Resectable primary pleural myxoid liposarcoma with a pedicle: report of a rare case and literature review.


:Primary pleural myxoid liposarcoma is a rare tumor. Here, we report a primary myxoid liposarcoma occupying the majority of the left thoracic cavity with features suggesting invasion. Computed tomography (CT) at medical check-up incidentally revealed a bulky inhomogeneous fatty mass. The tumor's large size made a prediction of its resectability by preoperative CT difficult. The patient underwent an operation, which revealed that the tumor was attached to the pleura with a thin pedicle; the tumor was resected completely. Few therapies for pleural liposarcoma other than resection are available; hence, surgery should be considered even if the tumor's size implies invasion on radiological imaging. In this case report, we discuss the imaging findings of this case with a review of the related literature.


J Thorac Dis


Wang F,Kiryu S,Li L,Wang Q,Li D,Zhang L




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  • Diagnostic value of ProGRP for small cell lung cancer in different stages.

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