Molecular and Functional Bases of Selection against a Mutation Bias in an RNA Virus.


:The selective pressures acting on viruses that replicate under enhanced mutation rates are largely unknown. Here, we describe resistance of foot-and-mouth disease virus to the mutagen 5-fluorouracil (FU) through a single polymerase substitution that prevents an excess of A to G and U to C transitions evoked by FU on the wild-type foot-and-mouth disease virus, while maintaining the same level of mutant spectrum complexity. The polymerase substitution inflicts upon the virus a fitness loss during replication in absence of FU but confers a fitness gain in presence of FU. The compensation of mutational bias was documented by in vitro nucleotide incorporation assays, and it was associated with structural modifications at the N-terminal region and motif B of the viral polymerase. Predictions of the effect of mutations that increase the frequency of G and C in the viral genome and encoded polymerase suggest multiple points in the virus life cycle where the mutational bias in favor of G and C may be detrimental. Application of predictive algorithms suggests adverse effects of the FU-directed mutational bias on protein stability. The results reinforce modulation of nucleotide incorporation as a lethal mutagenesis-escape mechanism (that permits eluding virus extinction despite replication in the presence of a mutagenic agent) and suggest that mutational bias can be a target of selection during virus replication.


Genome Biol Evol


de la Higuera I,Ferrer-Orta C,de Ávila AI,Perales C,Sierra M,Singh K,Sarafianos SG,Dehouck Y,Bastolla U,Verdaguer N,Domingo E




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  • Comprehensive Genome-Wide Classification Reveals That Many Plant-Specific Transcription Factors Evolved in Streptophyte Algae.

    abstract::Plant genomes encode many lineage-specific, unique transcription factors. Expansion of such gene families has been previously found to coincide with the evolution of morphological complexity, although comparative analyses have been hampered by severe sampling bias. Here, we make use of the recently increased availabil...

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  • Novel papillomaviruses in free-ranging Iberian bats: no virus-host co-evolution, no strict host specificity, and hints for recombination.

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