Beyond Correlations, Sensitivities, and Specificities: A Roadmap for Demonstrating Utility of Advanced Imaging in Oncology Treatment and Clinical Trial Design.


:Despite the widespread belief that advanced imaging should be very helpful in guiding oncology treatment decision and improving efficiency and success rates in treatment clinical trials, its acceptance has been slow. Part of this is likely attributable to gaps in study design and statistical methodology for these imaging studies. Also, results supporting the performance of the imaging in these roles have largely been insufficient to justify their use within the design of a clinical trial or in treatment decision making. Statistically significant correlations between the imaging results and clinical outcomes are often incorrectly taken as evidence of adequate performance. Assessments of whether the imaging can outperform standard techniques or meaningfully supplement them are also frequently neglected. This paper provides guidance on study designs and statistical analyses for evaluating the performance of advanced imaging in the various roles in treatment decision guidance and clinical trial conduct. Relevant methodology from the imaging literature is reviewed; gaps in the literature are addressed using related concepts from the more extensive genomic and in vitro biomarker literature.


Acad Radiol


Academic radiology


Huang EP,Lin FI,Shankar LK




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  • Less Is More: Efficacy of Rapid 3D-T2 SPACE in ED Patients with Acute Atypical Low Back Pain.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:Emergency department (ED) patients with acute low back pain (LBP) may present with ambiguous clinical findings that pose diagnostic challenges to exclude cauda equina syndrome (CES). As a proof of concept, we aimed to determine the efficacy of a rapid lumbar spine (LS) magnetic resonance imagin...

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  • Robotically assisted nerve and facet blocks: a cadaveric study.

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  • The effects of magnetically labeled rat spleen-originated endothelial progenitor cells on growth of glioma in vivo an experimental study.

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  • The value of magnetic resonance imaging in the detection of prostate cancer in patients with previous negative biopsies and elevated prostate-specific antigen levels: a meta-analysis.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:To assess the diagnostic performance of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for targeting prostate cancer in patients with previous negative biopsies and elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Pubmed, Scopus, and Cochrane Library databases were searched to identify...

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  • Subtraction CT angiography of the lower extremities: single volume subtraction versus multi-segmented volume subtraction.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:To validate the hypothesis that a multisegmented approach during subtraction computed tomography (CT) angiography of the lower extremities can improve bone removal efficiency by suppressing regional motion. MATERIALS AND METHODS:The institutional review board of our hospital approved this retr...

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  • Automated segmentation of the liver from 3D CT images using probabilistic atlas and multilevel statistical shape model.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:An atlas-based automated liver segmentation method from three-dimensional computed tomographic (3D CT) images has been developed. The method uses two types of atlases, a probabilistic atlas (PA) and a statistical shape model (SSM). MATERIALS AND METHODS:Voxel-based segmentation with a PA is fi...

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  • A pulmonary nodule view system for the Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC).

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to develop a pulmonary nodule viewing system to visualize and retrieve data from the Lung Image Database Consortium. MATERIALS AND METHODS:The pulmonary nodule viewing system, developed using Microsoft C++ and the .NET 2.0 Framework, is composed of a clinical informat...

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  • Teaching and Assessing Professionalism in Radiology: Resources and Scholarly Opportunities to Contribute to Required Expectations.

    abstract::Teaching and assessing trainees' professionalism now represents an explicit expectation for Accreditation Council Graduate Medical Education-accredited radiology programs. Challenges to meeting this expectation include variability in defining the construct of professionalism; limits of traditional teaching and assessm...

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  • Communicating Radiology Test Results: Are Our Phone Calls Excessive, Just Right, or Not Enough?

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:This study aimed to determine the preferences of radiology and referring provider residents regarding direct communication of radiology test results. METHODS:This Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-compliant quality improvement effort was exempt from institutional review board...

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  • Triple rule-out CT in patients with suspicion of acute pulmonary embolism: findings and accuracy.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to prospectively investigate the diagnostic value of triple rule-out computed tomography (CT) in patients suspected of having acute pulmonary embolism (PE). MATERIALS AND METHODS:A total of 125 patients with suspicion of PE, of whom 14 patients had the additional clin...

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  • Multivariate Analysis of Radiologists' Usage of Phrases that Convey Diagnostic Certainty.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:To quantify the use of Diagnostic Certainty Phrases (DCP) in radiology reports, including DCPs with good agreement (including "diagnostic of," "unlikely" and "represents") in connoting degree of certainty between providers based on previous studies; and to assess whether modality, presence of a...

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  • Differential Diagnosis of Nonhypervascular Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms From Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinomas, Based on Computed Tomography Radiological Features and Texture Analysis.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:To determine computed tomography (CT) radiological features and texture features that are rewarding in differentiating nonhypervascular pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (PNENs) from pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas (PDACs). MATERIALS AND METHODS:We compared patients to pathologically prove...

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  • USMLE Step 3 Scores Have Value in Predicting ABR Core Examination Outcome and Performance: A Multi-institutional Study.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:We analyzed multi-institutional data to determine if Step 3 performance tiers can identify radiology residents with increased risk of Core examination failure and submean performance. MATERIALS AND METHODS:We collected Step 3 scores (USMLE Step 3 or COMLEX Level 3) and American Board of Radiol...

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  • Mild traumatic brain injury: tissue texture analysis correlated to neuropsychological and DTI findings.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to evaluate whether texture analysis (TA) can detect subtle changes in cerebral tissue caused by mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and to determine whether these changes correlate with neuropsychological and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) findings. MATERIALS AND METH...

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  • CT Pulmonary Angiography Using Automatic Tube Current Modulation Combination with Different Noise Index with Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm in Different Body Mass Index: Image Quality and Radiation Dose.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:This study aimed to determine the appropriate body mass index (BMI)-dependent noise index (NI) setting in computed tomography pulmonary angiography (CTPA) with automatic tube current modulation with adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASiR). MATERIALS AND METHODS:A total of 480 pati...

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  • Results of the 1993 survey of the American Association of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:A survey of chief residents of academic radiology programs is conducted annually on behalf of the American Association of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology (A3CR2). Data are obtained to improve the training of diagnostic radiology residents and to increase the understanding of radiologists ...

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  • Comparison of core needle breast biopsy techniques: freehand versus three-dimensional US guidance.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:No single method is generally accepted for evaluating the accuracy of breast biopsy techniques before their clinical implementation. The purpose of this study was to test a new process for evaluating biopsy techniques by using it in the evaluation of a prototype three-dimensional ultrasound (US...

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  • Postoperative CT of the Mandible Following Trauma: Review of Normal Appearances and Common Complications.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:Surgeons aim to restore occlusion and jaw function to baseline status for patients with mandibular fractures using either closed treatment or reduction and fixation. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Occlusion is defined as the relationship between the maxillary and mandibular teeth as they approach each ...

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  • High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging and conventional magnetic resonance imaging on a standard field-strength magnetic resonance system compared to arthroscopy in patients with suspected meniscal tears.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:We sought to evaluate the diagnostic performance of high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and conventional MRI of the knee on a standard-field-strength MRI system compared to arthroscopic findings in patients with suspected meniscal tears. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Forty-two patients (2...

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  • A dedicated general competencies curriculum for radiology residents development and implementation.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) through its Outcome Project requires training programs in all medical specialties to integrate six general competencies into residency training: patient care, medical knowledge, professionalism, interpersonal and communication skil...

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  • Is an ROC-type response truly always better than a binary response in observer performance studies?

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to assess similarities and differences between methods of performance comparisons under binary (yes or no) and receiver-operating characteristic (ROC)-type pseudocontinuous (0-100) rating data ascertained during an observer performance study of interpretation of full-f...

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  • 3D shape analysis of the supraspinatus muscle: a clinical study of the relationship between shape and pathology.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:Rotator cuff disorders are prevalent and can cause pain and reduced range of motion and strength. Accurate, noninvasive diagnosis of rotator cuff disorders is therefore important. In this work, we study the relationship between several three-dimensional (3D) shape measurements of the supraspina...

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  • CT Quantification and Machine-learning Models for Assessment of Disease Severity and Prognosis of COVID-19 Patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study was to investigate the CT quantification of COVID-19 pneumonia and its impacts on the assessment of disease severity and the prediction of clinical outcomes in the management of COVID-19 patients. MATERIALS METHODS:Ninety-nine COVID-19 patients who were confirmed by positive nucleic acid test (NAT...

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  • A permutation test for comparing ROC curves in multireader studies a multi-reader ROC, permutation test.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:The aim of the study is to develop a permutation test to compare receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves of two diagnostic modalities in a multireader paired design. MATERIALS AND METHODS:A statistical test for comparing two diagnostic modalities is developed based on all possible excha...

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  • Moving Radiology Workflow to the Electronic Health Record: Quantitative and Qualitative Experience From a Large Academic Medical Center.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:To objectively and subjectively evaluate a large, academic radiology department's transition to electronic health record (EHR) centered workflow. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Multiple metrics were compared from before and after the move to EHR-driven workflow. Examination ordering and reading priorit...

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  • Radiology faculty evaluation: bi-institutional implementation of an experimental appraisal instrument.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:The authors evaluated the reliability and validity of an experimental radiology faculty appraisal instrument. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Residents from the University of Wisconsin (UW) and Indiana University (IU) were asked to use a previously developed behaviorally based, 53-item experimental facu...

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    authors: Collins J,Albanese MA,Scanlan KA,Propeck PA,Jackson VP

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  • Cone beam CT in assessment of tibial bone defect healing: an animal study.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:To evaluate cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) for monitoring of tibial bone defect healing in comparison to histopathological findings. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Circumscribed tibial bone defects were created in 16 mini-pigs and imaging of the tibia was performed on day 42 using a modern CBCT s...

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    authors: Kröpil P,Hakimi AR,Jungbluth P,Riegger C,Rubbert C,Miese F,Lanzman RS,Wild M,Schek A,Scherer A,Windolf J,Antoch G,Becker J,Hakimi M

    更新日期:2012-03-01 00:00:00

  • Detection of Extraprostatic Extension of Cancer on Biparametric MRI Combining Texture Analysis and Machine Learning: Preliminary Results.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:Extraprostatic extension of disease (EPE) has a major role in risk stratification of prostate cancer patients. Currently, pretreatment local staging is performed with MRI, while the gold standard is represented by histopathological analysis after radical prostatectomy. Texture analysis (TA) is ...

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    authors: Stanzione A,Cuocolo R,Cocozza S,Romeo V,Persico F,Fusco F,Longo N,Brunetti A,Imbriaco M

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  • Use of serial FDG PET to measure the response of bone-dominant breast cancer to therapy.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:The authors performed this study to determine the feasibility of using quantitative 2-[fluorine-18]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) positron emission tomography (PET) to monitor the response of breast cancer bone metastases to therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Twenty-four women with stage IV bone-d...

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    authors: Stafford SE,Gralow JR,Schubert EK,Rinn KJ,Dunnwald LK,Livingston RB,Mankoff DA

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  • Clinical Decision Support at the Point-of-Order Entry: An Education Simulation Pilot with Medical Students.

    abstract:RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:We have been called to reform radiology undergraduate medical education (UME) curricula. Clinically available clinical decision support provides an opportunity to improve education regarding appropriate imaging utilization, patient safety, and cost-effective care. MATERIAL AND METHODS:We creat...

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