Dorsal Horn Parvalbumin Neurons Are Gate-Keepers of Touch-Evoked Pain after Nerve Injury.


:Neuropathic pain is a chronic debilitating disease that results from nerve damage, persists long after the injury has subsided, and is characterized by spontaneous pain and mechanical hypersensitivity. Although loss of inhibitory tone in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord is a major contributor to neuropathic pain, the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying this disinhibition are unclear. Here, we combined pharmacogenetic activation and selective ablation approaches in mice to define the contribution of spinal cord parvalbumin (PV)-expressing inhibitory interneurons in naive and neuropathic pain conditions. Ablating PV neurons in naive mice produce neuropathic pain-like mechanical allodynia via disinhibition of PKCγ excitatory interneurons. Conversely, activating PV neurons in nerve-injured mice alleviates mechanical hypersensitivity. These findings indicate that PV interneurons are modality-specific filters that gate mechanical but not thermal inputs to the dorsal horn and that increasing PV interneuron activity can ameliorate the mechanical hypersensitivity that develops following nerve injury.


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Petitjean H,Pawlowski SA,Fraine SL,Sharif B,Hamad D,Fatima T,Berg J,Brown CM,Jan LY,Ribeiro-da-Silva A,Braz JM,Basbaum AI,Sharif-Naeini R




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  • A genome-wide gene-expression analysis and database in transgenic mice during development of amyloid or tau pathology.

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  • ATM Localization and Heterochromatin Repair Depend on Direct Interaction of the 53BP1-BRCT2 Domain with γH2AX.

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  • Adipocyte Fatty Acid Transfer Supports Megakaryocyte Maturation.

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  • Dissecting the Regulatory Strategies of NF-κB RelA Target Genes in the Inflammatory Response Reveals Differential Transactivation Logics.

    abstract::Nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) RelA is the potent transcriptional activator of inflammatory response genes. We stringently defined a list of direct RelA target genes by integrating physical (chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing [ChIP-seq]) and functional (RNA sequencing [RNA-seq] in knockouts) datasets. We then dissect...

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  • Fatty Acid Oxidation Mediated by Acyl-CoA Synthetase Long Chain 3 Is Required for Mutant KRAS Lung Tumorigenesis.

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  • Local Resting Ca2+ Controls the Scale of Astroglial Ca2+ Signals.

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  • Secreted Pyruvate Kinase M2 Promotes Lung Cancer Metastasis through Activating the Integrin Beta1/FAK Signaling Pathway.

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  • Tumor evolution in response to chemotherapy: phenotype versus genotype.

    abstract::In this issue of Cell Reports, Almendro et al. report one of the first comprehensive studies on the intratumor heterogeneity of cell phenotypes and genotypes before and after chemotherapy in breast cancer. These data challenge the concept of genetic population bottlenecks and suggest that cellular phenotypes play an i...

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  • Suppression of PGC-1α Is Critical for Reprogramming Oxidative Metabolism in Renal Cell Carcinoma.

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  • Identification and Structure of a Multidonor Class of Head-Directed Influenza-Neutralizing Antibodies Reveal the Mechanism for Its Recurrent Elicitation.

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  • Piwi Is a Key Regulator of Both Somatic and Germline Stem Cells in the Drosophila Testis.

    abstract::The Piwi-piRNA pathway is well known for its germline function, yet its somatic role remains elusive. We show here that Piwi is required autonomously not only for germline stem cell (GSC) but also for somatic cyst stem cell (CySC) maintenance in the Drosophila testis. Reducing Piwi activity in the testis caused defect...

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  • Revealing the Critical Regulators of Cell Identity in the Mouse Cell Atlas.

    abstract::Recent progress in single-cell technologies has enabled the identification of all major cell types in mouse. However, for most cell types, the regulatory mechanism underlying their identity remains poorly understood. By computational analysis of the recently published mouse cell atlas data, we have identified 202 regu...

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  • Lateral Hypothalamic Neurotensin Neurons Orchestrate Dual Weight Loss Behaviors via Distinct Mechanisms.

    abstract::The central mechanism by which neurotensin (Nts) potentiates weight loss has remained elusive. We leveraged chemogenetics to reveal that Nts-expressing neurons of the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA) promote weight loss in mice by increasing volitional activity and restraining food intake. Intriguingly, these dual weig...

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  • Constitutional chromothripsis rearrangements involve clustered double-stranded DNA breaks and nonhomologous repair mechanisms.

    abstract::Chromothripsis represents a novel phenomenon in the structural variation landscape of cancer genomes. Here, we analyze the genomes of ten patients with congenital disease who were preselected to carry complex chromosomal rearrangements with more than two breakpoints. The rearrangements displayed unanticipated complexi...

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    authors: Kloosterman WP,Tavakoli-Yaraki M,van Roosmalen MJ,van Binsbergen E,Renkens I,Duran K,Ballarati L,Vergult S,Giardino D,Hansson K,Ruivenkamp CA,Jager M,van Haeringen A,Ippel EF,Haaf T,Passarge E,Hochstenbach R,Menten B,

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  • Drosophila Vision Depends on Carcinine Uptake by an Organic Cation Transporter.

    abstract::Recycling of neurotransmitters is essential for sustained neuronal signaling, yet recycling pathways for various transmitters, including histamine, remain poorly understood. In the first visual ganglion (lamina) of Drosophila, photoreceptor-released histamine is taken up into perisynaptic glia, converted to carcinine,...

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  • Disconnecting mitochondrial content from respiratory chain capacity in PGC-1-deficient skeletal muscle.

    abstract::The transcriptional coactivators PGC-1α and PGC-1β are widely thought to be required for mitochondrial biogenesis and fiber typing in skeletal muscle. Here, we show that mice lacking both PGC-1s in myocytes do indeed have profoundly deficient mitochondrial respiration but, surprisingly, have preserved mitochondrial co...

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  • Dissecting Cell Lineage Specification and Sex Fate Determination in Gonadal Somatic Cells Using Single-Cell Transcriptomics.

    abstract::Sex determination is a unique process that allows the study of multipotent progenitors and their acquisition of sex-specific fates during differentiation of the gonad into a testis or an ovary. Using time series single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) on ovarian Nr5a1-GFP+ somatic cells during sex determination, we ide...

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  • p53 Integrates Temporal WDR5 Inputs during Neuroectoderm and Mesoderm Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells.

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