Disadvantageous associations: Reversible spatial cueing effects in a discrimination task.


:Current theories describe learning in terms of cognitive or associative mechanisms. To assess whether cognitive mechanisms interact with automaticity of associative processes we devised a shape-discrimination task in which participants received both explicit instructions and implicit information. Instructions further allowed for the inference that a first event would precede the target. Albeit irrelevant to respond, this event acted as response prime and implicit spatial cue (i.e. it predicted target location). To modulate cognitive involvement, in three experiments we manipulated modality and salience of the spatial cue. Results always showed evidence for a priming effect, confirming that the first stimulus was never ignored. More importantly, although participants failed to consciously recognize the association, responses to spatially cued trials became either slower or faster depending on salience of the first event. These findings provide an empirical demonstration that cognitive and associative learning mechanisms functionally co-exist and interact to regulate behaviour.


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  • Author Correction: Aquaponics using a fish farm effluent shifts bacterial communities profile in halophytes rhizosphere and endosphere.

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  • Sensory afferent segregation in three-eared frogs resemble the dominance columns observed in three-eyed frogs.

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  • Properties of orb weaving spider glycoprotein glue change during Argiope trifasciata web construction.

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  • Modular type I polyketide synthase acyl carrier protein domains share a common N-terminally extended fold.

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  • The role of forelimb motor cortex areas in goal directed action in mice.

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  • Identification of significantly mutated subnetworks in the breast cancer genome.

    abstract::Recent studies showed that somatic cancer mutations target genes that are in specific signaling and cellular pathways. However, in each patient only a few of the pathway genes are mutated. Current approaches consider only existing pathways and ignore the topology of the pathways. For this reason, new efforts have been...

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  • Mendelian randomisation study of the relationship between vitamin D and risk of glioma.

    abstract::To examine for a causal relationship between vitamin D and glioma risk we performed an analysis of genetic variants associated with serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) levels using Mendelian randomisation (MR), an approach unaffected by biases from confounding. Two-sample MR was undertaken using genome-wide associatio...

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    authors: Takahashi H,Cornish AJ,Sud A,Law PJ,Kinnersley B,Ostrom QT,Labreche K,Eckel-Passow JE,Armstrong GN,Claus EB,Il'yasova D,Schildkraut J,Barnholtz-Sloan JS,Olson SH,Bernstein JL,Lai RK,Schoemaker MJ,Simon M,Hoffmann P,

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  • Association of admission serum levels of vitamin D, calcium, Phosphate, magnesium and parathormone with clinical outcomes in neurosurgical ICU patients.

    abstract::To evaluate the association of admission serum levels of 25(OH)D, parathormone and the related electrolytes with severity of illness and clinical outcomes in neurosurgical critically ill patients, serum levels of 25(OH)D, parathormone, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate, along with APACHE II score were measured for 210...

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  • Serum angiopoietin-like 3 levels are elevated in obese non diabetic men but are unaffected during an oral glucose tolerance test.

    abstract::This study aimed to determine ANGPTL3 serum levels in healthy young lean and obese non-diabetic men during an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and correlate them with anthropometric, biochemical and hormonal parameters. A case-control study was carried out and 30 young obese non-diabetic (23.90 ± 3.84 years and BMI ...

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  • Electrochemical detection of different p53 conformations by using nanostructured surfaces.

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  • Author Correction: Investigation on the interface between Li10GeP2S12 electrolyte and carbon conductive agents in all-solid-state lithium battery.

    abstract::A correction to this article has been published and is linked from the HTML and PDF versions of this paper. The error has not been fixed in the paper. ...

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  • High corrosion resistance and weak corrosion anisotropy of an as-rolled Mg-3Al-1Zn (in wt.%) alloy with strong crystallographic texture.

    abstract::Combining with electrochemical corrosion measurements, immersion and hydrogen evolution testing performed in 0.9 wt.% NaCl solution at 37 °C, the corrosion resistance of an as-rolled Mg-3%Al-1%Zn alloy before and after a 3% compressive strain along the rolling direction was investigated. Results revealed that the corr...

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  • Regulation of immunoproteasome function in the lung.

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  • On terahertz pulsed broadband Gauss-Bessel beam free-space propagation.

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  • The effect of time since stroke, gender, age, and lesion size on thalamus volume in chronic stroke: a pilot study.

    abstract::Recent stroke studies have shown that the ipsi-lesional thalamus longitudinally and significantly decreases after stroke in the acute and subacute stages. However, additional considerations in the chronic stages of stroke require exploration including time since stroke, gender, intracortical volume, aging, and lesion ...

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    authors: Krishnamurthy LC,Champion GN,McGregor KM,Krishnamurthy V,Turabi A,Roberts SR,Nocera JR,Borich MR,Rodriguez AD,Belagaje SR,Harrington RM,Harris-Love ML,Harnish SM,Drucker JH,Benjamin M,Meadows ML,Seeds L,Zlatar ZZ,Sudh

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  • Structures, stabilities, and electronic properties of defects in monolayer black phosphorus.

    abstract::The structures, stabilities, and electronic properties of monolayer black phosphorus (M-BP) with different kinds of defects are investigated within the frame of density-functional theory. All the possible configurations of defects in M-BP are explored, and the calculated results suggest that the stabilities of the con...

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  • WRINKLED1 transcription factor orchestrates the regulation of carbon partitioning for C18:1 (oleic acid) accumulation in Siberian apricot kernel.

    abstract::WRINKLED1 (WRI1), an APETALA2 (AP2)-type transcription factor, has been shown to be required for the regulation of carbon partitioning into fatty acid (FA) synthesis in plant seeds. To our knowledge, the regulatory network of WRI1 remains unknown in Prunus sibirica kernel (PSK), a novel woody biodiesel feedstock in Ch...

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    authors: Deng S,Mai Y,Shui L,Niu J

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  • Adjusted Troponin I for Improved Evaluation of Patients with Chest Pain.

    abstract::The use of cardiac troponins (cTn) is the gold standard for diagnosing myocardial infarction. Independent of myocardial infarction (MI), however, sex, age and kidney function affect cTn levels. Here we developed a method to adjust cTnI levels for age, sex, and renal function, maintaining a unified cut-off value such a...

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    authors: Boeckel JN,Palapies L,Klotsche J,Zeller T,von Jeinsen B,Perret MF,Kleinhaus SL,Pieper L,Tzikas S,Leistner D,Bickel C,Stalla GK,Lehnert H,Lindahl B,Wittchen HU,Silber S,Baldus S,Maerz W,Dimmeler S,Blankenberg S,Mün

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  • Human platelet antigen 1-6, 9 and 15 in the Iranian population: An anthropological genetic analysis.

    abstract::Human platelet antigens (HPAs) are membranous glycoproteins considered as alloantigens due to their polymorphisms. HPA-incompatibility in multiple pregnancies or blood transfusion can induce the development of alloantibodies leading to thrombocytopenia. The frequency of HPAs varies among populations, so that deep know...

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  • eIF5A1/RhoGDIα pathway: a novel therapeutic target for treatment of spinal cord injury identified by a proteomics approach.

    abstract::Spinal cord injury (SCI) is frequently accompanied by a degree of spontaneous functional recovery. The underlying mechanisms through which such recovery is generated remain elusive. In this study, we observed a significant spontaneous motor function recovery 14 to 28 days after spinal cord transection (SCT) in rats. U...

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  • Enhanced dechlorination and biodegradation of 2-chloroaniline by a 2-aminoanthraquinone-graphene oxide composite under anaerobic conditions.

    abstract::The effect of a 2-aminoanthraquinone-graphene oxide (AQ-GO) composite on the anaerobic dechlorination and degradation of chloroanilines by an enriched bacterial consortium was investigated. The results showed that the maximal degradation efficiency of 20 mg/L 2-chloroaniline (2-CA) reached 91.4% at a dose of 20 mg/L A...

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  • Seasonal total methane depletion in limestone caves.

    abstract::Methane concentration in caves is commonly much lower than the external atmosphere, yet the cave CH4 depletion causal mechanism is contested and dynamic links to external diurnal and seasonal temperature cycles unknown. Here, we report a continuous 3-year record of cave methane and other trace gases in Jenolan Caves, ...

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  • Decoherence and control of a qubit in spin baths: an exact master equation study.

    abstract::In spin-based nanosystems for quantum information processing, electron spin qubits are subject to decoherence due to their interactions with nuclear spin environments. In this paper, we present an exact master equation for a central spin-1/2 system in time-dependent external fields and coupled to a spin-half bath in t...

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  • River Metabolism along a Latitudinal Gradient across Japan and in a global scale.

    abstract::Since temperature is a key factor affecting photosynthetic and respiration rates, the rates of gross primary production (GPP) and ecosystem respiration (ER) are expected to be lower for rivers at higher latitudes, while the net ecosystem production (NEP) rate likely decrease in rivers at lower latitude due to higher s...

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    authors: Gurung A,Iwata T,Nakano D,Urabe J

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  • Tunneling spectroscopy of close-spaced dangling-bond pairs in Si(001):H.

    abstract::We present a combined experimental and theoretical study of the electronic properties of close-spaced dangling-bond (DB) pairs in a hydrogen-passivated Si(001):H p-doped surface. Two types of DB pairs are considered, called "cross" and "line" structures. Our scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) data show that, althou...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Engelund M,Zuzak R,Godlewski S,Kolmer M,Frederiksen T,García-Lekue A,Sánchez-Portal D,Szymonski M

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  • Herbal formula YYJD inhibits tumor growth by inducing cell cycle arrest and senescence in lung cancer.

    abstract::Lung cancer represents a major cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Although various tactics and anti-tumor drugs have been used to improve curative effects, five-year survival rate of lung cancer patients remains poor. In this study, we investigated the action and underlying mechanisms of our recently optimized C...

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    authors: Zheng T,Que Z,Jiao L,Kang Y,Gong Y,Yao J,Ma C,Bi L,Dong Q,Zhao X,Xu L

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  • Moonlighting transcriptional activation function of a fungal sulfur metabolism enzyme.

    abstract::Moonlighting proteins, including metabolic enzymes acting as transcription factors (TF), are present in a variety of organisms but have not been described in higher fungi so far. In a previous genome-wide analysis of the TF repertoire of the plant-symbiotic fungus Tuber melanosporum, we identified various enzymes, inc...

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  • Use of Ultrasonic Device in Cervical and Thoracic Laminectomy: a Retrospective Comparative Study and Technical Note.

    abstract::Multilevel severe compressive myelopathy is a challenging disorder for the surgeons, the aim of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of a newly designed ultrasonic burr as an assistant tool to the ultrasonic scalpel in laminectomy for this disease. This is a retrospective comparative study, the included sub...

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