Cognitive Distraction in the Wild: Next Steps-Addressing a Not-So-Humdrum Conundrum.


:Strayer et al. in this volume show that increases in cognitive workload caused by drivers' involvement in distracting activities that allow them to keep their eyes on the road lead to decrements in indices of safe driving performance. Although there is agreement that in-vehicle tasks that require drivers to take their eyes off the road increase crash risk, there is mounting controversy about whether in-vehicle tasks that do not require drivers to take their eyes off the forward roadway increase crash risk-thus the conundrum: How can there be an abundance of cognitively distracting activities and controversy about whether such activities increase crash risk?


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  • Workload and Performance: Associations, Insensitivities, and Dissociations.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to distill and define those influences under which change in objective performance level and the linked cognitive workload reflections of subjective experience and physiological variation either associate, dissociate, or are insensitive, one to another. BACKGROUND:Human factors/ergo...

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  • Visual performance and subjective discomfort in prolonged viewing of chromatic displays.

    abstract::Visual search and decision-making performance together with subjective fatigue were investigated over a 4-hr time block as a function of display foreground and background chromaticity using colors matched for brightness. Although some small differences in performance related to chromaticity were observed, these were n...

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  • Harness sizing and strap length configurations.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This article describes the derivation of strap lengths and adjustments to fall-arrest harnesses and the development of harness size configurations. BACKGROUND:Updated harness sizing configurations are needed to accommodate diverse populations in the current workforce. METHOD:Three-dimensional torso anthropo...

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  • Factors that affect depth perception in stereoscopic displays.

    abstract::This study investigated several factors that affect depth perception in stereoscopic displays: half-image separation magnitude, separation direction (crossed vs. uncrossed), viewing distance, stimulus size, and exposure duration. The depth perceived under various combinations of levels of these factors was compared wi...

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  • "Experience Isn't Everything": How Emotion Affects the Relationship Between Experience and Cue Utilization.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This research examined whether negative and positive arousal emotions modify the relationship between experience level and cue utilization among anesthetists. BACKGROUND:The capacity of a practitioner to form precise associations between clusters of features (e.g., symptoms) and events (e.g., diagnosis) and ...

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  • Biomechanical Evaluation of a Bed Feature to Assist in Turning and Laterally Repositioning Patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study investigated the effects of hospital bed features on the biomechanical stresses experienced by nurses when turning and laterally repositioning patients. Turn Assist, a common feature in ICU beds that helps to rotate patients, and side rail orientation were evaluated. BACKGROUND:Manual patient hand...

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  • The relation between driving experience and recognition of road signs relative to their locations.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Examine how driving experience and expectations affect the ability of experienced drivers to identify traffic signs--specifically, no right turn (NRT) and no left turn (NLT) at intersections. BACKGROUND:Failure to heed signs is a frequent cause of accidents, and the authors focused on the contributions of e...

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  • Aurally aided visual search under virtual and free-field listening conditions.

    abstract::We examined the minimum latency required to locate and identify a visual target (visual search) in a two-alternative forced-choice paradigm in which the visual target could appear from any azimuth (0 degree to 360 degrees) and from a broad range of elevations (from 90 degrees above to 70 degrees below the horizon) rel...

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  • Individual differences in the benefits of feedback for learning.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Research on learning from feedback has produced ambiguous guidelines for feedback design--some have advocated minimal feedback, whereas others have recommended more extensive feedback that highly supported performance. The objective of the current study was to investigate how individual differences in cogniti...

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  • Exploring asynchronous brainstorming in large groups: a field comparison of serial and parallel subgroups.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to compare the results of two different modes of using multiple groups (instead of one large group) to identify problems and develop solutions. BACKGROUND:Many of the complex problems facing organizations today require the use of very large groups or collaborations of groups from mu...

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  • Impact of aviation highway-in-the-sky displays on pilot situation awareness.

    abstract::Thirty-six pilots (31 men, 5 women) were tested in a flight simulator on their ability to intercept a pathway depicted on a highway-in-the-sky (HITS) display. While intercepting and flying the pathway, pilots were required to watch for traffic outside the cockpit. Additionally, pilots were tested on their awareness of...

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  • Does situation awareness add to the validity of cognitive tests?

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Does adding situation awareness (SA) to a battery of cognitive tests improve prediction? BACKGROUND:Identifying variables that predict skilled performance in a complex task aids in understanding the nature of skill and also aids in the selection of operators to perform that task. SA is thought to be an impor...

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  • A quantitative measure for degree of automation and its relation to system performance and mental load.

    abstract::In this paper we quantitatively model degree of automation (DofA) in supervisory control as a function of the number and nature of tasks to be performed by the operator and automation. This model uses a task weighting scheme in which weighting factors are obtained from task demand load, task mental load, and task effe...

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  • Narcosis has additive rather than interactive effects on discrimination reaction time.

    abstract::A central feature of the impairment in performance produced by inert gas narcosis, which poses a threat to divers breathing compressed air, is a slowing of reaction time (RT). To investigate the locus of this slowing, the effects of 35% nitrous oxide on Crossman's confusion function were determined using line-length a...

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  • Ecological Interface Design for Computer Network Defense.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:A prototype ecological interface for computer network defense (CND) was developed. BACKGROUND:Concerns about CND run high. Although there is a vast literature on CND, there is some indication that this research is not being translated into operational contexts. Part of the reason may be that CND has historic...

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  • Web-based information search and retrieval: effects of strategy use and age on search success.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between strategy use and search success on the World Wide Web (i.e., the Web) for experienced Web users. An additional goal was to extend understanding of how the age of the searcher may influence strategy use. BACKGROUND:Current investigations of...

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  • Differentiating Experience From Cue Utilization in Radiological Assessments.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This research was designed to examine the contribution of self-reported experience and cue utilization to diagnostic accuracy in the context of radiology. BACKGROUND:Within radiology, it is unclear how task-related experience contributes to the acquisition of associations between features with events in memo...

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  • The Impact of Head-Worn Displays on Strategic Alarm Management and Situation Awareness.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate whether head-worn displays (HWDs) help mobile participants make better alarm management decisions and achieve better situation awareness than alarms alone. BACKGROUND:Patient alarms occur frequently in hospitals but often do not require clinical intervention. Clinicians may become desensitized...

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  • Google glass: a driver distraction cause or cure?

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We assess the driving distraction potential of texting with Google Glass (Glass), a mobile wearable platform capable of receiving and sending short-message-service and other messaging formats. BACKGROUND:A known roadway danger, texting while driving has been targeted by legislation and widely banned. Support...

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  • Decision making during preoperative surgical planning.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study analyzes decision making during preoperative surgical planning through two cognitive indicators: conflict and cognitive control. BACKGROUND:Planning is a critical stage in naturalistic decision making, and there is some evidence suggesting that this activity depends on the level of expertise and t...

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  • Sensory alternation and vigilance performance: the role of pathway inhibition.

    abstract::Posner's theory of pathway inhibition leads to the expectation that stimulus heterogeneity should attenuate the event rate effect and the decrement function in sustained attention. These predictions were tested through a sensory alternation procedure in which stimulation was shuttled between the auditory and visual mo...

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  • Ecological interface design for Pasteurizer II: a process description of semantic mapping.

    abstract::Ecological interface design (EID) is proving to be a promising approach to the design of interfaces for complex dynamic systems. Although the principles of EID and examples of its effective use are widely available, few readily available examples exist of how the individual displays that constitute an ecological inter...

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  • Extending Three Existing Models to Analysis of Trust in Automation: Signal Detection, Statistical Parameter Estimation, and Model-Based Control.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective is to propose three quantitative models of trust in automation. BACKGROUND:Current trust-in-automation literature includes various definitions and frameworks, which are reviewed. METHOD:This research shows how three existing models, namely those for signal detection, statistical parameter esti...

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  • Implementing Lumberjacks and Black Swans Into Model-Based Tools to Support Human-Automation Interaction.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objectives were to (a) implement theoretical perspectives regarding human-automation interaction (HAI) into model-based tools to assist designers in developing systems that support effective performance and (b) conduct validations to assess the ability of the models to predict operator performance. BACKG...

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  • Auditory Attention and Comprehension During a Simulated Night Shift: Effects of Task Characteristics.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The current study investigated performance on a dual auditory task during a simulated night shift. BACKGROUND:Night shifts and sleep deprivation negatively affect performance on vigilance-based tasks, but less is known about the effects on complex tasks. Because language processing is necessary for successfu...

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  • STAMP-Based HRA Considering Causality Within a Sociotechnical System: A Case of Minuteman III Missile Accident.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The study contributes to human reliability analysis (HRA) by proposing a method that focuses more on human error causality within a sociotechnical system, illustrating its rationality and feasibility by using a case of the Minuteman (MM) III missile accident. BACKGROUND:Due to the complexity and dynamics wit...

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  • Age differences in search of web pages: the effects of link size, link number, and clutter.

    abstract::Reaction time, eye movements, and errors were measured during visual search of Web pages to determine age-related differences in performance as a function of link size, link number, link location, and clutter. Participants (15 young adults, M = 23 years; 14 older adults, M = 57 years) searched Web pages for target lin...

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  • Proning Patients With COVID-19: A Review of Equipment and Methods.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify and critically evaluate methods for proning patients with COVID-19 in the intensive care unit (ICU). BACKGROUND:Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is common in hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Proning improves blood oxygenation and survival rates in these patients but is not commonly ...

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  • Environmental support: an integrative framework.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:In this qualitative review, we develop an integrative framework to bring coherence to the concept of environmental support (ES) in the fields of human factors and cognitive aging. BACKGROUND:The ES hypothesis, originally formulated to explain effects of retrieval support on age-related differences in memory ...

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  • The Influence of Visual-Manual Distractions on Anticipatory Driving.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study is to investigate how anticipatory driving is influenced by distraction. BACKGROUND:The anticipation of future events in traffic can allow potential gains in recognition and response times. Anticipatory actions (i.e., control actions in preparation for potential traffic changes) have be...

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