The centrosomal OFD1 protein interacts with the translation machinery and regulates the synthesis of specific targets.


:Protein synthesis is traditionally associated with specific cytoplasmic compartments. We now show that OFD1, a centrosomal/basal body protein, interacts with components of the Preinitiation complex of translation (PIC) and of the eukaryotic Initiation Factor (eIF)4F complex and modulates the translation of specific mRNA targets in the kidney. We demonstrate that OFD1 cooperates with the mRNA binding protein Bicc1 to functionally control the protein synthesis machinery at the centrosome where also the PIC and eIF4F components were shown to localize in mammalian cells. Interestingly, Ofd1 and Bicc1 are both involved in renal cystogenesis and selected targets were shown to accumulate in two models of inherited renal cystic disease. Our results suggest a possible role for the centrosome as a specialized station to modulate translation for specific functions of the nearby ciliary structures and may provide functional clues for the understanding of renal cystic disease.


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Iaconis D,Monti M,Renda M,van Koppen A,Tammaro R,Chiaravalli M,Cozzolino F,Pignata P,Crina C,Pucci P,Boletta A,Belcastro V,Giles RH,Surace EM,Gallo S,Pende M,Franco B




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  • Assessing fatty acid oxidation flux in rodent cardiomyocyte models.

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  • Declaration of local chemical eradication of the Argentine ant: Bayesian estimation with a multinomial-mixture model.

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  • Eupolyphaga sinensis walker displays inhibition on hepatocellular carcinoma through regulating cell growth and metastasis signaling.

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  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis exploits the formation of new blood vessels for its dissemination.

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  • Genome-wide association analysis of hippocampal volume identifies enrichment of neurogenesis-related pathways.

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  • HPV16 early gene E5 specifically reduces miRNA-196a in cervical cancer cells.

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    abstract::By employing a single AlGaN layer with low Al composition, high quality and uniformity AlGaN/GaN heterostructures have been successfully grown on Si substrates by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). The heterostructures exhibit a high electron mobility of 2150 cm(2)/Vs with an electron density of 9.3 × 10...

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  • Cost-effective fibrinolytic enzyme production by Bacillus subtilis WR350 using medium supplemented with corn steep powder and sucrose.

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  • Arctic sea ice melt leads to atmospheric new particle formation.

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  • Whales use distinct strategies to counteract solar ultraviolet radiation.

    abstract::A current threat to the marine ecosystem is the high level of solar ultraviolet radiation (UV). Large whales have recently been shown to suffer sun-induced skin damage from continuous UV exposure. Genotoxic consequences of such exposure remain unknown for these long-lived marine species, as does their capacity to coun...

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  • Hepatitis C virus NS5A protein cooperates with phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIIα to induce mitochondrial fragmentation.

    abstract::Hepatitis C virus (HCV) has long been observed to take advantage of the host mitochondria to support viral replication and assembly. The HCV core protein has been implicated to fragment host mitochondria. In this report, we have discovered that the non-structural protein 5A (NS5A) plays an instructive role in attachin...

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  • Developmental toxicity of diclofenac and elucidation of gene regulation in zebrafish (Danio rerio).

    abstract::Environmental pollution by emerging contaminants, e.g. pharmaceuticals, has become a matter of widespread concern in recent years. We investigated the membrane transport of diclofenac and its toxic effects on gene expression and the development of zebrafish embryos. The association of diclofenac with the embryos confo...

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  • Delivery of a mucin domain enriched in cysteine residues strengthens the intestinal mucous barrier.

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  • Small molecule ice recrystallization inhibitors enable freezing of human red blood cells with reduced glycerol concentrations.

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  • Frequency-specific activation of the peripheral auditory system using optoacoustic laser stimulation.

    abstract::Hearing impairment is one of the most common sensory deficits in humans. Hearing aids are helpful to patients but can have poor sound quality or transmission due to insufficient output or acoustic feedback, such as for high frequencies. Implantable devices partially overcome these issues but require surgery with limit...

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  • Dual-channel near-field control by polarizations using isotropic and inhomogeneous metasurface.

    abstract::We propose a method for dual-channel near-field manipulations by designing isotropic but inhomogeneous metasurfaces. As example, we present a dual-channel near-field focusing metasurface device. When the device is driven by surface waves from different channels on the metasurface, the near fields will be focused at th...

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  • Development of a novel UHPLC-MS/MS-based platform to quantify amines, amino acids and methylarginines for applications in human disease phenotyping.

    abstract::Amine quantification is an important strategy in patient stratification and personalised medicine. This is because amines, including amino acids and methylarginines impact on many homeostatic processes. One important pathway regulated by amine levels is nitric oxide synthase (NOS). NOS is regulated by levels of (i) th...

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    authors: Ahmetaj-Shala B,Olanipekun M,Tesfai A,MacCallum N,Kirkby NS,Quinlan GJ,Shih CC,Kawai R,Mumby S,Paul-Clark M,Want EJ,Mitchell JA

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  • Proteome Profiling of Urinary Exosomes Identifies Alpha 1-Antitrypsin and H2B1K as Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers for Urothelial Carcinoma.

    abstract::MALDI-TOF spectrometry has not been used for urinary exosome analysis. We used it for determining UC biomarkers. From 2012 to 2015, we enrolled 129 consecutive patients with UC and 62 participants without UC. Exosomes from their urine were isolated, and analyzed through MALDI-TOF spectrometry. Immunohistochemical (IHC...

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  • Degree of functionalisation dependence of individual Raman intensities in covalent graphene derivatives.

    abstract::Covalent functionalisation of graphene is a continuously progressing field of research. The optical properties of such derivatives attract particular attention. In virtually all optical responses, however, an enhancement in peak intensity with increase of sp3 carbon content, and a vanishing of the peak position shift ...

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  • A Joint Modeling Approach for Childhood Meat, Fish and Egg Consumption and the Risk of Advanced Islet Autoimmunity.

    abstract::Several dietary factors have been suspected to play a role in the development of advanced islet autoimmunity (IA) and/or type 1 diabetes (T1D), but the evidence is fragmentary. A prospective population-based cohort of 6081 Finnish newborn infants with HLA-DQB1-conferred susceptibility to T1D was followed up to 15 year...

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  • Crosstalk between Hedgehog pathway and energy pathways in human adipose-derived stem cells: A deep sequencing analysis of polysome-associated RNA.

    abstract::Adult stem cells are considered promising candidates for cellular therapies due to their capacity to differentiate and self-renew. Differentiation leads to changes in the metabolism, structure, and gene expression patterns of cells. Hedgehog is one of the pathways that is involved in the enhancement of osteogenesis an...

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