Rapid evaluation of the quality of chestnuts using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy.


:Near-infrared (NIR) diffuse reflectance spectroscopy was used to evaluate the quality of fresh chestnuts, which can be affected by mildew, water, and levels of water-soluble sugars. The NIR spectra were determined and then modeling was performed including principal component analysis - discriminant analysis (PCA-DA), soft independent modeling of class analogy (SIMCA), linear discriminant analysis (LDA), and partial least squares (PLS) methods. LDA model was better than PCA-DA model for the discrimination of normal and mildewed chestnuts, and the accuracy rates of calibration and validation were 100% and 96.37%, respectively. Normal and mildewed chestnuts were easily distinguished by the SIMCA classification and showed only 4.7% overlap. A PLS model was established to determine the water and water-soluble sugars in chestnuts. The R2 of calibration and validation were all higher than 0.9, while the root mean square errors (RMSE) were all lower than 0.05, indicating that the established models were successful.


Food Chem


Food chemistry


Hu J,Ma X,Liu L,Wu Y,Ouyang J




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  • Biosynthesis of phenolic antioxidants in carrot tissue increases with wounding intensity.

    abstract::Biosynthesis of phenolic antioxidants in three carrots cultivars (Navajo, Legend and Choctaw) were studied under different wounding intensities (A/W) during storage. Generated A/W of 4.2, 6.0 and 23.5 cm(2)/g, corresponded to slices, pies, and shreds, respectively. Soluble phenolics, antioxidant capacity (AOX), and PA...

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  • Rapid detection of oilfish and escolar in fish steaks: A tool to prevent keriorrhea episodes.

    abstract::The outbreak of keriorrhea caused by the wax ester-rich oilfish and escolar has become a frequent and worldwide concern. To help prevent such episodes, rapid detection of these fishes in the supply chain of the seafood industry and by food and health inspection agencies is essential. Through a combination of DNA, GC-M...

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  • Proteolytic activity of selected commercial Lactobacillus helveticus strains on soy protein isolates.

    abstract::Soy protein isolates were fermented by three commercial Lactobacillus helveticus strains for a maximum of seven days to investigate the resulting proteolysis. The proteolytic activity of the most active strain (LH88) was further analyzed (LC-MS/MS and GC-MS) and it was shown that the β-conglycinin α subunit 1, β-congl...

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  • Effect of multiple freezing-thawing cycles on structural and functional properties of starch granules isolated from soft and hard wheat.

    abstract::Properties of starches isolated from soft and hard wheat dough after freezing/thawing (F/T) treatment were investigated. Significance of results was observed between isolated hard wheat starch (HWS) and soft wheat starch (SWS), but both cultivars showed an increase in the amounts of damaged starch and leaching protein...

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