Cognitive Distraction in the Wild: Next Steps-Addressing a Not-So-Humdrum Conundrum.


:Strayer et al. in this volume show that increases in cognitive workload caused by drivers' involvement in distracting activities that allow them to keep their eyes on the road lead to decrements in indices of safe driving performance. Although there is agreement that in-vehicle tasks that require drivers to take their eyes off the road increase crash risk, there is mounting controversy about whether in-vehicle tasks that do not require drivers to take their eyes off the forward roadway increase crash risk-thus the conundrum: How can there be an abundance of cognitively distracting activities and controversy about whether such activities increase crash risk?


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  • Foveal task complexity and visual funneling.

    abstract::The current study was designed to examine whether increasing foveal task complexity would cause the functional field to shrink as a result of a visual funneling effect. Using 8 male participants, the study examined whether the effects of foveal task complexity on peripheral performance was most pronounced at the far p...

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  • Narcosis has additive rather than interactive effects on discrimination reaction time.

    abstract::A central feature of the impairment in performance produced by inert gas narcosis, which poses a threat to divers breathing compressed air, is a slowing of reaction time (RT). To investigate the locus of this slowing, the effects of 35% nitrous oxide on Crossman's confusion function were determined using line-length a...

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  • Age differences in search of web pages: the effects of link size, link number, and clutter.

    abstract::Reaction time, eye movements, and errors were measured during visual search of Web pages to determine age-related differences in performance as a function of link size, link number, link location, and clutter. Participants (15 young adults, M = 23 years; 14 older adults, M = 57 years) searched Web pages for target lin...

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  • Ocular vergence measurement in projected and collimated simulator displays.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to investigate electrooculography (EOG) as a measurement of ocular vergence in both collimated and projected simulator environments. The task required participants to shift their gaze between a central fixation point and a target appearing at one of three eccentricities. EOG was effective...

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  • Aurally aided visual search under virtual and free-field listening conditions.

    abstract::We examined the minimum latency required to locate and identify a visual target (visual search) in a two-alternative forced-choice paradigm in which the visual target could appear from any azimuth (0 degree to 360 degrees) and from a broad range of elevations (from 90 degrees above to 70 degrees below the horizon) rel...

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  • Staying in the zone: offshore drillers' situation awareness.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to identify the cognitive components required for offshore drillers to develop and maintain situation awareness (SA) while controlling subsea hydrocarbon wells. BACKGROUND:SA issues are often identified as contributing factors to drilling incidents, most recently in the Deepwater Ho...

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  • Maximum isometric lifting strengths of men in teamwork.

    abstract::This study reexamined the additivity of maximum isometric teamwork lifting strength using experienced and height-matched young male participants. The maximum isometric lifting strength was measured for four exertion heights (45, 75, 105, and 140 cm) and four lifting styles (one-, two, three-, and four-person exertions...

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  • Environmental support: an integrative framework.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:In this qualitative review, we develop an integrative framework to bring coherence to the concept of environmental support (ES) in the fields of human factors and cognitive aging. BACKGROUND:The ES hypothesis, originally formulated to explain effects of retrieval support on age-related differences in memory ...

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  • Effects of load and speed on lumbar vertebral kinematics during lifting motions.

    abstract::This experimental study investigated the effects of load magnitude and movement speed on lumbar vertebral kinematics during lifting task performance. Ten participants performed sagittally symmetric lifting movements with systematically varied load using either a normal or a faster-than-normal speed. Skin-surface marke...

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  • Mind wandering behind the wheel: performance and oculomotor correlates.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:An experiment studied the frequency and correlates of driver mind wandering. BACKGROUND:Driver mind wandering is associated with risk for crash involvement. The present experiment examined the performance and attentional changes by which this effect might occur. METHOD:Participants performed a car-following...

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  • Validation of a Driving Simulator Study on Driver Behavior at Passive Rail Level Crossings.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The behavioral validation of an advanced driving simulator for its use in evaluating passive level crossing countermeasures was performed for stopping compliance and speed profile. BACKGROUND:Despite the fact that most research on emerging interventions for improving level crossing safety is conducted in a d...

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  • Toward a characterization of adaptive systems: a framework for researchers and system designers.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This article presents a systematic framework characterizing adaptive systems. BACKGROUND:Adaptive systems are those that can appropriately modify their behavior to fit the current context. This concept is appealing because it offers the possibility of creating computer assistants that behave like good human ...

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  • Developing a 3D Gestural Interface for Anesthesia-Related Human-Computer Interaction Tasks Using Both Experts and Novices.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this research was to compare gesture-function mappings for experts and novices using a 3D, vision-based, gestural input system when exposed to the same context of anesthesia tasks in the operating room (OR). BACKGROUND:3D, vision-based, gestural input systems can serve as a natural way to inte...

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  • Simultaneous adaptation to size, distance, and curvature underwater.

    abstract::Perceptual adaptation to underwater size, distance, and curvature distortion was measured for four different adaptation conditions. These conditions consisted of (a) playing Chinese checkers underwater, (b) swimming with eyes open underwater, (c) viewing a square underwater, and (d) an air control. Significant adaptat...

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  • Impact of Frequent Interruption on Nurses' Patient-Controlled Analgesia Programming Performance.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The purpose was to add to the body of knowledge regarding the impact of interruption on acute care nurses' cognitive workload, total task completion times, nurse frustration, and medication administration error while programming a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump. BACKGROUND:Data support that the seve...

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  • Assessment of the relationship between box weight and trunk kinematics: does a reduction in box weight necessarily correspond to a decrease in spinal loading?

    abstract::Typically, the simplest and most cost-efficient ergonomic solution to offset the rising costs of low back injuries is to reduce the box weight that is lifted. However, there is limited research on how a worker interacts with the box. In the present study, we quantify the utility of reducing the weight that is lifted -...

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  • Workload and Performance: Associations, Insensitivities, and Dissociations.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to distill and define those influences under which change in objective performance level and the linked cognitive workload reflections of subjective experience and physiological variation either associate, dissociate, or are insensitive, one to another. BACKGROUND:Human factors/ergo...

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  • Biomechanical Evaluation of a Bed Feature to Assist in Turning and Laterally Repositioning Patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study investigated the effects of hospital bed features on the biomechanical stresses experienced by nurses when turning and laterally repositioning patients. Turn Assist, a common feature in ICU beds that helps to rotate patients, and side rail orientation were evaluated. BACKGROUND:Manual patient hand...

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  • Shoulder muscle fatigue during repetitive tasks as measured by electromyography and near-infrared spectroscopy.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective of this study was to quantify shoulder muscle fatigue during repetitive exertions similar to motions found in automobile assembly tasks. BACKGROUND:Shoulder musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a common and costly problem in automotive manufacturing. METHOD:Ten subjects participated in the stu...

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  • Keep Your Scanners Peeled: Gaze Behavior as a Measure of Automation Trust During Highly Automated Driving.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The feasibility of measuring drivers' automation trust via gaze behavior during highly automated driving was assessed with eye tracking and validated with self-reported automation trust in a driving simulator study. BACKGROUND:Earlier research from other domains indicates that drivers' automation trust might...

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  • Positive effects of basic training on cognitive performance and mood of adult females.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study investigated whether a stressful military training program, the 9- to 10-week U.S. Army basic combat training (BCT) course, alters the cognitive performance and mood of healthy young adult females. BACKGROUND:Structured training programs including adolescent boot camps, sports training camps, lear...

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  • A quantitative measure for degree of automation and its relation to system performance and mental load.

    abstract::In this paper we quantitatively model degree of automation (DofA) in supervisory control as a function of the number and nature of tasks to be performed by the operator and automation. This model uses a task weighting scheme in which weighting factors are obtained from task demand load, task mental load, and task effe...

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  • Spatial representations of virtual mazes: the role of visual fidelity and individual differences.

    abstract::Twenty-four people learned three versions of a room-sized maze: a wire-frame desktop virtual environment (VE), a normal surface-rendered desktop VE, and a real-world maze. Differences among the mental representations formed from each environment were measured with pointing and distance estimation tasks in a real-world...

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  • Perspective: teams won't solve this problem.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We link the problem of complex sociotechnical systems to a new unit-of-analysis and fruitful developing area of applied research, the multiteam system. BACKGROUND:Teams are the dominant entity and theoretical lens being applied to understanding the performance of complex sociotechnical systems. We submit tha...

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  • Real-time assessment of mental workload using psychophysiological measures and artificial neural networks.

    abstract::The functional state of the human operator is critical to optimal system performance. Degraded states of operator functioning can lead to errors and overall suboptimal system performance. Accurate assessment of operator functional state is crucial to the successful implementation of an adaptive aiding system. One meth...

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  • Predicting optimal accommodative performance from measures of the dark focus of accommodation.

    abstract::Leibowitz and his colleagues found that accommodation rests at an intermediate distance that shows wide interindividual variation. They proposed that this intermediate dark focus is useful for correcting anomalous refractive errors, but this proposal was later questioned when different measurement techniques yielded d...

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  • Analysis of Dynamic Changes in Cognitive Workload During Cardiac Surgery Perfusionists' Interactions With the Cardiopulmonary Bypass Pump.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This novel preliminary study sought to capture dynamic changes in heart rate variability (HRV) as a proxy for cognitive workload among perfusionists while operating the cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) pump during real-life cardiac surgery. BACKGROUND:Estimations of operators' cognitive workload states in natura...

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  • How to Observe Users' Movements in Virtual Environments: Viewpoint Control in a Power Wheelchair Simulator.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We describe a networked, two-user virtual reality (VR) power wheelchair (PWC) simulator system in which an actor (client) and an observer (clinician) meet. We then present a study with 15 observers (expert clinicians) evaluating the effect of three principal forms of viewpoint control (egocentric-egomotion, e...

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  • The effect of keyboard key spacing on typing speed, error, usability, and biomechanics: Part 1.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:In this study, we evaluated the effects of key spacing on a conventional computer keyboard on typing speed, percentage error, usability, and forearm muscle activity and wrist posture. BACKGROUND:International standards that specify the spacing between keys on a keyboard have been guided primarily by design c...

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  • Automotive HUDs: the overlooked safety issues.

    abstract::The transfer of tactical aviation technology into automobiles is creating information display requirements that are likely to be met by use of the head-up display (HUD). These developments are based largely on conclusions that the HUD-related safety issues raised in the aviation HUD literature can be dismissed and tha...

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