Origin of a Non-Clarke's Column Division of the Dorsal Spinocerebellar Tract and the Role of Caudal Proprioceptive Neurons in Motor Function.


:Proprioception, the sense of limb and body position, is essential for generating proper movement. Unconscious proprioceptive information travels through cerebellar-projecting neurons in the spinal cord and medulla. The progenitor domain defined by the basic-helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor, ATOH1, has been implicated in forming these cerebellar-projecting neurons; however, their precise contribution to proprioceptive tracts and motor behavior is unknown. Significantly, we demonstrate that Atoh1-lineage neurons in the spinal cord reside outside Clarke's column (CC), a main contributor of neurons relaying hindlimb proprioception, despite giving rise to the anatomical and functional correlate of CC in the medulla, the external cuneate nucleus (ECu), which mediates forelimb proprioception. Elimination of caudal Atoh1-lineages results in mice with relatively normal locomotion but unable to perform coordinated motor tasks. Altogether, we reveal that proprioceptive nuclei in the spinal cord and medulla develop from more than one progenitor source, suggesting an avenue to uncover distinct proprioceptive functions.


Cell Rep


Cell reports


Yuengert R,Hori K,Kibodeaux EE,McClellan JX,Morales JE,Huang TP,Neul JL,Lai HC




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  • The Interaction of the Tumor Suppressor FAM46C with p62 and FNDC3 Proteins Integrates Protein and Secretory Homeostasis.

    abstract::FAM46C is a non-canonical poly(A) polymerase uniquely mutated in up to 20% of multiple myeloma (MM) patients, implying a tissue-specific tumor suppressor function. Here, we report that FAM46C selectively stabilizes mRNAs encoding endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-targeted proteins, thereby concertedly enhancing the expressio...

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  • Importin α and vNEBD Control Meiotic Spindle Disassembly in Fission Yeast.

    abstract::In metazoans, the nuclear envelope (NE) breakdown (NEBD) occurs during "open" mitosis and meiosis. In the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, the mitosis and the first meiotic division (MI) are "closed," during which the NE is maintained. Intriguingly, during the second meiotic division (MII), the NE is also main...

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    abstract::The t(8;21) acute myeloid leukemia (AML)-associated oncoprotein AML1-ETO disrupts normal hematopoietic differentiation. Here, we have investigated its effects on the transcriptome and epigenome in t(8,21) patient cells. AML1-ETO binding was found at promoter regions of active genes with high levels of histone acetylat...

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