Production of antibodies against murine class II antigens using unconjugated synthetic peptides of the beta chain region 63-78.


:synthetic peptides corresponding to residues 63-78 of the first domain of the beta chain of murine I-A/I-E class II antigens were used in the unconjugated rather than the traditional protein-conjugated form to immunize (129J X B6)F1 mice. The sequences made represented the four haplotypes; Ak beta, Ad beta, Abm-12 beta and Ed beta. These sequences were selected on the basis of computer algorithms used to predict surface accessibility and main-chain flexibility profiles, and by reported hypervariability and site-directed mutagenesis experiments of these regions. Factors such as the use of complete Freund's adjuvant, a continuous immunization regime, and the sex of the mice used were found to influence the amount of anti-peptide antibody produced when unconjugated peptide was used as the immunogen. Antibodies produced were shown by FACS analysis to react with I-A/I-E class II antigens expressed on the lymphocyte surface. These findings indicate that the use of unconjugated synthetic peptides representing sequences of proteins which are in close proximity to disulfide bonds may be an advantage over conventional methods of peptide conjugation to proteins.


J Immunol Methods


McCormick DJ,Hillman K,David CS




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1988-10-26 00:00:00














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    abstract::An immunoassay is described which allows the detection of glycosphingolipid (GSL) antigens on high performance thin layer chromatograms (HPTLC). The method involves: (1) the separation of GSL on HPTLCs; (2) incubation with specific antibodies against carbohydrate structures of GSL, and (3) the detection of specificall...

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    abstract::We report a method for the precise mapping of linear epitopes by presenting a peptide library on the surface of Escherichia coli cells. A random library of gene fragments derived from the classical swine fever virus (CSFV) envelope protein E(rns) was generated by DNAse I cleavage and cloned into a specially designed b...

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