Sexual dysfunction and neuroendocrine correlates of posttraumatic stress disorder in combat veterans: Preliminary findings.


:Sexual dysfunction is not a symptom of PTSD but is a common clinical complaint in trauma survivors with this disorder. In that there are biological parallels in the neuroendocrine processes underlying both PTSD and sexual behavior, we conducted an exploratory investigation of the relationship of PTSD and related neuroendocrine indicators with sexual dysfunction in armed service veterans. Major Depressive Disorder, highly comorbid with PTSD and sexual dysfunction, was also assessed. In veterans with PTSD, sexual problems were associated with plasma DHEA and cortisol, urinary catecholamines, and glucocorticoid sensitivity, even when controlling for the effects of comorbid depression. In a subsample analysis, testosterone levels did not distinguish PTSD or sexual dysfunction, suggesting that sexual problems reported by veterans in this sample were not the result of organic disorder. PTSD did predict higher dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, which were associated with sexual problems. More detailed assessment of sexual dysfunction in biologically informed studies of PTSD is warranted to clarify the relationships of PTSD symptomatology and related neurobiology with sexual dysfunction.




Lehrner A,Flory JD,Bierer LM,Makotkine I,Marmar CR,Yehuda R




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