CT enterography: Diagnostic value of 4th generation iterative reconstruction algorithm in low dose studies in comparison with standard dose protocol for follow-up of patients with Crohn's disease.


PURPOSE:To compare radiation dose, image quality and diagnostic performance of low dose CT enterography (CTE) protocol combined with iterative reconstruction algorithm (iDose(4)) with standard dose CTE in follow-up of patients with known Crohn's disease (CD). MATERIALS AND METHOD:Thirty-six patients (12 females), with CD underwent a low-dose CTE scan during single venous phase on 256 MDCT scanner, with the following parameters: 120 kV, automated mAs dose-modulation, slice thickness 2mm and iDose(4) iterative reconstruction algorithm. A control group of thirty-seven patients underwent standard dose CTE examination on the same CT scanner. Two radiologists, blinded to clinical and pathological findings, independently evaluated in each scan, HU values in bowel wall and any presence of CD activity features and disease complications. Image noise and diagnostic quality were evaluated using a 4-point scale. Dose-length product (DLP) and CT-dose-index (CTDI) were recorded and data from both examinations were compared and statistically analyzed. RESULTS:Low-dose CTE protocol showed high diagnostic quality in assessment of Crohn's disease obtaining significantly (p ≤ 0.001) lower values of DLP and CTDI (604.98 mGy*cm and 12.29 mGy) as compared to standard dose examinations (974.85 mGy*cm and 19.71 mGy), with an overall dose reduction of 37.6%. Noise resulted slightly higher in iDose(4) images (SD=15.97) than in standard dose ones (SD=13.61) but this difference was not statistically significant (p=0.064). CONCLUSION:Low-dose CTE combined with iDose(4) reconstruction algorithm offers high quality images with significant reduction of radiation dose, and therefore can be considered a useful tool in the management of CD patients, considering their young age and the frequent imaging follow-up required.


Eur J Radiol


Ippolito D,Lombardi S,Trattenero C,Franzesi CT,Bonaffini PA,Sironi S




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    abstract::Doppler sonography is being used routinely in evaluating the vascular structures of the native liver because of its ease of use, lower cost, easier availability, lack of need for X-ray and accuracy. Doppler sonography can well demonstrate the vascularization of liver tumors, portal vein thrombosis, portal vein abnorma...

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