Deciphering the mechanisms of developmental disorders: phenotype analysis of embryos from mutant mouse lines.


:The Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders (DMDD) consortium is a research programme set up to identify genes in the mouse, which if mutated (or knocked-out) result in embryonic lethality when homozygous, and initiate the study of why disruption of their function has such profound effects on embryo development and survival. The project uses a combination of comprehensive high resolution 3D imaging and tissue histology to identify abnormalities in embryo and placental structures of embryonic lethal lines. The image data we have collected and the phenotypes scored are freely available through the project website ( In this article we describe the web interface to the images that allows the embryo data to be viewed at full resolution in different planes, discuss how to search the database for a phenotype, and our approach to organising the data for an embryo and a mutant line so it is easy to comprehend and intuitive to navigate.


Nucleic Acids Res


Nucleic acids research


Wilson R,McGuire C,Mohun T,DMDD Project.




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  • Non-canonical translation initiation of the spliced mRNA encoding the human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 basic leucine zipper protein.

    abstract::Human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1) is the etiological agent of adult T-cell leukemia (ATL). The HTLV-1 basic leucine zipper protein (HBZ) is expressed in all cases of ATL and is directly associated with virus pathogenicity. The two isoforms of the HBZ protein are synthesized from antisense messenger RNAs (mRN...

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  • Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated protein 9 with improved proof-reading enhances homology-directed repair.

    abstract::Genome editing using clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated protein 9 (Cas9) predominantly induces non-homologous end joining (NHEJ), which generates random insertions or deletions, whereas homology-directed repair (HDR), which generates precise recombination products, is ...

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  • Expression of herpes virus thymidine kinase in Neurospora crassa.

    abstract::The expression of thymidine kinase in fungi, which normally lack this enzyme, will greatly aid the study of DNA metabolism and provide useful drug-sensitive phenotypes. The herpes simplex virus type-1 thymidine kinase gene ( tk ) was expressed in Neurospora crassa. tk was expressed as a fusion to N.crassa arg-2 regula...

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  • PRISM: a web server and repository for prediction of protein-protein interactions and modeling their 3D complexes.

    abstract::The PRISM web server enables fast and accurate prediction of protein-protein interactions (PPIs). The prediction algorithm is knowledge-based. It combines structural similarity and accounts for evolutionary conservation in the template interfaces. The predicted models are stored in its repository. Given two protein st...

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  • Structural characterization of a ribonuclease III processing signal.

    abstract::The structure of a ribonuclease III processing signal from bacteriophage T7 was examined by NMR spectroscopy, optical melting, and chemical and enzymatic modification. A 41 nucleotide variant of the T7 R1.1 processing signal has two Watson-Crick base-paired helices separated by an internal loop, consistent with its pr...

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  • New photoactivatable structural and affinity probes of RNAs: specific features and applications for mapping of spermine binding sites in yeast tRNA(Asp) and interaction of this tRNA with yeast aspartyl-tRNA synthetase.

    abstract::Aryldiazonium salts are shown to be useful as phototriggered structural probes for RNA mapping as well as for footprinting of RNA/protein interaction. In particular the yeast tRNA(Asp)/aspartyl-tRNA synthetase complex is shown to involve the variable loop face and the concave side of the L-shaped nucleic acid bound to...

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  • Ligation-independent cloning of PCR products (LIC-PCR).

    abstract::A new procedure has been developed for the efficient cloning of complex PCR mixtures, resulting in libraries exclusively consisting of recombinant clones. Recombinants are generated between PCR products and a PCR-amplified plasmid vector. The procedure does not require the use of restriction enzymes, T4 DNA ligase or ...

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    authors: Aslanidis C,de Jong PJ

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  • 2'-O-methyl-modified phosphorothioate antisense oligonucleotides have reduced non-specific effects in vitro.

    abstract::Antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) have biological activity in treating various forms of cancer. The antisense effects of two types of 20mer ODNs, phosphorothioate-modified ODNs (S-ODNs) and S-ODNs with 12 2'-O-methyl groups (Me-S-ODNs), targeted to sites 109 and 277 of bcl-2 mRNA, were compared. Both types were a...

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    authors: Yoo BH,Bochkareva E,Bochkarev A,Mou TC,Gray DM

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  • Efficient new ribozyme mimics: direct mapping of molecular design principles from small molecules to macromolecular, biomimetic catalysts.

    abstract::Dramatic improvements in ribozyme mimics have been achieved by employing the principles of small molecule catalysis to the design of macromolecular, biomimetic reagents. Ribozyme mimics derived from the ligand 2,9-dimethylphenanthroline (neocuproine) show at least 30-fold improvements in efficiency at sequence-specifi...

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    authors: Putnam WC,Daniher AT,Trawick BN,Bashkin JK

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  • Masking repeats while clustering ESTs.

    abstract::A problem in EST clustering is the presence of repeat sequences. To avoid false matches, repeats have to be masked. This can be a time-consuming process, and it depends on available repeat libraries. We present a fast and effective method that aims to eliminate the problems repeats cause in the process of clustering. ...

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    authors: Schneeberger K,Malde K,Coward E,Jonassen I

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  • Autoregulation of MBNL1 function by exon 1 exclusion from MBNL1 transcript.

    abstract::Muscleblind-like proteins (MBNLs) are regulators of RNA metabolism. During tissue differentiation the level of MBNLs increases, while their functional insufficiency plays a crucial role in myotonic dystrophy (DM). Deep sequencing of RNA molecules cross-linked to immunoprecipitated protein particles (CLIP-seq) revealed...

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    authors: Konieczny P,Stepniak-Konieczna E,Taylor K,Sznajder LJ,Sobczak K

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  • A coronary artery disease-associated tRNAThr mutation altered mitochondrial function, apoptosis and angiogenesis.

    abstract::The tissue specificity of mitochondrial tRNA mutations remains largely elusive. In this study, we demonstrated the deleterious effects of tRNAThr 15927G>A mutation that contributed to pathogenesis of coronary artery disease. The m.15927G>A mutation abolished the highly conserved base-pairing (28C-42G) of anticodon ste...

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    authors: Jia Z,Zhang Y,Li Q,Ye Z,Liu Y,Fu C,Cang X,Wang M,Guan MX

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  • Structural changes in the 530 loop of Escherichia coli 16S rRNA in mutants with impaired translational fidelity.

    abstract::The higher order structure of the functionally important 530 loop in Escherichia coli 16S rRNA was studied in mutants with single base changes at position 517, which significantly impair translational fidelity. The 530 loop has been proposed to interact with the EF-Tu-GTP-aatRNA ternary complex during decoding. The re...

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    authors: Van Ryk DI,Dahlberg AE

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  • Molecular characterization of Mybbp1a as a co-repressor on the Period2 promoter.

    abstract::The circadian clock comprises transcriptional feedback loops of clock genes. Cryptochromes are essential components of the negative feedback loop in mammals as they inhibit CLOCK-BMAL1-mediated transcription. We purified mouse CRY1 (mCRY1) protein complexes from Sarcoma 180 cells to determine their roles in circadian ...

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    authors: Hara Y,Onishi Y,Oishi K,Miyazaki K,Fukamizu A,Ishida N

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  • The nuclear structural protein NuMA is a negative regulator of 53BP1 in DNA double-strand break repair.

    abstract::P53-binding protein 1 (53BP1) mediates DNA repair pathway choice and promotes checkpoint activation. Chromatin marks induced by DNA double-strand breaks and recognized by 53BP1 enable focal accumulation of this multifunctional repair factor at damaged chromatin. Here, we unveil an additional level of regulation of 53B...

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    authors: Salvador Moreno N,Liu J,Haas KM,Parker LL,Chakraborty C,Kron SJ,Hodges K,Miller LD,Langefeld C,Robinson PJ,Lelièvre SA,Vidi PA

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  • A new efficient gene disruption cassette for repeated use in budding yeast.

    abstract::The dominant kanr marker gene plays an important role in gene disruption experiments in budding yeast, as this marker can be used in a variety of yeast strains lacking the conventional yeast markers. We have developed a loxP-kanMX-loxP gene disruption cassette, which combines the advantages of the heterologous kanr ma...

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    authors: Güldener U,Heck S,Fielder T,Beinhauer J,Hegemann JH

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  • Parallel intramolecular DNA triple helix with G and T bases in the third strand stabilized by Zn(2+) ions.

    abstract::We present evidence of formation of an intramolecular parallel triple helix with T*A.T and G*G.C base triplets (where * represents the hydrogen bonding interaction between the third strand and the duplex while. represents the Watson-Crick interactions which stabilize the duplex). The third GT strand, containing seven ...

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    authors: Khomyakova EB,Gousset H,Liquier J,Huynh-Dinh T,Gouyette C,Takahashi M,Florentiev VL,Taillandier E

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  • Specific bonding of puromycin to full-length protein at the C-terminus.

    abstract::Puromycin, an analog of the 3' end of aminoacyl-tRNA, causes premature termination of translation by being linked non-specifically to growing polypeptide chains. Here we report the interesting phenomenon that puromycin acting as a non-inhibitor at very low concentration (e.g. 0.04 microM) can bond only to full-length ...

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    authors: Miyamoto-Sato E,Nemoto N,Kobayashi K,Yanagawa H

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  • The structure of the 5'-end of the protein-tyrosine phosphatase PTPRJ mRNA reveals a novel mechanism for translation attenuation.

    abstract::Analysis of the human protein-tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) PTPRJ mRNA detected three in-frame AUGs at the 5'-end (starting at nt +14, +191 and +356) with no intervening stop codons. This tandem AUG arrangement is conserved between humans and the mouse and is unique among the genes of the classical PTPs. Until now it was...

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  • Role of interaction energy in the specificity of transcription. II-The Watson Crick A-U base pair template.

    abstract::In continuation with work regarding the evaluation of the energy of association of various RNA bases with various base pairs, the results of the computations of the electrostatic interaction energy of A-U base pair with four RNA bases viz. Adenine, Uracil, Guanine and Cytosine have been reported. Non bonded induced po...

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    authors: Sanyal NK,Kumar U,Roychoudhury M

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  • Tripartite mitochondrial genome of spinach: physical structure, mitochondrial gene mapping, and locations of transposed chloroplast DNA sequences.

    abstract::A complete physical map of the spinach mitochondrial genome has been established. The entire sequence content of 327 kilobase pairs (kb) is postulated to occur as a single circular molecule. Two directly repeated elements of approximately 6 kb, located on this "master chromosome", are proposed to participate in an int...

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    authors: Stern DB,Palmer JD

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  • The role of phosphate groups in the VS ribozyme-substrate interaction.

    abstract::The VS ribozyme trans-cleavage substrate interacts with the catalytic RNA via tertiary interactions. To study the role of phosphate groups in the ribozyme-substrate interaction, 18 modified substrates were synthesized, where an epimeric phosphorothioate replaces one of the phosphate diester linkages. Sites in the stem...

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    authors: Kovacheva YS,Tzokov SB,Murray IA,Grasby JA

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  • DNA transposition by protein transduction of the piggyBac transposase from lentiviral Gag precursors.

    abstract::DNA transposon-based vectors have emerged as gene vehicles with a wide biomedical and therapeutic potential. So far, genomic insertion of such vectors has relied on the co-delivery of genetic material encoding the gene-inserting transposase protein, raising concerns related to persistent expression, insertional mutage...

    journal_title:Nucleic acids research

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  • The ovalbumin gene family: complete sequence and structure of the Y gene.

    abstract::The "ovalbumin Y" gene, one of three which constitute the ovalbumin gene family in chicken has been completely sequenced. The exact location of exons can be derived from the comparison with the ovalbumin gene sequence and from the map previously established by electron microscopy analysis. During evolution of the Y ge...

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  • Binding of T and T analogs to CG base pairs in antiparallel triplexes.

    abstract::The goal of this study was to address antiparallel triplex formation at duplex targets that do not conform to a strict oligopurine.oligopyrimidine motif. We focused on the ability of natural bases and base analogs incorporated into oligonucleotide third strands to bind to so-called CG inversions. These are sites where...

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    authors: Durland RH,Rao TS,Revankar GR,Tinsley JH,Myrick MA,Seth DM,Rayford J,Singh P,Jayaraman K

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  • Genome-wide identification of genes directly regulated by the pleiotropic transcription factor Spx in Bacillus subtilis.

    abstract::The transcriptional regulator Spx plays a key role in maintaining the redox homeostasis of Bacillus subtilis cells exposed to disulfide stress. Defects in Spx were previously shown to lead to differential expression of numerous genes but direct and indirect regulatory effects could not be distinguished. Here we identi...

    journal_title:Nucleic acids research

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    authors: Rochat T,Nicolas P,Delumeau O,Rabatinová A,Korelusová J,Leduc A,Bessières P,Dervyn E,Krásny L,Noirot P

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  • Nucleotide binding interactions modulate dNTP selectivity and facilitate 8-oxo-dGTP incorporation by DNA polymerase lambda.

    abstract::8-Oxo-7,8,-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine triphosphate (8-oxo-dGTP) is a major product of oxidative damage in the nucleotide pool. It is capable of mispairing with adenosine (dA), resulting in futile, mutagenic cycles of base excision repair. Therefore, it is critical that DNA polymerases discriminate against 8-oxo-dGTP at...

    journal_title:Nucleic acids research

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    authors: Burak MJ,Guja KE,Garcia-Diaz M

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  • Frequent oligonucleotide motifs in genomes of three streptococci.

    abstract::Complete genomes of three closely related Gram-positive bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Lactococcus lactis are analyzed for abundances of short DNA sequence motifs (frequent words). The character and extent of frequent words are strikingly different among these genomes. The frequent words...

    journal_title:Nucleic acids research

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    authors: Mrázek J,Gaynon LH,Karlin S

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  • FlyBase at 25: looking to the future.

    abstract::Since 1992, FlyBase ( has been an essential online resource for the Drosophila research community. Concentrating on the most extensively studied species, Drosophila melanogaster, FlyBase includes information on genes (molecular and genetic), transgenic constructs, phenotypes, genetic and physical interacti...

    journal_title:Nucleic acids research

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    authors: Gramates LS,Marygold SJ,Santos GD,Urbano JM,Antonazzo G,Matthews BB,Rey AJ,Tabone CJ,Crosby MA,Emmert DB,Falls K,Goodman JL,Hu Y,Ponting L,Schroeder AJ,Strelets VB,Thurmond J,Zhou P,the FlyBase Consortium.

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  • Local conformational variations observed in B-DNA crystals do not improve base stacking: computational analysis of base stacking in a d(CATGGGCCCATG)(2) BA intermediate crystal structure.

    abstract::The crystal structure of d(CATGGGCCCATG)(2) shows unique stacking patterns of a stable B<-->A-DNA intermediate. We evaluated intrinsic base stacking energies in this crystal structure using an ab initio quantum mechanical method. We found that all crystal base pair steps have stacking energies close to their values in...

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    authors: Poner J,Florián J,Ng HL,Poner JE,Packová N

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