Fano resonance assisting plasmonic circular dichroism from nanorice heterodimers for extrinsic chirality.


:In this work, the circular dichroisms (CD) of nanorice heterodimers consisting of two parallel arranged nanorices with the same size but different materials are investigated theoretically. Symmetry-breaking is introduced by using different materials and oblique incidence to achieve strong CD at the vicinity of Fano resonance peaks. We demonstrate that all Au-Ag heterodimers exhibit multipolar Fano resonances and strong CD effect. A simple quantitative analysis shows that the structure with larger Fano asymmetry factor has stronger CD. The intensity and peak positions of the CD effect can be flexibly tuned in a large range by changing particle size, shape, the inter-particle distance and surroundings. Furthermore, CD spectra exhibit high sensitivity to ambient medium in visible and near infrared regions. Our results here are beneficial for the design and application of high sensitive CD sensors and other related fields.


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Hu L,Huang Y,Fang L,Chen G,Wei H,Fang Y




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2015-11-05 00:00:00










  • Localized crystallization in shear bands of a metallic glass.

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  • Hyperspectral Imaging for Determining Pigment Contents in Cucumber Leaves in Response to Angular Leaf Spot Disease.

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  • Habitat selection patterns of a species at the edge - case study of the native racer goby population in Central Europe.

    abstract::Invasive alien species are regarded a nuisance. This extends into a lack of conservation efforts in their native range. As a consequence, conservation of e.g. range-edge populations is neglected. Gobiidae have many representatives of alien species in European freshwaters, and therefore they have a bad reputation. Obje...

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  • Electron collimator in Weyl semimetals with periodic magnetic barriers.

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  • Optimization of neuronal cultures from rat superior cervical ganglia for dual patch recording.

    abstract::Superior cervical ganglion neurons (SCGN) are often used to investigate neurotransmitter release mechanisms. In this study, we optimized the dissociation and culture conditions of rat SCGN cultures for dual patch clamp recordings. Two weeks in vitro are sufficient to achieve a significant CNTF-induced cholinergic swit...

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  • Classification and characterization of hemocytes from two Asian horseshoe crab species Tachypleus tridentatus and Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda.

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  • Root exudate composition of grass and forb species in natural grasslands.

    abstract::Plants exude a diverse cocktail of metabolites into the soil as response to exogenous and endogenous factors. So far, root exudates have mainly been studied under artificial conditions due to methodological difficulties. In this study, each five perennial grass and forb species were investigated for polar and semi-pol...

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  • Central s-resistin deficiency ameliorates hypothalamic inflammation and increases whole body insulin sensitivity.

    abstract::S-resistin, a non-secretable resistin isoform, acts as an intracrine factor that regulates adipocyte maduration, inflammatory and insulin response in 3T3-L1 cells. However, its intracellular function in vivo is still unknown. In this study, we analyze the central role of s-resistin, decreasing its hypothalamic express...

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  • Possible Involvement of F1F0-ATP synthase and Intracellular ATP in Keratinocyte Differentiation in normal skin and skin lesions.

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  • Annealing induced a well-ordered single crystal δ-MnO2 and its electrochemical performance in zinc-ion battery.

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  • River Metabolism along a Latitudinal Gradient across Japan and in a global scale.

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  • Age-different extent of resection for clinical IA non-small cell lung cancer: analysis of nodal metastasis.

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  • Inhibitory effect of thymol on pheromone-mediated attraction in two pest moth species.

    abstract::Plant essential oils are considered as important bio-sources for the development of natural and environmentally safe pest control tools due to their multiple modes of action on insects. In this paper we have evaluated the activity of commercially available thyme oil and its constituents thymol, carvacrol, and p-cymene...

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  • CREB3L2-mediated expression of Sec23A/Sec24D is involved in hepatic stellate cell activation through ER-Golgi transport.

    abstract::Hepatic fibrosis is caused by exaggerated wound healing response to chronic injury, which eventually leads to hepatic cirrhosis. Differentiation of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) to myofibroblast-like cells by inflammatory cytokines is the critical step in fibrosis. This step is accompanied by enlargement of the endopl...

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  • Lifetime prediction for organic coating under alternating hydrostatic pressure by artificial neural network.

    abstract::A concept for prediction of organic coatings, based on the alternating hydrostatic pressure (AHP) accelerated tests, has been presented. An AHP accelerated test with different pressure values has been employed to evaluate coating degradation. And a back-propagation artificial neural network (BP-ANN) has been establish...

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    authors: Tian W,Meng F,Liu L,Li Y,Wang F

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  • Transcriptomic profile of Pea3 family members reveal regulatory codes for axon outgrowth and neuronal connection specificity.

    abstract::PEA3 transcription factor subfamily is present in a variety of tissues with branching morphogenesis, and play a particularly significant role in neural circuit formation and specificity. Many target genes in axon guidance and cell-cell adhesion pathways have been identified for Pea3 transcription factor (but not for E...

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