Regulation of localization and function of the transcriptional co-activator YAP by angiomotin.


:The Hippo-YAP pathway is a central regulator of cell contact inhibition, proliferation and death. There are conflicting reports regarding the role of Angiomotin (Amot) in regulating this pathway. While some studies suggest a YAP-inhibitory function other studies indicate Amot is required for YAP activity. Here, we describe an Amot-dependent complex comprised of Amot, YAP and Merlin. The phosphorylation of Amot at Serine 176 shifts localization of this complex to the plasma membrane, where it associates with the tight-junction proteins Pals1/PATJ and E-cadherin. Conversely, hypophosphorylated Amot shifts localization of the complex to the nucleus, where it facilitates the association of YAP and TEAD, induces transcriptional activation of YAP target genes and promotes YAP-dependent cell proliferation. We propose that phosphorylation of AmotS176 is a critical post-translational modification that suppresses YAP's ability to promote cell proliferation and tumorigenesis by altering the subcellular localization of an essential YAP co-factor.






Moleirinho S,Hoxha S,Mandati V,Curtale G,Troutman S,Ehmer U,Kissil JL




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2017-05-03 00:00:00








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  • Efficacy of β-lactam/β-lactamase inhibitor combination is linked to WhiB4-mediated changes in redox physiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

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  • Human biallelic MFN2 mutations induce mitochondrial dysfunction, upper body adipose hyperplasia, and suppression of leptin expression.

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  • Knockout of Slo2.2 enhances itch, abolishes KNa current, and increases action potential firing frequency in DRG neurons.

    abstract::Two mammalian genes, Kcnt1 and Kcnt2, encode pore-forming subunits of Na(+)-dependent K(+) (KNa) channels. Progress in understanding KNa channels has been hampered by the absence of specific tools and methods for rigorous KNa identification in native cells. Here, we report the genetic disruption of both Kcnt1 and Kcnt...


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  • Ring-like oligomers of Synaptotagmins and related C2 domain proteins.

    abstract::We recently reported that the C2AB portion of Synaptotagmin 1 (Syt1) could self-assemble into Ca(2+)-sensitive ring-like oligomers on membranes, which could potentially regulate neurotransmitter release. Here we report that analogous ring-like oligomers assemble from the C2AB domains of other Syt isoforms (Syt2, Syt7,...


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  • Structural basis for the activation of PLC-γ isozymes by phosphorylation and cancer-associated mutations.

    abstract::Direct activation of the human phospholipase C-γ isozymes (PLC-γ1, -γ2) by tyrosine phosphorylation is fundamental to the control of diverse biological processes, including chemotaxis, platelet aggregation, and adaptive immunity. In turn, aberrant activation of PLC-γ1 and PLC-γ2 is implicated in inflammation, autoimmu...


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  • Down regulation of vestibular balance stabilizing mechanisms to enable transition between motor states.

    abstract::The neural control of transition between posture and movement encompasses the regulation of reflex-stabilizing mechanisms to enable motion. Optimal feedback theory suggests that such transitions require the disengagement of one motor control policy before the implementation of another. To test this possibility, we inv...


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  • Fungal effector Ecp6 outcompetes host immune receptor for chitin binding through intrachain LysM dimerization.

    abstract::While host immune receptors detect pathogen-associated molecular patterns to activate immunity, pathogens attempt to deregulate host immunity through secreted effectors. Fungi employ LysM effectors to prevent recognition of cell wall-derived chitin by host immune receptors, although the mechanism to compete for chitin...


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  • Cell-cycle-gated feedback control mediates desensitization to interferon stimulation.

    abstract::Cells use molecular circuits to interpret and respond to extracellular cues, such as hormones and cytokines, which are often released in a temporally varying fashion. In this study, we combine microfluidics, time-lapse microscopy, and computational modeling to investigate how the type I interferon (IFN)-responsive reg...


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  • Building a functional connectome of the Drosophila central complex.

    abstract::The central complex is a highly conserved insect brain region composed of morphologically stereotyped neurons that arborize in distinctively shaped substructures. The region is implicated in a wide range of behaviors and several modeling studies have explored its circuit computations. Most studies have relied on assum...


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