Diversity: A key aspect of 21st century faculty roles as implemented in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program.


BACKGROUND:Academic nursing faculty play a vital role in recruiting a diverse student body to increase the diversity of the profession and educate students to provide culturally sensitive care to expand equitable health care. PURPOSE:The purpose of the study is to present the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program diversity initiatives and outcomes. METHODS:Data on the diversity of the 90 scholars and their diversity-related leadership positions were compiled. DISCUSSION:Although the program was designed with selection criteria to encourage racial/ethnic and gender diversity, it was not until a diversity strategic plan was designed and implemented that sufficient diversity in the applicant pool and consistent diversity among the scholars was achieved. The program also included highly evaluated leadership content in diversity and inclusion. CONCLUSIONS:Lessons learned from the program are important for the assurance of continued diversity among tenure-track nursing faculty, commitment to diversity in the nursing workforce among all faculty, and support in nursing education on providing culturally sensitive nursing care and nursing research that addresses health inequities.


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  • Fulfilling regional needs for specialty nurses through limited-cohort graduate education.

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  • Cultivating interpretive thinking through enacting narrative pedagogy.

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  • Psychological characteristics of the nurse practitioner.

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  • A nursing historical perspective on the medical home: impact on health care policy.

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  • Organizational structures and outcomes of newly hired and experienced nurse practitioners in New York State.

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  • The interprofessional VA quality scholars program: Promoting predoctoral nursing scientists and their career trajectories.

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  • Increasing nursing postdoctoral opportunities: National Institute of Nursing Research Spring Science Work Group.

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  • Voices not heard: a systematic review of adolescents' and emerging adults' perspectives of health care transition.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A better understanding of the needs of adolescents and emerging adults with special health care needs (AEA-SHCNs) is essential to provide health care transition services that represent best practices. The purpose of this systematic review was to evaluate the research on health care transition for AEA-SHCNs f...

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  • Building bridges: an innovative academic-service partnership.

    abstract::Academic and service entities can create sustainable models of collaboration that realign relationships and resources to enhance the critical competencies essential for entry into practice. Our hospital and school collaborated to implement an innovative academic-service partnership model in which the academic and the ...

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  • The scholars' nursery.

    abstract::There has never been a more critical time for the development of cadres of younger, better-prepared nurse researchers. The following 3 current factors underscore this need: the current and prolonged nursing shortage that affects practice, research, and teaching; the increased emphasis on health promotion, disease prev...

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  • The consequences of job stress for nurses' health: time for a check-up.

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  • Envisioning the future in symptom science.

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  • A revised Self- and Family Management Framework.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Research on self- and family management of chronic conditions has advanced over the past 6 years, but the use of simple frameworks has hampered the understanding of the complexities involved. PURPOSE:We sought to update our previously published model with new empirical, synthetic, and theoretical work. MET...

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  • Nursing and midwifery advocacy to lead the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda.

    abstract::The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was implemented on January 1, 2016 and is composed of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and further delineated by 169 targets. This article offers background information on the 2030 Agenda as it relates to nursing and midwifery, professional organization...

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  • Workload and the nurse faculty shortage: implications for policy and research.

    abstract::Although it is hypothesized that workload is a causative factor of the nurse faculty shortage and that nurse faculty workload is not equitable with that of faculty from other academic disciplines, it is not known whether evidence supports this assertion. This paper has three objectives: (1) to identify what is known a...

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    authors: Gerolamo AM,Roemer GF

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  • RN-BSN completion programs: equipping nurses for the future.

    abstract::The Institute of Medicine has outlined important components needed in nursing education to prepare the nursing workforce of the future. Previously published work on RN to BSN education has focused mainly on mode of delivery. The purpose of this paper is to examine RN to BSN program components for the facilitation of a...

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  • Student satisfaction with classroom use of computer-assisted instruction.

    abstract::In summary, the number of schools using CAI is increasing, and available CAI programs are multiplying rapidly. We believe that a critical factor in classroom use of CAI is the selection of appropriate topics for presentation by this method of media instruction. Faculty must know students' reactions and level of satisf...

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    authors: Baldwin D,Johnson J,Hill P

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  • Credentialing: the need for a national research agenda.

    abstract::A national research agenda is needed to promote inquiry into the impact of credentialing on health care outcomes for nurses, patients, and organizations. Credentialing is used here to refer to individual credentialing, such as certification for nurses, and organizational credentialing, such as American Nurses Credenti...

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  • Determinants for effective collaboration among DNP- and PhD-prepared faculty.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Uncertainty exists surrounding collaborative relations among Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)- and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)-prepared faculty. PURPOSE:This qualitative study explored the attitudes and determinants for effective collaboration among doctoral-prepared nursing faculty. METHODS:Focus groups we...

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  • Health behaviors of Korean female nursing students in relation to obesity and osteoporosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:It has been reported that young adults' dietary habits and health behaviors have significant effects on obesity and bone health. However, there is a lack of thorough understanding of the prevalence of unhealthy behaviors and potential relationships to obesity and osteoporosis among young females. METHODS:Th...

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  • A systematic assessment of strategies to address the nursing faculty shortage, U.S.

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  • Clinical research nursing: a critical resource in the national research enterprise.

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    authors: Hastings CE,Fisher CA,McCabe MA,National Clinical Research Nursing Consortium.,Allison J,Brassil D,Offenhartz M,Browning S,DeCandia E,Medina R,Duer-Hefele J,McClary K,Mullen N,Ottosen M,Britt S,Sanchez T,Turbini V

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  • On pregnancy tests.

    abstract::In this anecdotal account of experiences as a nurse at a community health care clinic in inner-city Washington DC, the author stresses the lack of usefulness of pro-life/pro-choice positions in the context of concrete experience. The women served by the clinic tend to view pregnancy, wanted or unwanted, as something ...

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