Comparison of the new beta-adrenoceptor antagonist, nadolol, and propranolol in the treatment of angina pectoris.


:A randomized, double-blind study was carried out in 24 patients with stable angina pectoris to compare the efficacy of nadolol, a new beta-adrenoceptor antagonist, and propranolol. After a period on placebo, 14 patients received nadolol once daily and 10 patients propranolol 4-times daily over a 10-week dose-ranging period followed by a maintenance period of 4 weeks. Optimal daily dosage for nadolol was 100 mg, and 112 mg for propranolol. Parameters used for evaluation of therapeutic effects included the number of anginal attacks, number of nitroglycerine tablets needed, time before onset of chest pain during exercise test, exercise time, and overall clinical impression of response. The results indicated that nadolol given once daily was equally as effective as propranolol 4-times daily in treating angina pectoris.


Curr Med Res Opin


Furberg B,Dahlqvist A,Raak A,Wrege U




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