Oral treatment of oligozoospermia with testosterone-undecanoate: results of a double-blind-placebo-controlled trial.


:30 patients with normogonadotrophic oligozoospermia from 1-20 mill/ml (group A) and 30 men with a sperm density from 210-40,0 mill/ml (group B) from the andrologic laboratory of the University Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Graz, Austria were treated with a 120 mg testosteron-undecanoate per os for 100 days. One randomized half of the patients received a placebo in a double blind manner. Conventional spermiograms were supplemented by extended morphologic analysis and motility determinations by laser-Doppler-spectroscopy. Statistical evaluation of data revealed no differences between verum and placebo group before treatment. After therapy significantly higher levels of testosterone could be observed in the verum group. Statistical calculations of differences between spermiogram parameters before treatment, after treatment and six weeks thereafter revealed significant improvements of sperm morphology in group A and B as well as significantly lower numbers of spermatozoa with head-deformations. A reduction of tail deformities could be observed at the control spermiogram six weeks after end of treatment. Besides improvements of sperm morphology, enhancements of sperm density could be observed in the verum group; sperm motility remained generally unchanged. During the duration of the trial four pregnancies (1 abortion) occurred in the placebo group, six females became pregnant in the verum group: five belonged to group A (1 x gemini), one pregnancy occurred in group B.






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    abstract::The seminal plasma of 31 patients were examined for the presence of sperm antibodies and for inhibitory properties on the transformation rates of donor lymphocytes cultured in vitro. Twenty five (80%) of the men revealed apart from fertile semen, no sperm antibody activities while six (20%) patients showed high sperma...


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  • Chloroquine excretion in semen following antimalarial-drug administration.

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  • Interchromosomal effect: Report of a father and son, bearing different translocations of the same chromosome, and a review of the current literature.

    abstract::Interchromosomal effect is a controversial phenomenon postulating that during gametogenesis of translocation carriers, aside from the unbalanced segregation of chromosomes involved in the translocation, other, structurally normal chromosomes might also be affected and segregated abnormally. Here, we present a balanced...


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