Bakkenolide-IIIa Protects Against Cerebral Damage Via Inhibiting NF-κB Activation.


AIMS:This study was designed to examine the neuroprotective effects of bakkenolide-IIIa, a major novel compound extracted from the rhizome of P. trichinous. METHODS:Transient focal cerebral damage model in rats and oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) in cultured hippocampal neurons were performed. The amount of apoptotic neurons was determined using TUNEL assay. The expressions of Bcl-2, Bax, Akt, ERK1/2, IKKβ, IκBα were measured using Western blot. The nuclear translocation and activation of NF-κB was measured using a fluorescence microscope and electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA). RESULTS:Bakkenolide-IIIa (4, 8, 16 mg/kg; i.g.) was administered immediately after reperfusion could reduce the brain infarct volume, and the neurological deficit, as well as a high dose of bakkenolide-IIIa, increases the 72 h survival rate in cerebrally damaged rats. In vitro data demonstrated that bakkenolide-IIIa could increase cell viability and decrease the amount of apoptotic cells in cultured primary hippocampal neurons exposed to OGD. Bakkenolide-IIIa also dose-dependently increased the ratio of Bcl-2 to Bax. These results indicated that inhibition of apoptosis partly mediated the neuroprotection of bakkenolide-IIIa. Furthermore, bakkenolide-IIIa inhibited the phosphorylation of Akt, ERK1/2, IKKβ, IκBα, and p65 in cultured hippocampal neurons exposed to OGD. Bakkenolide-IIIa not only inhibited the nuclear translocation of NF-κB in cultured neurons exposed to OGD, but also inhibited the activation of NF-κB in peri-infarct area in cerebrally damaged rats. CONCLUSION:Collectively, our findings indicated that bakkenolide-IIIa protects against cerebral damage by inhibiting AKT and ERK1/2 activation and inactivated NF-κB signaling.


CNS Neurosci Ther


Jiang Q,Li RP,Tang Y,Wang YQ,Liu C,Guo ML




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2015-12-01 00:00:00












  • Disease-modifying effects of RHC80267 and JZL184 in a pilocarpine mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy.

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  • Morphological and Functional Attenuation of Degeneration of Peripheral Neurons by Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Conditioned Medium in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1-Knock-in Mice.

    abstract:AIMS:Spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 (SCA1) is caused by the ataxin-1 protein (ATXN1) with an abnormally expanded polyglutamine tract and is characterized by progressive neurodegeneration. We previously showed that intrathecal injection of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) during the nonsymptomatic stage mitigates the degene...

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  • Kir6.1 knockdown aggravates cerebral ischemia/reperfusion-induced neural injury in mice.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:ATP-sensitive potassium (K-ATP) channels couple energy metabolism with electric activity, which play important roles in brain diseases including stroke. However, the impacts of Kir6.1-containing K-ATP channels that mainly expressed on glia in stroke remain unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS:In this st...

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  • Neurovascular Unit: A critical role in ischemic stroke.

    abstract::Ischemic stroke (IS), a common cerebrovascular disease, results from a sudden blockage of a blood vessel in the brain, thereby restricting blood supply to the area in question, and making a significantly negative impact on human health. Unfortunately, current treatments, that are mainly based on a recanalization of oc...

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  • Use of statin during hospitalization improves the outcome after intracerebral hemorrhage.

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  • Long noncoding RNA ENST00000413528 sponges microRNA-593-5p to modulate human glioma growth via polo-like kinase 1.

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  • Global White Matter Hypoperfusion on CT Predicts Larger Infarcts and Hemorrhagic Transformation after Acute Ischemia.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Presence of white matter hyperintensity (WMH) on MRI is a marker of cerebral small vessel disease and is associated with increased small vessel stroke and increased risk of hemorrhagic transformation (HT) after thrombolysis. AIM:We sought to determine whether white matter hypoperfusion (WMHP) on perfusion...

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  • Regulatory T cells in ischemic stroke.

    abstract::The pathophysiological mechanisms of neuroinflammation, angiogenesis, and neuroplasticity are currently the hotspots of researches in ischemic stroke. Regulatory T cells (Tregs), a subset of T cells that control inflammatory and immune responses in the body, are closely related to the pathogenesis of ischemic stroke. ...

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  • β-phenethylamine--a phenylalanine derivative in brain--contributes to oxidative stress by inhibiting mitochondrial complexes and DT-diaphorase: an in silico study.

    abstract:AIM:Till date, the mode of action of β-PEA on neurons is not well illustrated. We tested the hypothesis that β-PEA has the ability to cause oxidative stress by inhibiting the antioxidant enzyme DT-diaphorase and mitochondrial complexes (Complex-I and complex-III). METHODS:Using molecular docking as a tool, we here stu...

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    abstract:AIMS:Bipolar disorder is characterized by behavioral changes such as risk-taking and increasing goal-directed activities, which may result from altered reward processing. Patients with bipolar disorder show impaired reward learning in situations that require the integration of reinforced feedback over time. In this stu...

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  • Patient diaries as a clinical endpoint in Parkinson's disease clinical trials.

    abstract::Parkinson's disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder with an estimated 4 million patients worldwide. L-dopa is standard, and often initial, therapy for patients with this condition; however, with continued dopaminergic treatment and as the disease progresses, the majority of patients experienc...

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  • Relevance of norepinephrine-dopamine interactions in the treatment of major depressive disorder.

    abstract::Central dopaminergic and noradrenergic systems play essential roles in controlling several forebrain functions. Consequently, perturbations of these neurotransmissions may contribute to the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders. For many years, there was a focus on the serotonin (5-HT) system because of the ef...

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  • The use of antidepressants for headache prophylaxis.

    abstract::The focus of this review is on the efficacy of antidepressants as preventive treatments for migraine and chronic tension-type headache (TTH). Pharmacologic prophylaxis may be indicated for patients with frequent headaches, who respond insufficiently to acute therapies, or for whom medication overuse is a concern. The ...

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  • Cysteinyl Leukotrienes and Their Receptors: Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Central Nervous System Disorders.

    abstract::Cysteinyl leukotrienes are a group of the inflammatory lipid molecules well known as mediators of inflammatory signaling in the allergic diseases. Although they are traditionally known for their role in allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, and others, recent advances in the field of biomedical research highlighted the ...

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  • Octodon degus: a model for the cognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::Octodon degus (O. degus) is a diurnal rodent that spontaneously develops several physiopathological conditions, analogous in many cases to those experienced by humans. In light of this, O. degus has recently been identified as a very valuable animal model for research in several medical fields, especially those concer...

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