DNA replication licensing factor Cdc6 and Plk4 kinase antagonistically regulate centrosome duplication via Sas-6.


:Centrosome number is tightly controlled during the cell cycle to ensure proper spindle assembly and cell division. However, the underlying mechanism that controls centrosome number remains largely unclear. We show herein that the DNA replication licensing factor Cdc6 is recruited to the proximal side of the centrioles via cyclin A to negatively regulate centrosome duplication by binding and inhibiting the cartwheel protein Sas-6 from forming a stable complex with another centriole duplication core protein, STIL. We further demonstrate that Cdc6 colocalizes with Plk4 at the centrosome, and interacts with Plk4 during S phase. Plk4 disrupts the interaction between Sas-6 and Cdc6, and suppresses the inhibitory role of Cdc6 on Sas-6 by phosphorylating Cdc6. Overexpressing wild-type Cdc6 or Plk4-unphosphorylatable Cdc6 mutant 2A reduces centrosome over-duplication caused by Plk4 overexpression or hydroxyurea treatment. Taken together, our data demonstrate that Cdc6 and Plk4 antagonistically control proper centrosome duplication during the cell cycle.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Xu X,Huang S,Zhang B,Huang F,Chi W,Fu J,Wang G,Li S,Jiang Q,Zhang C




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2017-04-27 00:00:00










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