Foreign transcriptional enhancers in yeast. I. Interactions of papovavirus transcriptional enhancers and a quiescent pseudopromoter on supercoiled plasmids.


:We have constructed simple test-plasmids to study transcriptional enhancers in yeast. In this paper the reporter-gene is a plasmid borne deletion-substitution derivative (his-del4) of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae HIS3 gene in which the native promoter has been replaced by a dormant, susceptible pseudopromoter. We investigate the function in yeast of foreign control elements, the polyomavirus enhancer and some of its derivatives, inserted in either orientation at the 3' or 5' ends of the reporter gene. The polyoma enhancer (and, although less thoroughly studied, the SV40 enhancer) will strongly activate transcription from latent start sites within the pseudo-promoter sequence. The rules we draw for the polyoma enhancer effect in yeast are, with a few interesting exceptions, remarkably similar to those discovered by experimentation in mammalian cells.


Nucleic Acids Res


Nucleic acids research


Ciaramella M,Sacco M,Pulitzer JF




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1988-09-26 00:00:00












  • Single-molecule FRET reveals the pre-initiation and initiation conformations of influenza virus promoter RNA.

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  • Sequence requirement for specific interaction of an enhancer binding protein (EBP1) with DNA.

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  • Physical map of Neurospora crassa mitochondrial DNA and its transcription unit for ribosomal RNA.

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  • Programmable gene regulation for metabolic engineering using decoy transcription factor binding sites.

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  • A G-tract element in apoptotic agents-induced alternative splicing.

    abstract::Alternative splicing of a single pre-mRNA transcript can produce protein isoforms that promote either cell growth or death. Here we show that Ro-31-8220 (Ro), an apoptotic agent that inhibits protein kinase C and activates the c-Jun N terminal kinase, decreased the proportion of the cell growth-promoting Bcl-xL splice...

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  • In vitro site-directed mutagenesis with synthetic DNA oligonucleotides yields unexpected deletions and insertions at high frequency.

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  • Induction of double-strand breaks by S1 nuclease, mung bean nuclease and nuclease P1 in DNA containing abasic sites and nicks.

    abstract::Defined DNA substrates containing discrete abasic sites or paired abasic sites set 1, 3, 5 and 7 bases apart on opposite strands were constructed to examine the reactivity of S1, mung bean and P1 nucleases towards abasic sites. None of the enzymes acted on the substrate containing discrete abasic sites. Under conditio...

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  • Building promoter aware transcriptional regulatory networks using siRNA perturbation and deepCAGE.

    abstract::Perturbation and time-course data sets, in combination with computational approaches, can be used to infer transcriptional regulatory networks which ultimately govern the developmental pathways and responses of cells. Here, we individually knocked down the four transcription factors PU.1, IRF8, MYB and SP1 in the huma...

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  • 'Single addition' and 'transnucleotidation' reactions catalyzed by polynucleotide phosphorylase. Effect of enzymatic removal of inorganic phosphate during reaction.

    abstract::The reaction of the tetranucleotide, pA-A(2)-A, with 2'(3')-0-(alpha-methoxyethyl)uridine 5'-diphosphate, Mg(2+) ions, and M. luteus polynucleotide phosphorylase followed by mild acid treatment to remove the blocking groups results in a 49% yield of the desired single addition product, pA-A(3)-U, together with smaller...

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  • In vitro selection to identify determinants in tRNA for Bacillus subtilis tyrS T box antiterminator mRNA binding.

    abstract::The T box transcription antitermination regulatory system, found in Gram-positive bacteria, is dependent on a complex set of interactions between uncharged tRNA and the 5'-untranslated mRNA leader region of the regulated gene. One of these interactions involves the base pairing of the acceptor end of cognate tRNA with...

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