Expandable Mg-based Helical Stent Assessment using Static, Dynamic, and Porcine Ex Vivo Models.


:A bioresorbable metallic helical stent was explored as a new device opportunity (magnesium scaffold), which can be absorbed by the body without leaving a trace and simultaneously allowing restoration of vasoreactivity with the potential for vessel remodeling. In this study, developed Mg-based helical stent was inserted and expanded in vessels with subsequent degradation in various environments including static, dynamic, and porcine ex vivo models. By assessing stent degradation in three different environments, we observed: (1) stress- and flow-induced degradation; (2) a high degradation rate in the dynamic reactor; (3) production of intermediate products (MgO/Mg(OH)2 and Ca/P) during degradation; and (4) intermediate micro-gas pocket formation in the neighboring tissue ex vivo model. Overall, the expandable Mg-based helical stent employed as a scaffold performed well, with expansion rate (>100%) in porcine ex vivo model.


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Koo Y,Tiasha T,Shanov VN,Yun Y




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2017-04-26 00:00:00












  • Statistical Evolutionary Laws in Music Styles.

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  • Touchscreen typing pattern analysis for remote detection of the depressive tendency.

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  • 3d-4f coupling and multiferroicity in frustrated Cairo Pentagonal oxide DyMn2O5.

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  • Identification of the catalytic triad of family S46 exopeptidases, closely related to clan PA endopeptidases.

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  • High genetic burden of type 2 diabetes can promote the high prevalence of disease: a longitudinal cohort study in Iran.

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  • The Gαi-GIV binding interface is a druggable protein-protein interaction.

    abstract::Heterotrimeric G proteins are usually activated by the guanine-nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) activity of GPCRs. However, some non-receptor proteins are also GEFs. GIV (a.k.a Girdin) was the first non-receptor protein for which the GEF activity was ascribed to a well-defined protein sequence that directly binds Gαi....

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  • Microbial communities and arsenic biogeochemistry at the outflow of an alkaline sulfide-rich hot spring.

    abstract::Alkaline sulfide-rich hot springs provide a unique environment for microbial community and arsenic (As) biogeochemistry. In this study, a representative alkaline sulfide-rich hot spring, Zimeiquan in the Tengchong geothermal area, was chosen to study arsenic geochemistry and microbial community using Illumina MiSeq se...

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  • Mutation Spectrum in the CACNA1A Gene in 49 Patients with Episodic Ataxia.

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  • From self-organization in relativistic electron bunches to coherent synchrotron light: observation using a photonic time-stretch digitizer.

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  • Damage severity of wood-destroying insects according to the Bevan damage classification system in log depots of Northwest Turkey.

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  • Evidence of language-related left hypofrontality in Major Depression: An EEG Beta band study.

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  • Preparation of NiAl2O4-Based Flexible Substrates for Metamaterials with Negative Dielectric Properties.

    abstract::Various techniques are commonly used to produce nano-crystalline NiAl2O4 materials; however, their practical applications in the microwave region remain very limited. In this work, flexible substrates for metamaterials containing two different concentrations of NiAl2O4 (labelled Ni36 and Ni42) have been synthesised us...

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  • The C-terminal region of OVGP1 remodels the zona pellucida and modifies fertility parameters.

    abstract::OVGP1 is the major non-serum glycoprotein in the oviduct fluid at the time of fertilization and early embryo development. Its activity differs among species. Here, we show that the C-terminal region of recombinant OVGP1 regulates its binding to the extracellular zona pellucida and affects its activity during fertiliza...

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  • Early vaccination protects against childhood leukemia: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

    abstract::Leukemia is the most commonly diagnosed childhood cancer, although its etiology is still largely unknown. Growing evidence supports a role for infection in the etiology of acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), and the involvement of the immune system suggests that vaccination may also play a role. However, the findings pr...

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    pub_type: 杂志文章,meta分析


    authors: Morra ME,Kien ND,Elmaraezy A,Abdelaziz OAM,Elsayed AL,Halhouli O,Montasr AM,Vu TL,Ho C,Foly AS,Phi AP,Abdullah WM,Mikhail M,Milne E,Hirayama K,Huy NT

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  • A comparative investigation of normal and inverted exchange bias effect for magnetic fluid hyperthermia applications.

    abstract::Exchange bias (EB) of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) in the nanoscale regime has been extensively studied by researchers, which have opened up a novel approach in tuning the magnetic anisotropy properties of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) in prospective application of biomedical research such as magnetic hyperthermia. I...

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  • Classification models for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Progression, based on gene expression data-trained supervised machine learning.

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