Universal roles of hydrogen in electrochemical performance of graphene: high rate capacity and atomistic origins.


:Atomic hydrogen exists ubiquitously in graphene materials made by chemical methods. Yet determining the effect of hydrogen on the electrochemical performance of graphene remains a significant challenge. Here we report the experimental observations of high rate capacity in hydrogen-treated 3-dimensional (3D) graphene nanofoam electrodes for lithium ion batteries. Structural and electronic characterization suggests that defect sites and hydrogen play synergistic roles in disrupting sp(2) graphene to facilitate fast lithium transport and reversible surface binding, as evidenced by the fast charge-transfer kinetics and increased capacitive contribution in hydrogen-treated 3D graphene. In concert with experiments, multiscale calculations reveal that defect complexes in graphene are prerequisite for low-temperature hydrogenation, and that the hydrogenation of defective or functionalized sites at strained domain boundaries plays a beneficial role in improving rate capacity by opening gaps to facilitate easier Li penetration. Additional reversible capacity is provided by enhanced lithium binding near hydrogen-terminated edge sites. These findings provide qualitative insights in helping the design of graphene-based materials for high-power electrodes.


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Ye J,Ong MT,Heo TW,Campbell PG,Worsley MA,Liu Y,Shin SJ,Charnvanichborikarn S,Matthews MJ,Bagge-Hansen M,Lee JR,Wood BC,Wang YM




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  • Comparison of Species Composition and Floristic Components of Soil Sediment Spore pollen in the Ailaoshan Mountain Forest of China.

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  • Quick Fabrication of Large-area Organic Semiconductor Single Crystal Arrays with a Rapid Annealing Self-Solution-Shearing Method.

    abstract::In this paper, we developed a new method to produce large-area single crystal arrays by using the organic semiconductor 9, 10-bis (phenylethynyl) anthracene (BPEA). This method involves an easy operation, is efficient, meets the demands of being low-cost and is independent of the substrate for large-area arrays fabric...

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