Fano resonance assisting plasmonic circular dichroism from nanorice heterodimers for extrinsic chirality.


:In this work, the circular dichroisms (CD) of nanorice heterodimers consisting of two parallel arranged nanorices with the same size but different materials are investigated theoretically. Symmetry-breaking is introduced by using different materials and oblique incidence to achieve strong CD at the vicinity of Fano resonance peaks. We demonstrate that all Au-Ag heterodimers exhibit multipolar Fano resonances and strong CD effect. A simple quantitative analysis shows that the structure with larger Fano asymmetry factor has stronger CD. The intensity and peak positions of the CD effect can be flexibly tuned in a large range by changing particle size, shape, the inter-particle distance and surroundings. Furthermore, CD spectra exhibit high sensitivity to ambient medium in visible and near infrared regions. Our results here are beneficial for the design and application of high sensitive CD sensors and other related fields.


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Hu L,Huang Y,Fang L,Chen G,Wei H,Fang Y




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2015-11-05 00:00:00










  • Evidence of a Causal Role for mid-Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Based Functional Networks in Retrieving High-Fidelity Memory.

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  • Evaluation of Acridine Orange Derivatives as DNA-Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals for Auger Therapy: Influence of the Radionuclide and Distance to DNA.

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  • Oxygen Evolution Reaction at Microporous Pt Layers: Differentiated Electrochemical Activity between Acidic and Basic Media.

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  • Single Crystal Growth and Spin Polarization Measurements of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor (BaK)(ZnMn)2As2.

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  • Automated data cleaning of paediatric anthropometric data from longitudinal electronic health records: protocol and application to a large patient cohort.

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  • Solvent-free bulk polymerization of lignin-polycaprolactone (PCL) copolymer and its thermoplastic characteristics.

    abstract::The pristine lignin molecules contain multiple reactive hydroxyl [OH] groups, some of which undergo limited polymerization depending on their configuration (aromatic or aliphatic) or conformation. The key issue in lignin-polymerization is to quantify the number of hydroxyl groups in the pristine molecules for subseque...

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  • Interleukin-22 level is negatively correlated with neutrophil recruitment in the lungs in a Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia model.

    abstract::Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a major threat for immune-compromised patients. Bacterial pneumonia can induce uncontrolled and massive neutrophil recruitment ultimately leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome and epithelium damage. Interleukin-22 plays a central role in the protection of the epithelium. In this stud...

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  • Strain engineering of transverse electric and transverse magnetic mode of material gain in GeSn/SiGeSn quantum wells.

    abstract::8-band k · p Hamiltonian together with envelope function approximation and planewave expansion method are applied to calculate the electronic band structure and material gain for Ge1-wSnw/SiyGe1-x-ySnx/Ge1-wSnw quantum wells (QWs) grown on virtual Ge1-zSnz substrates integrated with Si platform. It is clearly shown ho...

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  • Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide peptide prevents renal ischemia reperfusion injury via counteracting oxidative stress.

    abstract::Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide peptide (GLPP) scavenges oxygen free radicals that are a key factor in the pathogenesis of renal ischemia reperfusion injury (RIRI). The aim of this study was to determine whether GLPP could attenuate RIRI by counteracting the oxidative stress. The mechanism involved was assessed by an...

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  • CEA but not CA19-9 is an independent prognostic factor in patients undergoing resection of cholangiocarcinoma.

    abstract::Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) represents a rare form of primary liver cancer with increasing incidence but dismal prognosis. Surgical treatment has remained the only potentially curative treatment option, but it remains unclear which patients benefit most from liver surgery, highlighting the need for new preoperative strat...

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  • Impact of student-induced disturbance on stream macroinvertebrates differs among habitat types.

    abstract::Environmental impacts from ecotourism and outdoor recreation activities on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are well-reported in the literature, but less is known regarding the impacts of outdoor environmental education activities. Student activity during stream classes may cause substrate disruption and localized i...

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  • Scale separated low viscosity dynamos and dissipation within the Earth's core.

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  • GLP-1 receptor agonist liraglutide has a neuroprotective effect on an aged rat model of Wolfram syndrome.

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  • Effects of 8-week sensory electrical stimulation combined with motor training on EEG-EMG coherence and motor function in individuals with stroke.

    abstract::The peripheral sensory system is critical to regulating motor plasticity and motor recovery. Peripheral electrical stimulation (ES) can generate constant and adequate sensory input to influence the excitability of the motor cortex. The aim of this proof of concept study was to assess whether ES prior to each hand func...

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  • Defining eligible patients for allele-selective chemotherapies targeting NAT2 in colorectal cancer.

    abstract::Therapies targeting somatic bystander genetic events represent a new avenue for cancer treatment. We recently identified a subset of colorectal cancer (CRC) patients who are heterozygous for a wild-type and a low activity allele (NAT2*6) but lack the wild-type allele in their tumors due to loss of heterozygosity (LOH)...

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  • A feedback regulatory loop involving p53/miR-200 and growth hormone endocrine axis controls embryo size of zebrafish.

    abstract::In vertebrates, growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor (GH/IGF) axis signaling plays a critical role in regulating somatic growth. Understanding the direct upstream regulators of GH/IGF axis remains a major challenge. Our studies of the zebrafish reveal that the conserved miR-200 family members are critical regulat...

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  • Thermophysiological comfort of zinc oxide nanoparticles coated woven fabrics.

    abstract::This study investigates physicochemical impact of ultrasonic irradiations on surface topography of woven fabrics. In a simultaneous in-situ sonochemical method, the synthesis and coating of zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) on woven textiles were successfully achieved. Different instruments i.e. Alambeta, moisture ma...

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  • Author Correction: Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blocker monotherapy retard deterioration of renal function in Taiwanese chronic kidney disease population.

    abstract::An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

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    authors: Zheng CM,Wang JY,Chen TT,Wu YC,Wu YL,Lin HT,Chiu SP,Chang TJ,Zheng JQ,Chu NF,Lin YM,Su SL,Lu KC,Chen JS,Sung FC,Lee CT,Yang Y,Hwang SJ,Wang MC,Hsu YH,Chiou HY,Kao S,Wu MY,Lin YF

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  • Stratification-induced reorientation of disk settling through ambient density transition.

    abstract::Settling due to gravity force is a basic transport mechanism of solid particles in fluids in the Earth. A large portion of particles occurring in nature and used in technical applications are non-spherical. Settling of particles is usually studied in homogeneous ambient conditions, however, stratification is inherent ...

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  • Genetically engineered two-warhead evasins provide a method to achieve precision targeting of disease-relevant chemokine subsets.

    abstract::Both CC and CXC-class chemokines drive inflammatory disease. Tick salivary chemokine-binding proteins (CKBPs), or evasins, specifically bind subsets of CC- or CXC-chemokines, and could precisely target disease-relevant chemokines. Here we have used yeast surface display to identify two tick evasins: a CC-CKBP, P1243 f...

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  • Platelet function in HIV plus dengue coinfection associates with reduced inflammation and milder dengue illness.

    abstract::HIV-infected subjects under virological control still exhibit a persistent proinflammatory state. Thus, chronic HIV infection changes the host homeostasis towards an adapted immune response that may affect the outcome of coinfections. However, little is known about the impact of HIV infection on inflammatory amplifica...

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  • Scaling Effect of Phosphorene Nanoribbon - Uncovering the Origin of Asymmetric Current Transport.

    abstract::In this paper, phosphorene nanoribbons (PNRs) are theoretically studied using a multiscale simulation flow from the ab initio level to the tight binding (TB) level. The scaling effects of both armchair PNRs (aPNRs) and zigzag PNRs (zPNRs) from material properties to device properties are explored. The much larger effe...

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  • Controlling chloride ions diffusion in concrete.

    abstract::The corrosion of steel in concrete is mainly due to the chemical reaction between the chloride ions and iron ions. Indeed, this is a serious threaten for reinforced concrete structure, especially for the reinforced concrete structure in the sea. So it is urgent and important to protect concrete against chloride ions c...

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  • Dynamical footprint of cross-reactivity in a human autoimmune T-cell receptor.

    abstract::The present work focuses on the dynamical aspects of cross-reactivity between myelin based protein (MBP) self-peptide and two microbial peptides (UL15, PMM) for Hy.1B11 T-cell receptor (TCR). This same TCR was isolated from a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). The study aims at highlighting the chemical i...

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    authors: Kumar A,Delogu F

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  • Visuomotor Prediction Errors Modulate EEG Activity Over Parietal Cortex.

    abstract::The parietal cortex is thought to be involved in visuomotor adaptation, yet it remains unclear whether it is specifically modulated by visuomotor prediction errors (i.e. PEs; mismatch between the predicted and actual visual consequences of the movement). One reason for this is that PEs tend to be associated with task ...

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    authors: Savoie FA,Thénault F,Whittingstall K,Bernier PM

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  • Disorder versus two transport lifetimes in a strongly correlated electron liquid.

    abstract::We report on angle-dependent measurements of the sheet resistances and Hall coefficients of electron liquids in SmTiO3/SrTiO3/SmTiO3 quantum well structures, which were grown by molecular beam epitaxy on (001) DyScO3. We compare their transport properties with those of similar structures grown on LSAT [(La0.3Sr0.7)(Al...

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    authors: Marshall PB,Kim H,Stemmer S

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  • A large-scale population study of early life factors influencing left-handedness.

    abstract::Hand preference is a conspicuous variation in human behaviour, with a worldwide proportion of around 90% of people preferring to use the right hand for many tasks, and 10% the left hand. We used the large cohort of the UK biobank (~500,000 participants) to study possible relations between early life factors and adult ...

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    authors: de Kovel CGF,Carrión-Castillo A,Francks C

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  • New noninvasive index for predicting liver fibrosis in Asian patients with chronic viral hepatitis.

    abstract::We developed an optimal noninvasive index comprising routine laboratory parameters for predicting cirrhosis in chronic hepatitis B (CHB) and chronic hepatitis C (CHC) patients. This study included 992 CHB patients and 1,284 CHC patients who received liver biopsy. We developed the new index, named modified Fibrosis-4 (...

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