Effect of alpha-receptor stimulation on Cl transport by rat submandibular acini.


:Dispersed salivary acini isolated from the rat submandibular gland by enzymatic digestion were used to study the effects of alpha-receptor stimulation on transmembrane transport of 36Cl. In the absence of secretagogue, the tracer accumulated in the cells in a time-dependent manner until a steady-state content of 6.8 +/- 0.1 nmol/mg protein was attained after 3-5 min of incubation. Epinephrine (1 mumol/L) alone did not modify 36Cl accumulation but in the presence of the beta-receptor blocker propranolol (1 mumol/L) caused a significant (21%) reduction in the isotope content of the cells to 5.2 +/- 0.1 nmol/mg protein. In acini pre-loaded with 36Cl for 12 min, 1 mumol/L epinephrine caused a rapid but transient net efflux of tracer, but the isotope content subsequently increased to pre-stimulation levels. In the presence of propranolol, however, the efflux of 36Cl induced by epinephrine was larger and more sustained and was partially inhibited by the K-channel blocker quinidine (1 mmol/L) and significantly by the absence of Ca2+ in the incubation medium. The alpha-agonist phenylephrine (10 mumol/L) also significantly reduced the steady-state 36Cl content of tracer-pre-loaded cells. By contrast, exposure of the acini to epinephrine in the presence of the alpha-receptor blocker phentolamine, or the beta-agonist isoproterenol, increased the tracer content of the cells, whether the drugs were added at time zero or to tracer-pre-loaded cells.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


J Dent Res


Martinez JR,Reed P




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1988-03-01 00:00:00












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  • Serum antibody to Porphyromonas gingivalis in chronic kidney disease.

    abstract::Potentially significant associations between periodontal disease and chronic kidney disease (CKD) have been reported in recent studies. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to investigate the association between serum antibody to the periodontal pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis (P. gingivalis) and CKD in 215 Jap...

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  • The influence of tonic muscle activation on human jaw displacement tremor.

    abstract::Jaw displacement tremor was investigated. Both tremor amplitude and tremor frequency were found to increase with increasing muscle activation. Co-contraction of jaw elevator and jaw depressor muscles was employed in order to vary muscle activation levels without the teeth being in occlusion. Reproducibility of tremor ...

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  • Adherence of Streptococcus sanguis to salivary mucin bound to glass.

    abstract::This study demonstrated that human submandibular-sublingual saliva (HSMSL) provided a better substrate than did whole saliva or parotid saliva for the binding of Streptococcus sanguis in a glass adherence assay. Additional evidence indicated that the lower molecular weight salivary mucin in HSMSL was involved in these...

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