Synthesis of Aminofuran-Linked Benzimidazoles and Cyanopyrrole-Fused Benzimidazoles by Condition-Based Skeletal Divergence.


:A condition-based skeletal divergent synthesis was explored to achieve skeletal diversity in two component condensation reaction. Cyanomethyl benzimidazole was reacted with α-bromoketone under thermal conditions to furnish 2-aminofuranyl-benzimidazoles, while the same reaction afforded 3-cyano-benzopyrrolo-imidazoles under microwave irradiation. Two nonequivalent nucleophilic centers on benzimidazole moiety were manipulated elegantly by different reaction conditions to achieve the skeletal diversity.


ACS Comb Sci


Hsu WS,Tsai MH,Barve IJ,Yellol GS,Sun CM




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2017-07-10 00:00:00












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  • In Vitro Identification of the Hamiltonian Cycle Using a Circular Structure Assisted DNA Computer.

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  • (Hetero-)(arylidene)arylhydrazides as Multitarget-Directed Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors.

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  • Simple one-pot synthesis of disulfide fragments for use in disulfide-exchange screening.

    abstract::Disulfide exchange screening is a method for evaluating the binding of small molecule fragments to proteins that have at least one accessible cysteine. While operationally simple, it does require a large library of small fragment molecules bearing disulfide-containing side chains. These specialized fragments are not a...

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  • Right-first-time isocratic preparative liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry purification.

    abstract::Preparative RP-LCMS is widely used to purify compounds from crude reaction mixtures in drug discovery today. Method development for preparative Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) consists of finding the right balance between speed and quality, often leading to the use of fast generic gradients (5-95% organ...

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  • Modeling and Optimization of NLDH/PVDF Ultrafiltration Nanocomposite Membrane Using Artificial Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm Hybrid.

    abstract::In this research, MgAl-CO32- nanolayered double hydroxide (NLDH) was synthesized through a facile coprecipitation method, followed by a hydrothermal treatment. The prepared NLDHs were used as a hydrophilic nanofiller for improving the performance of the PVDF-based ultrafiltration membranes. The main objective of this ...

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  • High Throughput Light Absorber Discovery, Part 1: An Algorithm for Automated Tauc Analysis.

    abstract::High-throughput experimentation provides efficient mapping of composition-property relationships, and its implementation for the discovery of optical materials enables advancements in solar energy and other technologies. In a high throughput pipeline, automated data processing algorithms are often required to match ex...

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  • Application of Silica-Supported Alkylating Reagents in a One-Pot, Sequential Protocol to Diverse Benzoxathiazepine 1,1-Dioxides.

    abstract::Applications of silica-ROMP reagents in a one-pot, sequential protocol have been developed for the synthesis of a variety of diverse benzoxathiazepine 1,1-dioxides. This protocol includes sulfonylation, intramolecular SNAr, alkylation with silica-supported oligomeric benzyl (Si-OBPn) and triazole (Si-OTPn) phosphates,...

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