Derivation of predicted no-effect concentration and ecological risk for atrazine better based on reproductive fitness.


:Atrazine (ATZ) is an herbicide most commonly used in China and other regions of the world. It is reported toxic to aquatic organisms, and frequently occurs at relatively high concentrations. Currently, ATZ has been proved to affect reproduction of aquatic species at much lower levels. So it is controversial to perform ecological risk assessment using predicted no-effect concentrations (PENCs) derived from traditional endpoints, which fail to provide adequate protection to aquatic organisms. In this study, PNECs of ATZ were derived based on six endpoints of survival, growth, behavior, biochemistry, genetics and reproduction. The PNEC derived from reproductive lesion was 0.044μg ATZ L-1, which was obviously lower than that derived from other endpoints. In addition, a tiered ecological risk assessment was conducted in the Taizi River based on six PNECs derived from six categories of toxicity endpoints. Results of these two methods of ecological risk assessment were consistent with each other, and the risk level of ATZ to aquatic organisms reached highest as taking reproductive fitness into account. The joint probability indicated that severe ecological risk rooting in reproduction might exist 93.9% and 99.9% of surface water in the Taizi River, while 5% threshold (HC5) and 1% threshold (HC1) were set up to protect aquatic organisms, respectively. We hope the present work could provide valuable information to manage and control ATZ pollution.


Ecotoxicol Environ Saf


Zheng L,Zhang Y,Yan Z,Zhang J,Li L,Zhu Y,Zhang Y,Zheng X,Wu J,Liu Z




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2017-08-01 00:00:00












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