Aquatic ecotoxicity of lanthanum - A review and an attempt to derive water and sediment quality criteria.


:Rare earth elements (REE) used to be taken as tracers of geological origin for fluvial transport. Nowadays their increased applications in innovative environmental-friendly technology (e.g. in catalysts, superconductors, lasers, batteries) and medical applications (e.g. MRI contrast agent) lead to man-made, elevated levels in the environment. So far, no regulatory thresholds for REE concentrations and emissions to the environment have been set because information on risks from REE is scarce. However, evidence gathers that REE have to be acknowledged as new, emerging contaminants with manifold ways of entry into the environment, e.g. through waste water from hospitals or through industrial effluents. This paper reviews existing information on bioaccumulation and ecotoxicity of lanthanum in the aquatic environment. Lanthanum is of specific interest as one of the major lanthanides in industrial effluents. This review focuses on the freshwater and the marine environment, and tackles the water column and sediments. From these data, methods to derive quality criteria for sediment and water are discussed and preliminary suggestions are made.


Ecotoxicol Environ Saf


Herrmann H,Nolde J,Berger S,Heise S




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    abstract::The integration of bioaccumulation and effect biomarkers in fish has been proposed for risk evaluation of aquatic contaminants. However, this approach is still uncommon, namely in the context of mercury contamination. Furthermore, a multi-organ evaluation allows an overall account of the organisms' condition. Having i...

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  • Brevibacillus sp. KUMAs2, a bacterial isolate for possible bioremediation of arsenic in rhizosphere.

    abstract::Arsenic (As) contamination of soil and water has been considered as a major global environmental issue during last few decades. Among the various methods so far reported for reclamation of As contaminated rhizosphere soil, bioremediation using bacteria has been found to be most promising. An As resistant bacterial iso...

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