vaginalis ligation in pediatric urology practice.


INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE:Inguinal hernias and communicating hydroceles from a patent processus vaginalis (PPV) are common problems in children. This study provides a detailed description of the laparoscopic intra-abdominal patent processus vaginalis ligation (LIPPL) procedure along with its results in pediatric urology patients. METHODS:Prospectively collected data were captured from children (<18 years) who underwent LIPPL from 2012 to 2014. Demographics as well as postoperative characteristics were reviewed and descriptively analyzed. LIPPL is performed using a 5-mm camera through the umbilicus. A loop of polypropylene suture is passed through a spinal needle percutaneously on one side of the internal ring. The needle is reinserted on the opposite side and the tail of the suture is fed through the original loop such that a purse-string is created around the peritoneum of the internal ring above the spermatic vessels and the vas; the suture is tied extracorporeally. RESULTS:142 patients (3 female) were evaluated with 197 PPV sites repaired using LIPPL at median 24 (1-216) months of age. Median operating time was 35 (20-91) and 43 (27-85) minutes for unilateral and bilateral repairs, respectively. There were no intraoperative complications. During the 14 (1-34) months from surgery, there were no hernia recurrences, one surgical site infection, seven patients with residual small non-communicating hydroceles, and one patient who developed a suture granuloma. CONCLUSIONS:LIPPL is a safe and effective technique with minimal rate of hernia recurrence and few complications. LIPPL allows for easy repair of all sizes of PPV, with patients receiving the benefits of minimally invasive surgery including the ability to evaluate the contralateral inguinal ring.


J Pediatr Urol


Baradaran N,Wood CM,McCoy OO,Prasad MM,Stec AA




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  • 'Frequently recurring' nocturnal polyuria is predictive of response to desmopressin in monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis in childhood.

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  • Transumbilical laparoendoscopic single-site gonadectomy for Turner's syndrome with Y-chromosome mosaicism.

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  • Key anatomic findings on fetal ultrasound and MRI in the prenatal diagnosis of bladder and cloacal exstrophy.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Prenatal determination of bladder exstrophy (BE) or cloacal exstrophy (CE), known also as the omphalocele-exstrophy-imperforate anus-spinal anomaly complex (OEIS), is challenging. Distinguishing between BE and CE is important because children with CE have many more challenges initially and during their lif...

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  • Dextranomer/hyaluronic acid bladder neck injection for persistent outlet incompetency after sling procedures in children with neurogenic urinary incontinence.

    abstract:PURPOSE:We report outcomes after dextranomer/hyaluronic acid (Dx/HA) bladder neck injection for persistent outlet incompetency despite prior sling or Leadbetter/Mitchell bladder neck revision plus sling (LMS) in children with neurogenic urinary incontinence. METHODS:Consecutive patients with outlet incompetency after ...

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  • Does the use of 5 mm instruments affect the outcomes of robot-assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty in smaller working spaces? A comparative analysis of infants and older children.

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  • Why we need a higher suspicion index of urolithiasis in children.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Most children with symptoms of urolithiasis and urinary solute excretion abnormalities leading to stone formation have no calculi revealed by ultrasound or X-ray plain film ("occult urolithiasis"). This covers a large group of children presenting with common symptoms such as abdominal pain, hematuria, and dy...

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  • Secondary nocturnal enuresis caused by central sleep apnea from Chiari malformation type 1.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To report a novel cause of nocturnal enuresis (NE) and highlight the literature giving insight into this novel mechanism. PATIENT:A 12-year-old morbidly obese female with 2-year history of nightly secondary monosymptomatic NE. RESULTS:On evaluation, a history of severe sleep disturbed breathing was elicited...

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  • Hydronephrosis and crossing vessels in children: Optimization of diagnostic-therapeutic pathway and analysis of color Doppler ultrasound and magnetic resonance urography diagnostic accuracy.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO) is one of the most frequent urological diseases affecting the pediatric population. It can be due to both intrinsic stenosis of the junction and extrinsic causes such as the presence of crossing vessels (CVs), which can be detected by color Doppler ultrasound (CD-U...

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  • Robot-assisted extravesical ureteral reimplantation: outcomes and conclusions from 78 ureters.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Extravesical robot-assisted laparoscopic ureteral reimplantation (RALUR) is a popular alternative to open surgery. We report our experience with RALUR and evaluate clinical variables as predictors for failure. METHODS:We retrospectively evaluated the records of patients who underwent RALUR by a single surgeo...

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  • Variations in the management of asymptomatic adolescent grade 2 or 3 left varicoceles: a survey of practitioners.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Our study aims to evaluate variations in management of asymptomatic adolescent grade 2 and 3 varicoceles by pediatric urologists. SUBJECTS AND METHODS:Electronic survey of all 267 current members of AAP Urology with 74 (28%) responding. RESULTS:When managing patients with positive examination findings, 49% ...

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  • Is peri-operative urethral catheter drainage enough? The case for stentless pediatric robotic pyeloplasty.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The necessity for urinary diversion with trans-anastomotic ureteral stenting during pyeloplasty is currently under debate. Performing a stentless repair could eliminate stent-related morbidity, including: stent migration, urinary tract infection, flank pain, and bladder spasms. In addition, there would be no...

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