Elevated plasma aldosterone is an independent risk factor for erectile dysfunction in men.


INTRODUCTION:Erectile dysfunction (ED) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) share a great number of common risk factors. There is growing evidence that aldosterone, an independent CVD risk factor, is associated with ED. AIMS:The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between plasma aldosterone and erectile dysfunction. METHODS:This study recruited 287 participants, ranging from 18 to 84 years old; 217 were suffering from ED, diagnosed by the International Index of Erectile Function 5 (IIEF-5) scores. Based on IIEF-5 scores, patients were divided into one control group and three ED groups (mild ED; moderate ED; severe ED). MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES:The differences in principal characteristics, blood routine, sexual hormone, adrenal hormone, thyroid hormone, renal function, liver function and blood lipid were compared between ED and control groups. RESULTS:Our study demonstrated that the difference of mean plasma aldosterone levels between ED group and the control group was statistically significant (P < 0.05). Stepwise logistic regression analysis of all the possible factors support the role of aldosterone as an independent risk factor for ED (OR 1.011; 95 % CI 1.003-1.018; P = 0.004). Similar statistical methods were applied to the comparison between moderate to severe ED group and control to mild ED group (OR 1.017; 95 % CI 1.009-1.024; P < 0.001). ROC curve and the area under the curve (0.718; 95 % CI 0.643-0.794; P < 0.001) were performed to assess the diagnostic effect and to compare the severity of risk with the known independent risk factors, such as age and cholesterol (0.704; 95 % CI 0.631-0.778; P < 0.001). When using a 374 pg/mL cut-off value from Youden index, the OR of ED group versus controls is 3.106 (95 % CI 1.458-6.617), while the OR of moderate to severe ED versus control and mild ED is 5.480 (95 % CI 3.108-9.662). CONCLUSIONS:We determined that elevated plasma aldosterone concentration is an independent risk factor for ED. Our findings also indicate that the aldosterone, a well-recognized contributor to vascular injury, might be a potential bond between ED and CVD.


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World journal of urology


Wu F,Mao S,Yu T,Jiang H,Ding Q,Xu G




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