Using Twitter to increase content dissemination and control educational content with Presenter Initiated and Generated Live Educational Tweets (PIGLETs).


:Live-tweeting during educational presentations is typically learner-generated and can lead to misquoted information. Presenter curated tweets have not been well described. We created Presenter Initiated and Generated Live Educational Tweets (PIGLETs) with the goal to broaden the reach of educational conferences. We hypothesized that using PIGLETs would increase the reach and exposure of our material. We developed a prospective single-arm intervention study performed during the "Not Another Boring Lecture" workshops presented at two national conferences in 2015. Presenters tweeted PIGLETs linked to unique hashtags #NotAnotherBoringLecture and #InnovateMedEd. Analytic software was used to measure the following outcomes: (1) number of tweets published by presenters versus learners, (2) reach (users exposed to content containing the hashtag), and (3) exposure (total number of times content was delivered). One hundred and twenty-six participants attended the workshops. A total of 636 tweets (including retweets) were sent by presenters containing the study hashtags, compared with 162 sent by learners. #NotAnotherBoringLecture reached 47,200 users and generated 136,400 impressions; #InnovateMedEd reached 36,400 users and generated 79,100 impressions. PIGLETs allowed presenters to reach a significant number of learners, as well as control the content delivered through Twitter. PIGLETs can be used to augment educational sessions beyond the physical confines of the classroom.


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Tomlinson S,Haas M,Skaugset LM,Cico SJ,Wolff M,Santen S,Lin M,Huang R




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  • A qualitative evaluation of medical student learning with concept maps.

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  • Teaching and assessment in the consultation. A workshop for general practice clinical teachers.

    abstract::A faculty development programme for general practice clinical teachers offered a skills development workshop which specifically addressed the skills needed when teaching and assessing students consulting with patients. The course was sequential, that is, a group moved on to a new skill only when its members could demo...

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    abstract::Professionalism is a contested concept and different discourses have differed by scope and epistemology. The theory of communicative action integrates epistemology (knowledge interests) with that of scope (lifeworld). AIM:To pragmatically inform learning of professionalism. METHODS:apply the theory of communicative ...

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  • Continuing medical education, quality improvement, and organizational change: implications of recent theories for twenty-first-century CME.

    abstract::Healthcare providers and systems are being asked to measure and improve the quality of care delivered to their patients. Additionally, the American Board of Medical Specialties now requires physicians to participate in systems-based practice and practice-based learning and improvement activities as part of maintenance...

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  • Use of traditional versus electronic medical-information resources by residents and interns.

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  • Expanding the reach of health sciences education and empowering others: the OpenCourseWare initiative at Tufts University.

    abstract::OpenCourseWare (OCW) represents an innovative and cost-effective opportunity for institutions to take a more active role in strengthening health sciences education worldwide. OCW content can provide a supplement to curricula available in resource-rich settings, as well as provide much of the basic content critical to ...

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  • 'So you want to be a clinician-educator...': designing a clinician-educator curriculum for internal medicine residents.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite a growing demand for skilled teachers and administrators in graduate medical education, clinician-educator tracks for residents are rare and though some institutions offer 'resident-as-teacher' programs to assist residents in developing teaching skills, the need exists to expand training opportunitie...

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  • Script-theory virtual case: A novel tool for education and research.

    abstract::Context/Setting: The script theory of diagnostic reasoning proposes that clinicians evaluate cases in the context of an "illness script," iteratively testing internal hypotheses against new information eventually reaching a diagnosis. We present a novel tool for teaching diagnostic reasoning to undergraduate medical s...

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  • Situational judgement tests in medical education and training: Research, theory and practice: AMEE Guide No. 100.

    abstract::Why use SJTs? Traditionally, selection into medical education professions has focused primarily upon academic ability alone. This approach has been questioned more recently, as although academic attainment predicts performance early in training, research shows it has less predictive power for demonstrating competence ...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:A new 'Cohen' approach to standard setting was recently described where the pass mark is calculated as 60% of the score of the student at the 95th percentile, after correcting for guessing. AIM:This article considers how two potential criticisms of the Cohen method can be addressed and proposes a modified v...

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  • Critical incidents as a technique for teaching professionalism.

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  • Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of using tactical decision games to develop final year medical students' non-technical skills.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Clinical decision-making, situation awareness, task management, and teamwork are key non-technical skills (NTS) required by junior doctors. Tactical decision games (TDGs) are low-fidelity classroom-based activities designed to develop proficiency in NTS. This study aimed to explore the feasibility and acce...

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  • Teaching interviewing skills: the effect of instructors' academic department.

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  • Medical students' perceptions of the factors influencing their academic performance: an exploratory interview study with high-achieving and re-sitting medical students.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Little is known about medical students' perceptions of the factors that influence their academic performance. AIM:To detect factors medical students, in the final years of their undergraduate medical studies, believe affect their academic performance. METHODS:We conducted semi-structured interviews with hi...

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  • Medical school accreditation in China: a Sino-Australian collaboration.

    abstract::In 2008, China established a medical school accreditation process based on international standards and guidelines. Twenty schools had been accredited by 2013 and it is intended to accredit all 137 schools by 2020. To achieve this ambitious aim, Chinese medical educators have entered into collaboration with their Austr...

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  • A cardiological web as an adjunct to medical teaching: prospective analysis.

    abstract::The aim of the study was to deliver and evaluate an educational web for medical students. A web of the complete cardiovascular course was prepared as an adjunct educational material for the classes. The use and utility of the web was assessed through a questionnaire (frequency of use, impact on in-class attendance and...

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  • Increasing tensions in the ubiquitous use of technology for medical education.

    abstract::The ubiquitous use of technology in medical education creates increasing tensions related to the benefits and disadvantages of the ease of access to content and the opportunity to monitor online behavior. We recommend a collaborative understanding by all stakeholders, from learners and educators to higher education in...

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  • Audiovisual programmers.

    abstract::The aim of this series is to draw teachers' attention to useful sources of audiovisual programmes, to describe the services they provide, and to highlight some of their recent titles. ...

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  • Teaching, reflecting, and learning: The value of an intercalated medical education programme.

    abstract::Objectives: Teaching programmes within medicine focus primarily on pathways of a shorter length with little regard to teaching lasting longer than a month. This study is different from other studies as it examines the benefits of a nine month-long medical education degree programme and its impact beyond graduation. Th...

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  • Assessing professional behaviour and medical error.

    abstract::The mission of medical schools underwent significant change in the post-Second World War period, which resulted in a de-evaluation of teaching, which in turn impacted on the type of assessment methods that emerged in the latter part of the twentieth century. Assessment based on direct observation did not receive the s...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To investigate the motivations for and experiences of patients who actively participate in a workshop to teach medical students about chronic disease. DESIGN:Descriptive study using structured telephone or e-mail-based questionnaire exploring the views of 'patient tutors' who participate in a 'living with c...

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  • An innovative model for teaching complex clinical procedures: integration of standardised patients into ward round training for final year students.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Ward rounds are an essential activity for doctors in hospital settings and represent complex tasks requiring not only medical knowledge but also communication skills, clinical technical skills, patient management skills and team-work skills. However, although the need for ward round training is emphasized in...

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