Autologous Bone Marrow Aspirate Therapy for Skin Tissue Engineering and Tissue Regeneration.


:Introduction: Chronic wounds that are difficult to heal are physical and financial burden to the sufferer and a challenge to the treating physician. Objective: The main purpose of this study was to develop a novel method of using bone marrow (BM) aspirate, either cultured or fresh, as early solution for healing of chronic wounds and further reduce infection and tissue necrosis. Approach: In this case-control study conducted on 75 patients with chronic wounds, 50 patients with aspirate or cultured BM were used as cases and 25 with only daily saline dressings were used as controls. Results: Autologous BM aspirate either as fresh or cultured even without identification, isolation, and selective application of stem cells achieved significant reduction in the wound surface area when compared with control group. Innovation: The application of cultured BM cells had significantly higher percentage reduction of wound size compared to freshly applied BM aspirate; this reflects a high importance of stem cell therapy. Conclusion: The acceptability of the procedure among the patients was highly encouraging. The entire procedure was safe and without any complication.


Advances in wound care


Gupta GJ,Karki K,Jain P,Saxena AK




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