Geographically conserved microbiomes of four temperate water tunicates.


:Tunicates are useful models for exploring microbiomes because they have an innate immune system resembling that of chordates. Automated ribosomal RNA intergenic spacer analysis and High-Throughput Sequencing were used to compare the tunic microbiomes of Ciona robusta (formerly Ciona intestinalis type A), Ciona savignyi, Botrylloides leachi and Botryllus schlosseri sampled from three distinct locations with limited genetic connectivity. Bacterial phylotype profiles were conserved within each species, and there were no detectable differences between tunic and tunic + cuticle subsamples from an individual. Bacterial operational taxonomic unit (OTU) diversity was lowest for C. savignyi (320 ± 190 OTUs) and highest for B. schlosseri (1260 ± 190 OTUs). Each species had a distinct set of bacterial OTUs (pseudo-F = 3.0, p > 0.001), with the exception of B. leachi and B. schlosseri from one sampling location (t = 1.2, p = 0.09). Of note were OTUs assigned to Alphaproteobacteria from C. robusta plus Phyllobacteriaceae and Endozoicomonas from C. savignyi. These OTUs contributed 51, 22 and 10% of sequence reads, respectively, and are related to known bacterial symbionts. The within-species conservation of core OTUs across three distinct and co-occurring populations of tunicates provides compelling evidence that these tunicates foster defined microbiomes.


Environ Microbiol Rep


Cahill PL,Fidler AE,Hopkins GA,Wood SA




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2016-08-01 00:00:00










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    abstract::KaiC protein is the pivotal component of the circadian clock in cyanobacteria. While KaiC family proteins are well-conserved throughout divergent phylogenetic lineages, studies of the physiological roles of KaiC proteins from other microorganisms have been limited. We examined the role of the KaiC proteins, KaiC1 and ...

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  • Configuration of redox gradient determines magnetotactic polarity of the marine bacteria MO-1.

    abstract::Magnetotactic bacteria are capable of aligning and swimming along the geomagnetic field lines; such a behaviour is called magnetotaxis. Previous studies reported that bacteria in the northern hemisphere migrate preferentially towards the North Pole of the Earth's magnetic field (north-seeking, NS), whereas those in th...

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  • Quorum sensing signal production and inhibition by coral-associated vibrios.

    abstract::Corals are inhabited by complex communities of microbes that affect their growth and survival. Several studies suggest that coral disease may be attributed to the success of vibrios in out-competing other bacteria in the mucus and tissues of corals. Vibrios utilize a variety of quorum sensing (QS) signal molecules to ...

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  • Bacterial diversity associated with freshwater zooplankton.

    abstract::Bacterial community compositions (BCC) associated with the cladoceran Bosmina coregoni and the cyclopoid copepod Thermocyclops oithonoides in oligotrophic Lake Stechlin versus eutrophic Lake Dagow (northeastern Germany) were compared using molecular techniques. We also transplanted the zooplankton from their native la...

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