Oxidative Stress Contributes to Status Epilepticus Associated Mortality.


:Status epilepticus is a common manifestation of nerve agent toxicity and represents a serious medical emergency with high rates of mortality and neurologic injury in those that survive. The aim of the current study was to determine if targeting oxidative stress with the catalytic antioxidant, AEOL10150, would reduce pilocarpine-induced mortality and attenuate neuronal death and neuroinflammation. We found that treatment with AEOL10150 in conjunction with scopolamine and diazepam following pilocarpine-induced SE was able to significantly reduce mortality compared to treatment with just scopolamine and diazepam. Mortality was further reduced when AEOL10150 was used in conjunction with atropine and diazepam which is considered the standard of care for nerve agent exposures. Both treatment paradigms offered significant protection against SE-induced oxidative stress. Additionally, treatment with scopolamine, AEOL10150 and diazepam attenuated SE-induced neuronal loss and neuroinflammation. Taken together, the data suggest that pharmacological targeting of oxidative stress can improve survival and attenuate secondary neurological damage following SE induced by the nerve agent surrogate pilocarpine.


Neurochem Res


Neurochemical research


Pearson-Smith JN,Liang LP,Rowley SD,Day BJ,Patel M




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  • Immunogold cytochemistry identifies specialized membrane domains for monocarboxylate transport in the central nervous system.

    abstract::An efficient exchange of lactate between different cell types (such as astrocytes and neurones) would require that lactate transporters are expressed in contiguous parts of the respective plasma membranes. To settle this issue we explored the subcellular expression pattern of monocarboxylate transporters (MCTs) by use...

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    abstract::In vitro synthesis of myelin proteolipid protein (PLP) was explored at different ages using rat brain total homogenates, incubated for 30 min with [3H]glycine. Total proteolipids, extracted from the incubated samples, were separated by SDS-PAGE and the radioactivity was measured in the band corresponding to myelin PLP...

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  • Aberrant cAMP metabolism in NF1 malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor cells.

    abstract::Malignant peripheral nerve sheath (MPNST) cell lines derived from patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF!) were found to have basal cAMP levels which are two-fold higher than cAMP levels in normal human adult Schwann cells (nHSC). PCR analysis also revealed that normal adult human Schwann cells express mRNA for ty...

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