How not to bite the bullet: A novel technique for intra operative handling of bullets.


:Ballistic trauma caused by bullets can be fatal or cause serious injury. Despite the abundance in literature in management of bullet injuries, there is paucity in describing how the operating surgeon should handle the bullet intra operatively. Bullets are important pieces of evidence and evidence preservation becomes the responsibility of the surgeon. We suggest a novel technique in handling bullets intraoperatively which, to the best of our knowledge, has not been published before. We also suggest general recommendations in handling bullets intraoperatively.


J Forensic Leg Med


Sepehripour S,Coulthard V,Filobbos G




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2017-05-01 00:00:00












  • Establishment of the medico-legal cause of death in two atypical cases of gas embolism in hospital: Importance of the scene.

    abstract::Two cases of lethal gas embolism occurring in a hospital setting are presented. These did not differ with regards to the medical cause of death (MCOD), but did so with regard to the medico-legal cause of death (MLCOD). In the first case, the immediate recognition of a suspicious death and subsequent conservation of th...

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  • Limitations of the mandibular canine index in sex assessment.

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  • The French-Canadian data set of Demirjian for dental age estimation: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Estimation of age of an individual can be performed by evaluating the pattern of dental development. A dataset for age estimation based on the dental maturity of a French-Canadian population was published over 35 years ago and has become the most widely accepted dataset. The applicability of this dataset has...

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  • Post-mortems in recreational scuba diver deaths: the utility of radiology.

    abstract::Post-mortem radiology and autopsy findings in a series of six diving-related deaths are presented. The cases had different causes of death but essentially similar radiological findings. We propose that the so-called classical radiological features of cerebral arterial gas embolism more likely represent "off-gassing" (...

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  • Derivation of the Genital Injury Severity Scale (GISS): a concise instrument for description and measurement of external female genital injury after sexual intercourse.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Inconsistencies abound in the current forensic literature regarding the definition, and as a result, the significance of female genital injury after sexual intercourse. These definitions are based on variables related to the anatomic locations that are examined, the actual physical findings types, and the ...

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  • Sudden death following AV node ablation in a man with Fabry disease mimicking hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

    abstract::We present a case of Fabry disease with an uncommon pattern of asymmetrical hypertrophy with septal prominence resulting in an erroneous diagnosis of hypertrophic cardilmyopathy clinically. The deceased presented for a medicolegal autopsy following his sudden death after an AV node ablation. Fabry disease continues to...

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  • The neurocognitive effects of a conducted electrical weapon compared to high intensity interval training and alcohol intoxication - implications for Miranda and consent.

    abstract::While the physiologic effects of conducted electrical weapons (CEW) have been the subjects of numerous studies over nearly two decades, their effects on neurocognitive functioning, both short-term and long-term, have only recently been studied. In a 2014 study involving use-of-force scenarios, including a CEW scenario...

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  • Use of HIV PEPSE and Hepatitis B vaccine following the introduction of a SARC.

    abstract::Adherence to local guidelines on the use of HIV post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and hepatitis B vaccine following sexual assault was evaluated by means of audit. Forensic Medical Examiners (FMEs) were asked to complete an audit form after conducting sexual offence examinations at Gloucester Sexual Assault Referral Cen...

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  • Sexual dimorphism of mandibular angle in a Lebanese sample.

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  • Clinical forensic sample collection techniques following consensual intercourse in volunteers - cervical canal brush compared to conventional swabs.

    abstract::The purpose of the research was to evaluate gynecological evidence collection techniques; the benefit of cervical canal brush sample compared to vaginal fornix and cervical swab samples and the time frame for detecting Y-chromosomal material QiAmp DNA Mini Kit(®) and Quantifiler Y Human Male DNA Quantification Kit(®) ...

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  • Neuropathology and brain weight in traumatic-crush asphyxia.

    abstract::Traumatic (crush) asphyxia is a rare condition caused by severe compression of the chest and trunk leading to often extreme so-called asphyxial signs, including cyanosis in head and neck regions, multiple petechiae, and subconjunctival haemorrhage as well as neurological manifestations. AIMS:To investigate the neurop...

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  • Case report--death by subcutaneous injection of cyanide in Sri Lanka.

    abstract::An elderly man was stabbed with a needle and syringe onto his abdomen while asleep. He progressively developed respiratory failure and coma and died an hour later. Autopsy findings and laboratory analysis confirmed the death as being due to poisoning by cyanide. This case highlights the need to consider cyanide as a p...

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  • Determination of skin wound age by using cytokines as potential markers.

    abstract::Interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β), IL-6, tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) and epidermal growth factor (EGF) play important roles in the wound healing process. In the present study, human wound specimens (n = 50) were collected from cases of death due to injuries from firearms, penetrating trauma by sharp objects and blun...

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  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by a traffic accident: de novo aneurysm ruptured 30 years after surgical neck clipping.

    abstract::A man, who had a medical history of surgical neck clipping 30 years previously, died of traffic accident. The medico-legal autopsy showed subarachnoid hemorrhage and ruptured aneurysm on the lateral side of the clip. Microscopic examination showed the aneurysm was not to be regeneration, but a new de novo aneurysm. We...

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  • Further study on the physiological effects of an alternative spit mask.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Spit masks are used by law enforcement officers and healthcare providers to protect themselves from the spread of communicable disease by subjects who pose a potential risk of biological exposure by spitting. Little research is available regarding the safety of these masks. However, concerns surround the abi...

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  • A metric study of insole foot impressions in footwear of identical twins.

    abstract::Foot impressions are of utmost importance in crime scene investigations. Foot impressions are available in the form of barefoot prints, sock-clad footprints, and as impressions within footwear. Sometimes suspects leave their footwear at the crime scene, and the insole of this footwear may contain the foot impression o...

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  • My experience of the DFCASA exam including recommendations to potential candidates.

    abstract::My experience of the new Diploma in the Forensic and Clinical aspects of Sexual Assault and how this could be used as guidance for future candidates. ...

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  • Estimation of stature from hand and foot dimensions in a Korean population.

    abstract::The estimation of stature using foot and hand dimensions is essential in the process of personal identification. The shapes of feet and hands vary depending on races and gender, and it is of great importance to design an adequate equation in consideration of variances to estimate stature. This study is based on a tota...

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  • The contribution of mental health services to a new strategic direction for sexual assault and abuse services.

    abstract::A new strategy for sexual assault and abuse services was published by NHS England earlier this year. It called for better coordination of services along the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) pathway following a sexual assault including mental health services for children, young people and adults. Previous research...

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  • Burns caused by fan heater used for managing post-operative hypothermia in a premature neonate.

    abstract::Generally fan forced area heaters are considered to be incapable of causing burn injury. A case is presented where such a heater was used to prevent post-operative hypothermia after cut-back anoplasty to correct low anorectal malformation (imperforate anus) in a premature neonate. The neonate sustained dermo-epidermal...

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  • Air gun wounding and current UK laws controlling air weapons.

    abstract::Air weapons whether rifles or pistols are, potentially, lethal weapons. The UK legislation is complex and yet little known to the public. Hunting with air weapons and the laws controlling those animals that are permitted to be shot with air weapons is even more labyrinthine due to the legal power limitations on the po...

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  • Chlormequat poisoning is not without risk: Examination of seven fatal cases.

    abstract::Chlormequat chloride is a plant growth regulator. Chlormequat poisoning clinically resembles anticholinesterase insecticide poisoning. The cholinergic symptoms result from direct action on nicotinic and muscarinic receptors and not from inhibition of the cholinesterase activity. This case series confirms the extreme g...

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  • Characteristics of methadone-related fatalities in Norway.

    abstract::There are currently over 7000 patients enrolled in opioid maintenance treatment (OMT) programs in Norway. A rise in methadone-related deaths proportional to increasing methadone sales over the period 2000-2006 has been observed, but the causative factors for these fatalities have been elusive. In the present study, in...

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  • The sudden and unexpected death of a female-to-male transsexual patient.

    abstract::A 32-year-old woman, who was intramuscularly injected with testosterone enanthate (125 mg) once or twice a month over a two-year period for female-to-male transsexualism, died suddenly. A forensic autopsy was performed to investigate the cause of death. Concentric cardiac hypertrophy was macroscopically observed. In t...

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  • Lack of efficacy during the switch from brand to generic allopurinol.

    abstract::We report for the first time the lack of therapeutic effects after the switch from a brand formulation of allopurinol to a generic one. A 56-year-old man, with a 5 years history of well-treated gout arthropathy with allopurinol (Zyloric(®) 300 mg/die), developed acute gout arthropathy after the switch from the brand f...

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  • Forensic genetic analyses in isolated populations with examples of central European Valachs and Roma.

    abstract::Isolated populations present a constant threat to the correctness of forensic genetic casework. In this review article we present several examples of how analyzing samples from isolated populations can bias the results of the forensic statistics and analyses. We select our examples from isolated populations from centr...

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    authors: Ehler E,Vanek D

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  • Fatal cranial shot by blank cartridge gun: two suicide cases.

    abstract::Blank firing pistols are generally considered to be harmless and these guns are not accepted as being firearms in most countries. Due to lack of legal regulations these guns are easily purchased by anyone aged over 18 years. Reports of serious injuries and even fatalities due to these guns are increasing in the litera...

    journal_title:Journal of forensic and legal medicine

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