Evidence of economic deprivation and female foeticide in a United Nations global births by gender data set.


INTRODUCTION:The male-to-female ratio of live births is expressed as the ratio of male births divided by total births (M/F). Males are produced approximately 3% in excess. A large number of factors have been found to influence M/F. Stress and privation reduces M/F. Gender preference (which almost invariably favours males) with selective female foetal abortion increases M/F. This study was carried out in order to assess a United Nations data set for evidence of global trends in M/F in relation to broad socioeconomic conditions and male preference. METHODS:Data (M/F and total births, 1955-2009) was obtained from the United Nations (UN) Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, Population Estimates and Projection Section. The following regions were analysed: more developed countries, less developed countries and least developed countries (as defined by the UN General Assembly). RESULTS:More developed countries: M/F was initially stable at 0.53 up to 1979 then fell to 0.525. Less developed countries: M/F was initially stable at 0.53 then rose after 1984 to 0.545 with a rise in male births and a fall in female births (estimated female birth deficit=48734993). Least developed countries: exhibited a stable M/F of 0.52 (all p<0.001). DISCUSSION:This study has confirmed, on a global scale, that least developed countries have the lowest M/F. The rise in M/F in developed countries (which includes Asia) confirms widespread selective female foeticide due to cultural male preference. The declining trend in M/F in developed countries has been previously noted and remains unexplained.


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  • Validation of maternal self-report in retrospective studies.

    abstract::Case-control studies are frequently performed in prenatal and perinatal epidemiology. For data collection, these studies often rely on self-administered questionnaires or personal interviews. Although of importance, validation of these measurement instruments received little attention in epidemiologic research so far....

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  • Comparison of the different kinds of feeding on the level of fecal calprotectin.

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    abstract::Pregnancy is characterized by physiological, endocrine and metabolic adaptations creating a pseudo-diabetogenic state of progressive insulin resistance. These adaptations occur to sustain continuous fetal requirements for nutrients and oxygen. Insulin resistance develops at the level of the skeletal muscle, and matern...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) offer an additional bedside tool for outcome prediction after perinatal asphyxia. AIMS:To assess the reliability of SEPs recorded with bifrontoparietal amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG) brain monitoring setup for outcome prediction in asphyxiated newbo...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the applicability of Drotar model when the diagnosis of congenital malformation is made antenatally. METHODS:In a 3-year period (2000-2003) fifty mothers, counselled for fetal malformations amenable to surgical correction at birth, were interviewed. Statistical associations were sought between each...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:There is concern that exposure of preterm infants to noxious insults over a prolonged period may have long term effects on their developing nervous system. AIMS:To investigate medium and long term effects of heel pricks in infants over the first year of life. STUDY DESIGN:Study 1-a longitudinal study, 2 da...

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  • Fetal behaviour does not differ between boys and girls.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Little is known about sex differences in human fetal heart and behaviour. PATIENTS AND METHODS:One hundred twenty-three nulliparous healthy women carrying a male (n=56) or female (n=67) fetus participated in this study. All pregnancies remained uncomplicated and delivery was uneventful. Ultrasound observa...

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  • Foetal size and body proportion at 17-19 weeks of gestation and neonatal size, proportion, and outcome.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether proportionate or disproportionate foetal smallness at 17 to 19 weeks of gestation in low-risk pregnancies was associated with size, body constitution, and adverse outcome at birth. METHODS:We included ultrasound measurements at 17-19 weeks of gestation in 7285 uncomplicated pregnancies w...

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